Digital Dominion

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  1. Okay so here's the deal guys and gals. I have been thoroughly craving a digimon rp. Just one on one, mano y mano, me and you. The basics of this little story is that there is a new digimon emperor around town and it'll be up to you to do something about him. What you don't know is that you're by yourself on this one as a digi-destined and there's actually a reason as to why the new digi-emperor is behaving and doing the things he/she does.

    That being said I'll need two things from you:
    1. Character Sheet (which is provided below)
    2. For you to have fun and even contribute to the rp whenever you feel like a spark hits you. Just run it by me in a pm first cause I wanna be in the know ya know and if you don't well now ya know ya know

    Other(anything else I should know about him/her):

    One final thing before you fill that out. This can go MxF or FxF since I do play both genders equally. Let me know which pairing you want because for future record...I'M THE JUG-I mean....I'M THE DIGIMON EMPEROR!!!!

    Okay now you can go fill out that form thingy. I will fill mine out after I get someone to take the spot. Also first come first serve. Sorry about that for anyone who drops in after the first.
  2. Well, are you still looking, cause it sparked my interest!
  3. Totally still looking. Thought no one wanted to do this. it saddened me a little honestly.
  4. Some times, you have to wait a bit longer for some one who is to come along. Any-way. How dark is this going to get?
  5. Probably not too dark but there will be some slight insanity from me and the major villain at some points.
  6. Alright care to do any plotting through PM's Finish hash out details?
  7. That would be lovely. send me a PM so we can smooth out the pavement.