Digitally drawn, an art thread!

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  1. Feel free to post some interesting stuff that you have done in this thread. However, this is a rather selfish thread so I can share my work with you and feel good about making others feel good. So please comment and such! NOTE: Some of these works will be unfinished, and I will mention if they are unfinished or not.
  2. Donald Komoto.jpg
    Still unfinished, but what do you think? It's a hybrid image of a komoto Dragon and Donald Trump. I think I am going to start a "Predators of the Business World" series if this goes over well. I do own this image, so please don't steal it! If you would like to use my image or ideas in any way, please get my direct permissions first.
  3. Here's another one done for the rp Elemental Knights. This is the character I plan to play. Inurian Cornus, the dragon who can't control his fire.

    Inurian Cornu.jpg

    I've also decided that I'm going to start taking commissions from people who want work done. This means that you have to pay me! PM me if you want something done.
  4. Jesus that looks awesome. O.O
  5. Okay, these are not drawn, but I decided to make a costume... It took me 3 days to make the whole thing, including weapons... Enjoy!
    (PS- Sorry about the grainy pictures)

    La'shai sahih bel kullu shai'n mumkin.

    Showing throwing knives


    Altair's short weapon dagger being drawn out...

    I'll try to show more details later, but I've gotta sleep now
  6. Your stuff is pretty good. I could learn from this.