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Digital Revolution is an RPG site focused on Single-Thread RPGs. Single-Thread RPGs, you ask? Well, it's simple. We've abandoned the whole notion of a full-board RPG, and have compiled our RPs into two threads: Sign Up/Discussion and RP Thread. This way, we can allow for any member to become a GM, and any amount of players to join their RPs.

It gives freedom to players in plot-development, acceptance, and character creation. No one is limited to the amount of RPs they may join/create, and anyone can apply or create one. That is the beauty of the single-board RP set up. Anyone can do whatever they'd like! (Provided it follows board rules and such.)

A lot of our fanbase is focused on Digimon, but we encourage other RPGs to fit different media as well. In fact, there are a few on the board that are non-digimon RPGs. Check out the Open RPs link in the advertisement to find an open RP. If none of them suit your fancy, then go ahead and create your own! We'll welcome just about anything you can cook up.

You'll find DR a very friendly and open community. We're somewhat small as of now, but we have been increasing in members lately, and hope to continue to do so. So what are you waiting for? Come on over, take a seat, have a look around, if only to chat in the CBox, hey, we'll welcome you!

[We prefer intermediate to advanced users who handle their grammar, spelling, and writing moderately well. Please, be of 14 years or older if you join DR. The board handles mature themes/violence/blood/etc.]