Digimon War

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  1. The sun was bright and high in the sky as a cold breeze blew by, taking dancing green leaves with it. Birds of all kinds chirped as they took to the skies and squirrels chased each other in the trees. All was peaceful and quiet, almost as if the world was in a trance. Amongst all this quiet beauty lies a girl, sprawled on her back and watching the fluffy clouds above. Her white hood and wavy blonde hair were trapped beneath her and her brown eyes shimmered with curiosity, in wonderment over the world's seemingly magical moments that only occur when you slow down and pay attention. With a sigh she climbed to her feet and walked over to the deck of her machiya style home, left in her care by her grandfather. She picked up a bamboo glass and took a sip, once more gazing above her. As perfect as this was, there was something behind it all, and it seemed to pull at her attention. She shook her head and passed it off as her imagination, brushing her hair behind her ear and placing the glass on the wooden deck. She then picked up a wooden staff with some kind of sports bandage around the center, heading back to her cloud gazing spot. With both hands, she held the staff out before her before spinning it in such a way it was almost hypnotic. Occasionally the spinning would be broken with a sudden strike of the staff on a hay dummy, making a loud CCCCCRRRRAAAACKKKK noise. This went on for several more minutes before the wind picked up and the air suddenly turned cold. Shadows covered the grass where the girl was, and upon looking up, she found the white delicate clouds have turned gray and menacing. The air roared with thunder and the storm gathered quickly, rain pouring down on the girl. She stared at the clouds a few moments more. Freak storms like this aren't impossible but they hardly happen in Paris. It was a bit concerning, yet she didn't want to stay out and catch a cold.

    Just as she turned to head inside, she was suddenly struck by lightning, although she felt perfectly fine. But when she came too, sitting up and holding her head, she recognized nothing. "Wh-where-" Her thoughts were suddenly cut off by what seemed to be a bouncing head of some sort. "No time to explain!! We gotta get outta here Annabelle!" The girl looked rather confused and slightly scared, gazing upon this brown furry bouncing head with black horns and a long black and white tail. "What, may I ask, are you....? And how do you know wh-" She was once more cut off with the creature tugging at her pants. "We need to go....!!! Now!" It cried out after failing to get her moving. Just then the ground began to shake. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Annabelle didn't know what was going on, but she knew something was coming. Acting on pure instinct, she grabbed the creature and took off, asking which way to go. "The others would be to the right! Hurry!!" She carried the creature into what seemed to be a hollowed out tree, panting lightly and peeking around the corner. When she thought it safe, she looked inside the tree and found it to be a secret entrance to some sort of Cliffside cave. "Down that tunnel! The others are waiting!" The creature hadn't led her wrong so far and so she trusted it, walking cautiously down the tunnel it gestured to with its tail. They reached another cave like area and were met with several others, 7 more humans and 7 more creatures- whatever they were. She slowly took a seat and set the creature down. "Were all of you brought here too? What could be going on....? Just a moment ago I was in my backyard....And you, bouncing head thing, who are you and who do you know who I am?"

    The creature sighed, knowing they all had questions. "My name is Telamon. I'm a Digimon, a Digital Monster. These are my friends, and you 8 are our saviors and partners. You're digidestined and that means you protect the Digital World. But right now it's at war. So, you guys haven't been doing a good job.... Knowing you probably don't even know what that job is, we brought you here, a safe place away from the warring Digimon. So now that you know, mind doing your job and making us Digivolve to stop the war and bring back peace...?" Annabelle looked confused, and judging by the others, they were just as confused. "Excuse me....? Digidestined, Digimon, Digivolve? War, two worlds? You lost me, Telamon...." The creature looked irritated and bounced over, pulling Annabelle's phone from her pocket. It had taken a different appearance, to the girl's surprise. "This is a Digivice! Something only a chosen can have, a Digidestined like yourself. You use it as a conduit of power to make us Digimon Digivolve into stronger and better forms to combat the powers of evil and darkness. You are tasked with defeating darkness and keeping the peace so neither of our worlds get destroyed. Got it...?? Humans, I swear...."

