Digital Homicide Banned from Steam

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  1. You know that terrible game company that kept suing Jim Sterling for millions of dollars? Well, apparently they were banned from Steam. They attempted to sue a bunch of Steam commenters for slandering them. So, Valve decided to remove all of their games and anything they've done from Steam. Well, now, the Romines are suing Valve over it, leading to a mess of suing.

    Here's a video on it:

  2. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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  3. Took Valve long enough to see their bullshit. One less shitstain on the gaming industry! Maybe they'll stop making games entirely? I sure hope so
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  4. They brought it on themselves and ironically, all of this could have been avoided if they ignored Jim Sterling's review of Slaughtering Grounds. Instead, they attacked him, he fought back and well, the rest is history.

    They got kicked off for trying to sue 100 users and tried to use Valve to get their details. Valve pretty much refused and kicked them off for attacking them. They later ended up pulling the lawsuit because they couldn't afford it. The company is more or less finished. They weren't suing Valve but did mention they would. Yeah, because suing the biggest pc gaming vendor is a good idea when you barely have the cash to afford to sue others.

    They claim that everyone is out to get them and that they are fighting for a fairer marketplace on steam. No, it is because they acted they way they did and took great offensive if anyone *Gasps* dared to criticise their games on the internet.

    They are still suing Jim Sterling but i won''t be surprised if it is dimissed as the company is low on funds, they got themselves kicked off the one place they managed to make a bit of cash and Amazon is tearing them to pieces. Can't really sue amazon users due to the nature of reviews. Won't stop them though.
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  5. This whole shit show, all of it, the half-assed garbage that plagues Steam nowadays, the multitude of games that are nothing but asset flips taken from the Unity Asset Store, all of the gaming of the system to get games onto Steam in order to earn a quick buck and then vanish like a snake oil salesman in the night. All of it would never have happened if Valve actually took a good, hard look at Steam Greenlight for 5 minutes, realized it was a horrible, horrible mistake, and killed it in the planning stages.

    It and all of the other stupid ideas that Valve has come up with over the past few years - Early Access, Paid Mods, SteamOS, paying for sprays in Counter Strike, etc. - will never stop happening, because Valve is, thanks to its corporate culture, completely incapable of correcting itself after setting its collective mind on a task. I'm not saying everything Valve has done in the past half-decade has been garbage - the Steam Controller is fucking awesome and continues to get more awesome with every update - but they really need people there to just walk around, point at something, and ask "are you sure that's a good idea?"

    But yeah, good on them for actually getting off their ass and standing up for their customers for once. ._.
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  6. Valve did have a good idea with Steam Greenlight but they abandoned it and anyone can get on there if they have the cash. At this point, they are just willing to take their cut. They only kicked off DH because turning against 100 users would sink the platform and give GOG an influx of customers. Steam may be the biggest digital platform for games but it's reptuation is very mixed. Apparently, Valve gave them plenty of warnings but it would be lost consumers that valve cared about.

    DH assumed Jim Sterling was an easy to silence critic and boy, what a mistake that was. He'll be pounding it when the lawsuit is dropped. Pounding it, pounding it. Just pounding it. Pounding it.

    I have heard that they claimed that 200 hours for one game was too much work. Erm... game development is a lot of work. Did they really think putting together assets would put them on the same levels as EA, Activision, Konami before they became crap, Bethesda etc..
  7. Valve only acts like this because

    They don't have any competition in this area. When companies have little to no competition, they get lazy and arrogant, not caring about their consumers. At least in the console market, we have more options like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. When it comes to PC gaming, we don't have many other options aside from Steam.

    Are you referring to all three companies or just Konami? O.o You also forgot Ubisoft.

    They're not that great either. They almost never fix their games no matter how glitchy they are upon release. Especially the console ports.
  8. [​IMG]

    This guy understands
  9. Was using them as an example of what DH believes they are on the same level on. Only meant Konami being crap.

    True but GOG is starting to gain a slice of the market place and they are starting to get recent releases as well.
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  10. Who owns GOG? I've heard of it but never tried it. I know of Origin (which is owned by EA sadly) and have seen what it has to offer.
  11. GOG is independent, I think?
  12. CD Projekt runs GOG.
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  13. Yep. CD Projeckt red. No DRM, tons of retro games and slowly increasing their recent releases section. Tis worth checking it out.
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  14. As for Steam Early Access, it has its benefits and its drawbacks. I gotten into the EA of several games and loved every minute of it. But it is a minefield to be sure.
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