OPEN PAID COMMISSIONS digital art commissions! [ 10$ & under ]


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welcome to my commission page!

i go by moo, tilucki, or tira! i've been taking art seriously now for 6 years now, and i've gotten comfortable enough opening up commissions finally. i like to say my art style is more western cartoonish but i do take inspiration from studio ghibli so it has a hint of anime as well. i'm hoping my art style caters to some people on here! before i get to showing my art if you'd like to check out my art instagram just click here! i only use paypal for commissions which i'll link to the buyer through pm's. :)

i'll be doing 3-5 dollar sketches with a flat colour which would look something like this;
baby boy.png
baby boy baby.png

for these sketches, it will fluctuate between 3-5 dollars depending on if it is full body, a bust, and how much detail your character has. a bust (shoulders up) would be 3$ while a full body would probably be 5$.

the fully lined, coloured drawings will be 7-10 dollars and would look something like this;
maka albarn.png
tj intro.png
Screenshot (16).png

once again the price would fluctuate with the amount of detail and/or if it's a bust or full body, or even half body.

✔ i will draw slight gore but there are exceptions.
✔i can draw humans, humanoid characters, fantasy-like characters (ex dnd races).
✔i'm also willing to draw fanart!

✘i won't draw animals, anthros, or mecha (machine like characters).

if you're interested in commissioning me feel free to reply to this thread with the commission you're interested in (ex a bust sketch, half body full drawing) or pm me! i'd like to do most of the talk through pm's. after i know what commission you're interested in i'll give you a price between the ones i showed above in the thread and my paypal. just because i've dealt with scammers i always get the buyer to pay first then i start immediately on the commission. usually, i finish commission within the week it's paid for, but if life happens i'll be sure to pm the buyer and give them a head's up. :)

thanks for checking this out and making it to the end of the thread! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
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