    "G-got it....." In complete honesty, the girl lied. She doesn't like doing so, but she knew this creature would only make the insults worse if he knew she still didn't understand. Maybe someone else did and they can explain...? She hoped so, since she was completely lost...
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  2. A small group of friends were enjoying warmth of the sun as they hung out by the Eiffel Tower, just hanging out and chatting. The ring leader of this group was a small girl by the name of Gabrielle Mercier. She was happily chatting, bouncing from topic to topic with ease all while texting her mom. Her mother wanted her home then minutes ago to watch her flower shop. Gabrielle, however wanted to stay with her friends instead of working behind a counter for hours on end. It wasn't that she wanted to disobey her mother or help, its just that she was enjoying her time out so much. It would seem though that the sky had other plans for her.

    "Ah man, its gonna rain guys! Meet up at the arcade!"

    "Yeah, last one there is a rotten egg!"

    "Dude, that's so retro!" The whole group all ran off or skated off toward cover, Gabrielle right behind them. Her skating skills were good, but not as good as her friends and she was soon left behind. The rain only got worse, but Gabrielle was busy texting her mom.

    "Mom, I'll be home soon"
    "Now Gabrielle."
    "Fine, I'm on my way."
    "Love you sweetie."
    "Love you too, mom." Just as the last message was sent, Gabrielle saw a flash of lightening and then everything went dark.

    When Gabrielle woke up, it was a lot darker than before. night time in fact. The stars were shining and everything felt still. The small girl sat for a moment to take in the sight. She never seen so many stars at once before, and the moon shone so bright she could see pretty well. It was around then that she felt a shy nudge. Gabby gave a slight jump as she looked at what touched her. It was . . . a drop of water? No, it was a creature that looked like a drop of water splashing into a puddle. It bumped it's head against her side again.

    "E-excuse me, are you Gabrielle Mercier?" The creature asked quietly, trying to hide somewhat. Gabrielle just stared at the being, caught between squealing in joy from its cuteness, or scream in terror of the talking water drop head. The girl gave a nod.

    "Y-yeah. Who are you? Or better yet, what are you?" The creature gave a big smile and hopped around.

    "Oh! You're here! You're gonna save us all! Gabby continue to watch the critter bounce around. It then stopped to answer Gabby.

    "My name is Moonmon, I'm a digimon, short for digital monster. Follow me, its not safe out here at this time of day." Moonmom then started to bounce toward a gathering of trees. Gabby felt more confused, but followed nonetheless.

    "How is it day time? The moon and stars are out."

    "This is star gazing fields, it only seems to be night right now even though its in fact day time." They continued on their way to the trees, which seemed to glow slightly. Moonmon gave a squeal when she find what she was looking for. It was a small village full of other moonmons, all happily bouncing and squealing. They then started to surround Gabby and talked a mile a minute. In all the chaos, Gabby lost track of her moonmon! The girl tried to pick it out from the others, but they all looked the same and calling her name didn't help at all. Gabby was about to panic when a voice called out above all the moonmon.

    "Moonmon, please like the child pass. She is needed and must leave soon. Child, please come talk to me for a moment." A large rabbit like thing with a masked calmly, it looked like it was always ready for a boxing match. Gabby made her way to the large rabbit, spotting her moonmon by the rabbit.

    "There you are. . . . We need a way to tell you apart from the others . .." Moonmon gave her a look, before hopping after the rabbit. Once they were in the larger hut and had sat down, the rabbit spoke.

    "Hello child, my name is Leksimon. We have a heavy task to ask of you, one that may bring you much danger."

    "Y-yeah, Moonmon said something about a war and how I'm going to end it. I'm only 12! I can't end a war, I can barely get home on time to watch mom's flower shop!" Leksimon laid a paw on Gabby's shoulder.

