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Welcome to Digital Revolution! As an active and friendly community, we are a general/RPG forum. We started out as singularly digimon fans, so Digimon has a big influence here, but we've been expanding both the RPs and the General Discussion more recently to center around more than just digimon.

The forum is laid back, and all about having fun. It's the internet, who needs to be so serious? Of course, we support our members, and stick behind them. If you're facing a problem, give us a shout, we'll help you out.

As far as RPs go, we focus mainly on single-forum RPGs, so we offer pretty much anything to suit anyone's fancy. Any member can become a GM, create their own RP(or RPs), pull in some members, and carry out the plot to their will. There's no pre-requisites for being a GM, except for the forum rules, but those two are pretty lax.

We also have a small, 'full-board' style RPG known as High School of Insanity. This is for anyone, and is all about spoofing high school, cracking fun at stereotypes in such exaggerated manners, you know it's purely for fun.

If RPing is not your thing? That's fine too. You can chat with us in the cbox all the way at the bottom, or you can stop at our general, or digimon sections, and chat about really anything. We feature reviews by members about pretty much anything. If you've got something to say, say it, we'll listen.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now, go introduce yourself, and have as much fun as we already do at Digital Revolution!