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  1. Okay, so, basic idea:

    1980s computers. Your character is a member of a BBS (Bulletin Board System. For the young'ns, that's the precursor to modern fora, though not as complex. Some places still use standard BBSs. I can't tell you about one of them). There are some AIs, though let's try to keep the number of those down. Especially since the AIs in the visual novel/game (because it has little to do with most visual novels) don't necessarily make it out in the end. But it's the internet. Will anyone really notice? Will you necessarily believe everything that's happening?

    You can talk about whatever, but I'll be posting some "news" (all fictional, though it may parallel events at the time) occasionally to give you something to work with. There's no need for a character sheet (or I wouldn't post it in this particular board), but I'd prefer if you kept a consistent username. It can be yours or whatever, but write what you say like it's a script: "*ERMINE: That seems like a bit of an issue. Not everyone's into that sort of thing."

    Also, there will be several BBSs. I'll list them below later. Just make sure to say which one you're on. The conversations could be entirely different. Please try to stick to the themes of your particular BBS if you're only in one. You share the same username for simplicity in all of the ones you're a member of. Not everyone will be a member of all available BBSs, but I won't be keeping track of all that.

    Available BBSs:
    TRUTH: A BBS where people share conspiracy theories, especially on recent news. It's long distance no matter where you are in the world. No one knows where the server actually is, for some reason. Not even Gibson hardcore members.
    Gibson: A sci-fi forum frequented primarily by hackers. The only way to get on is to hack into it. By default, no one else can see it, even if they manage to figure out a password.
    Local 206: A public BBS for all Seattle citizens. Not everyone's necessarily in Seattle, but if they're in this BBS and not in Seattle, they're probably paying a good deal to the phone company, or have found a way around that through either phreaking or some other method of hacking. Music is a popular topic of conversation.
    Public Access: Everyone can post here. While it's technically long distance everywhere outside Seattle, it's still free to access to anyone with a modem. Only a couple people know why. None of those people are on TRUTH, but those on TRUTH can sometimes be onto something.

    1) AI names start with an asterisk and are in all caps. No other usernames can feature special characters (~!@#$, etc)
    2) Can't use bold, italics, or any other things like that.
    3) You can play multiple users if you want, but try not to use more than 3 unless there are a lot of people.
    4) These are the days of dial-up. Try not to post too quickly (5 minutes may be unrealistic, but I'd prefer you wait 5 minutes between just YOUR posts. Someone can post 2 seconds after you if they want.
    5) Say the BBS your character is using in square brackets ("[" and "]").
    6) Changing BBSs means waiting 10 minutes between posts. Not that it's a highly restrictive post.
    7) It's the internet. I have no post length requirements for this particular RP, nor do I have any grammar requirements. This is, however, before everyone could text on their cellphones. Keep that in mind.

    Now, I'll start this:

    [Local 206: *ERMINE]

    Has anyone heard anything about the accident on I-5? I heard 2 people died. They haven't released the names, but does anyone know them?