    "Child, you will not be alone in your mission. There are seven others that will join you, and you will have moonmon with you at all times. We have been at war for so long and very few understand that it needs to end. Child, I warn you now, not all digimon will welcome you with open arms. However, I beg you not to judge them too harshly. Now, it is time you find the others. This way will lead you out of the village and out of the Star gazing fields. Be safe, child and good luck." Leksimon gently guided Gabrielle toward the back of the hut to an opening leading to a path. Gabby wanted to protest, but she felt the need in the rabbit's voice, so went quietly with moonmon. They gave a wave good bye and started down the path. It was half an hour before Moonmon spoke up.

    "Gabrielle, you've haven't said anything since we left. A-are you okay? The other moonmon didn't scare you, did they?"

    "I. .. I'm trying to process what's going on right now. One minute I'm hanging out with my friends and next moment, I in some weirdo world with talking heads and rabbits, telling I'm gonna end a war! No one asked me what I wanted! Do you even care what I think?!" Gabirelle got slightly heated, before catching herself and going quiet again. She knew it wasn't Moonmon's fault, it was just that she didn't like the fact that she was in another world. At that thought, Gabby reached into her bag for her phone, only to pull out a strange device.

    ".. . . Its called a digivice. It'll help me digivolve, which will make me stronger so I can protect you."

    "So I can't call my mom? . . . . Okay, what is that blinking light on the screen mean?" Gabby bent down so Moonmon could see. When Gabby actually looked at Moonmon, so saw it looked rather tired. She guessed it was a lot of work to keep up with someone with legs when all you have is a head.

    "Many its the others? We really don't have anywhere in mind to go, so might as well." Gabby gave a nod, then without notice, she picked up Moonmon and placed her on Gabby's bag to sit. Not before going through her bag for something.

    "Here, so I won't lose you again in a group of Moonmon. . . .I'm sorry I snapped at you, I'm just stressed is all. Hey, after this is all over, how about I show you around my home town? My mom has a flower shop and you seem the type to like flowers." Gabby then tied a ribbon on the drop part of Moonmon's head. The little digi gave a blush and was blinking back tears of joy.

    "I love flowers! And I want to see all the other Gabirelles!" Gabby gave her a smile and kept talking as they followed the single.

    "Will, I'm the only one of me, but you'll find other humans. You got a nickname or anything?"

    "Loony, because of the crazy stories I tell. Like the one about" Loony went on to tell stories as they made their way to what they hoped was the others. It was an hour or two before they came across a cave and the light blinked faster to show they were very close. Gabby placed Loony into her bag and then climbed up to the cave. Once inside, she found a few teens with their own digimon. It wasn't long after that, when another teen came climbing in. She seemed far more confused than she was, but Gabby also had time to chat with Loony and Leiskmon. Now, this didn't mean she knew much more than anyone else. The rude head, err, digimon, tried to explain. It wasn't helpful at all.

    "Um, what the rude head with the tail is trying to say is, this world needs us because of some war. I don't really understand the rest of what it said."
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  3. Cracking branches and rustling leaves could be heard as a dark skinned reptile rushed through the brush, pursued by part of the forest itself, or at least that's what the untrained eye would see. A series of high pitched laughs followed closely behind the fleeing reptile. "Think you can get away from us in a forest? Stupid virus!" One of the Palmon said mockingly. "Heh, Who said I was trying to get away?" BlackAgumon asked, grinning confidently. Despite his cocky attitude he knew he wasn't in a good position. There were a half dozen Palmon chasing after him, he could surely beat two or three even alone, but even he couldn't take that many at once alone.

    "Pepper Breath!" He called, spitting a fireball from his mouth at the ground as he ran, igniting the foliage to stall his pursuers as he attempted to come up with a plan. However this plan wasn't exactly working, with the constant running there wasn't enough time for the fire to spread far enough to do what it was meant to. "Too many to trap, can't take em head on... if I at least had a distraction I could do something but all their attention is on me. Gah... annoying little bastards!"


