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Please by all means, if this is in the wrong place move it. I couldn't think/find a place better suited.

So recently the idea of running a game hit me thanks to comments made in the shout box and I've been toying with it.

The only problem has been what to play.

Now on one side I would love to do a space opera game where everyone is part of a ship's crew. My orignal idea of doing it on the dawn of humanity's interstellar pioneering was shot down quickly. As such I have had to move back into two other possible ideas.

Idea one is that the characters are in a setting more close to home. The prelude takes place during a war with the players being drawn to be test pilots for the world's first combat mecha. Years pass, a third world war breaks out, and after the events of the prelude and the characters find themselves reunited. This time however they enter into a conflict of stellar proportions.

Idea two is similar. It was originally written for a Traveller campaign I had been planing that never ran. Sadly the computer it was on died and so I would have to piece together what I had from memory. Earth unified under one banner with the advent of the jump drive, colonizing several systems quickly. However several of the new colonies became resentful of being treated as second class citizens by people light years away. So they rebelled. The opening movements were relatively bloodless and several systems declared their independence. However some believed it was not enough to pay for the years of abuse and continued a military campaign against earth. The idea here is that the players would be part of a Terran special operations group during the conflict. Still working out many of the bugs, don't think this is really one I want to do though without ALOT more work.

Now to the other side. I brought up the idea of running a Vampire the Masquerade game in the chat box. I got favorable responses. If so though I would want it to be a rules lite game... basically I just want you to have stats to make it easier judge your character's power. Balancing and the like I guess you can say. Now if anyone wants to use the game mechanics and play a game with virtual dice and all I'm for that but have next to no experience with WoD or the rules associated with it... old or new.

Anyway thanks for paying attention and I would love to hear opinions.
Slyen, I have an idea that.... might.... fit some of your ideas.

It came to me after watching The Day After Tomorrow. So the idea is basically a sudden onset of the next Ice Age. A group of survivors wait out the worst of it in a bunker, then finally run out of food. So they have to go back to the surface and forage for food/survivors among the frozen cities. I'm thinking for this purpose they have a giant tank with attached mechs and fighters (like a town-sized land-vehicle that can traverse the ice plains).

But they find the world much changed, with Ice Age equivalents of the undead roaming the land. So Werewolves would be physically robust survivors who have taken to hunting with the feral dog/wolf packs. And vampires would be frailer scavengers who live inside the ruined buildings and seek the warmth of living blood. And wights/skeletons would be emaciated zealots who worship the ice as some sort of god.

From our last Mass RP, I know that the formula works - a central base for characters and an episodic journey with survival challenges.

Plus you can work in some of the undead ideas.

I guess the only thing it doesn't have is the interplanetary themes...

I dunno... just an idea I've been wanted to ally with someone on.
With Asmo's idea you could make a post-apocalyptic ice age Masquerade RP or something like that.

Or, with the other idea of the Mass Effect kind of thing or the Spec Ops stuff, I can tell you that guns don't work in Iwaku.
I've seen WoD campaigns set in post-apocalyptic scenarios before, actually, and they looked to be a hell of a lot of fun.

Imagine every nasty, unpleasent creature within the setting, and there's a hell of a lot of them. Normally they keep to the shadows because they don't want to be discovered, but when civilisation goes tits-up, there's nothing to stop them. You'd have werewolves and vampires seizing control of entire settlements, Mages practicing their magic without fear of opening rifts due to performing magic in front of the Sleepers (read; us), other nasty and unpleasent things stalking the land quite happily.

So yeah, awesome setting, I must admit. I'd totally be up for that.

Space opera it is!

And now for a blast from the past... cookies to any who get the referance...

This is Free Trader Beowulf,
Calling anyone...
Mayday, Mayday... we are under
atttack... main drive is gone...
turret number one not responding...
Mayday... losing cabin pressure
fast... calling anyone.... please help...
This is Free trader Beowulf...