    Christine casually strolled down the street, on her way home from kendo practice. She twirled her wooden practice sword between her fingers as she went over the day in her mind. "Good practice, no chores to do, way too much homework..." She thought out loud, dreading the couple of hours worth of worksheets and studying she'd need to deal with once she got home. As she cut through a side alley, a familiar shortcut for her, she noticed an odd site. A soft glow was coming from beneath a dumpster accompanied by an odd sound she couldn't quite place.

    Naturally unable to ignore, she approached the spot in question and shoved the dumpster aside, finding a strange jagged hole that looked like something out of a comic book. "What the hell is this? Oh wait is this one of those weird space hole things people have been talking about!? I thought those were myths." Curiosity getting the better of her, Christine got a little closer, now only a step from the edge. She poked at the edges with her shinai, hoping to see some kind of reaction, even sticking her sword inside the portal. Unfortunately to her disappointment nothing happened. "Well that's boring..." She muttered, standing back up and ready to dismiss the most interesting thing to happen to her recently, only for everything around her to suddenly seem to get higher. By the time Christine realized she was falling into the suddenly widened warp it was too late to save herself.


    BlackAgumon was out of options. His pursuers had cornered him against a canyon at the edge of the forest. The newly open area would be perfect for a proper fight, but six on one wasn't exactly fair. In a brief scuffle he managed to take down one of the Palmon just before the tree line but his victory was short lived as the remaining five collectively flung him towards the cliff, it was sheer luck their combined efforts to throw him actually hindered their aim and kept him from going over.

    The plant digimon were closing in when a vicious scream came from the forest. No sooner had the digimon turned to see the source than did the source, one very angry Christine, come barrelling out of the trees and tackle one of the Palmon before it could get past its shock. "You wanna gang up on someone? Try me on for size you overgrown weeds!" She roared in her somewhat excessive fury. In the sudden confusion, BlackAgumon attacked. The first Palmon was down in an instant thanks to BlackAgumon's sharp claws. The next fell to a point blank Pepper Breath to the face though not before scratching his arm with Poison Ivy. Christine slammed the fourth with her shinai, hard enough for the wooden blade to splinter on impact. The final Palmon fled in (fully justified) terror.

    After taking a moment to catch their breath. Christine and BlackAgumon eyed each other suspiciously. After a rather awkward few seconds that felt more like several minutes, the Rookie digimon spoke first. "Why'd you help me?" He asked, glaring at the human before him. "Six on one isn't a fair fight, so I thought I'd even the score." She answered

    "You have no idea who I am or why they were chasing me." He countered.
    "I was eavesdropping for a minute before I ran out, judging by their giggling and taunting it's not exactly a good guy bad guy situation." She answered, shrugging off his perfectly reasonable suspicion.
    "Well... thanks. I'm BlackAgumon. What's a human like you doing here?"
    "I was sorta hoping you could tell me. Name's Christine by the way and last I remember I fell through this weird hole thing. I have no clue where this is, plus I must've dropped my backpack when I fell... my phone and everything else was in there..."
    "Hm... guess I can fill you in on some things. It'll take a while so let's get moving."
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  4. "Rude head?? Well that's rude in and of itself! You don't even know me! So sorry for being frantic in explaining there's a war outside that can endanger us all!! If we're caught here, especially together, the Generals will lock us away or crush us like they did Primary Village! ...I'm tired of watching my friends perish because of this war... This is our chance to fight back!" Telamon snapped at the water drop digimon before sighing and looking back at the humans. "...Look, I'll try to explain this again.... Our world shadows your world. What happens here can directly affect your homes, even putting your loved ones in danger. Anything from strange weather patterns to digimon passing over to your world. We are at war, peace hasn't been seen for years our time, which is a lot faster than your time due to the chaos. A year here is about a week there. Anyway, everyone lives in fear and they can't stop fighting because the generals, the leaders of the fight, force them to continue or they become slaves, prisoners, or worse yet, killed. And without primary village, the place where all digimon are born and even reborn, we die. For good. If we don't stop the fighting soon, there won't be any of us left. The Digital World would be completely destroyed, which would in turn begin to destroy your world. During a crisis like this, certain people and Digimon are chosen to pair up and used their combined strength to save the worlds. I dunno who chooses them, but they are chosen. Those specific Digimon have the ability to use a human's power to digivolve and become stronger. You humans are the Digidestined, the ones who can give us that power. The Digivices you have are tools to allow you to do that. They aren't necessary, but they are helpful and make things easier. This war has gone on long enough and many good Digimon are dying because of it. Only together can we win...We need your help. Please....."

    Annabelle was slowly starting to understand, and was able to figure out that this small cat like head and tail was insulting them and being rude because of his own worries, fears, etc. Being in a war must be incredibly hard, especially if you hae to watch friends on all sides fall and even more so knowing they didn't want to fight in the first place. "I see... This is quite serious. Even if my world was not at stake, I'd still help you save yours. However, my little friend, next time ease us into it and be a little more gentle? It's only natural we'd be confused and scared and maybe even mad. As horrible as this war is, you must understand that it's worse for us, being thrown into the middle of it without knowing what it is or why. I apologize for all the suffering you experienced, and I vow to try and help end that suffering. It's as my grandfather said, ' Life is not worth living if all you do is be alive. Strive to better yourself, live to the fullest, and help others to do the same. If they are in the darkness, show them the light so they may learn to live as well.' I shall try to be your light in this darkness, and help pave the way to a better life, one full of peace." Telamon couldn't help but smile. He bounced right into Annabelle's lap, wrapping his tail around her arm. "Thank you Miss Annabelle.... Thank you.... It may take awhile, but with your help, I know we can stop the fighting..... We need to, for everyone's sake. " The girl smiled back, gently petting the creatures cheek. She didn't know much about the fella, but she could feel a connection, one she's never felt before. She understood him and he understood her and they both felt as if they knew everything about the other and what the other was feeling. It was as if they needed to be together, they were two halves of a whole. "Telamon, I have just met you, but I promise to spend my days by your side." The creature nodded, making a slight purr noise, though it was brief. They looked to the others, eyes full of hope. "Will any of you join us...? I always found teams to be better than going it alone...."
  5. Gabby stared at the cat head, starting to shake.

    "I-I didn't know all that. I'm sorry for calling you rude . . . . " Gabby stayed quiet as she was panicking and didn't want to show it, since she already made a fool of herself. Loony looked up at the young girl and rubbed her head on Gabby's arm.

    "Gabrielle, you need to breath. I know this is a lot to ask for, but we have no where else to turn. I know you're scared, but remember what Leksimon said; You're not alone." Gabby looked down at Loony, trying to breath like she said. She didn't know what to do, it was all too much at once and all Gabby wanted was to go home to her mom.

    "H-how can I even help?! I'm 12! I'm always late to class, I never listen to my parents, and I slack on my chores. How is someone like that going to help save lives? . . . I don't think I can do this, I want to go home." Gabby sat on the cave floor holding her knees, hoping to stop anyone from seeing her cry. Loony looked at her with concern, then went quiet for a moment.

    "I've been running from this war since the day I hatched. I've seen so many of my friends drafted once they digivole to Lunamon, that it stopped hurting. I was okay with living that way, never digivoling to stay safe, until Dianamon made a stand." Gabby raised her head and looked at the rain drop as she was making the most serious face since the two met.

    "Dianamon couldn't watch anymore of her digimon die in an endless war. No digimon dared to try to force her to battle, due to her power. One day, when the generals came to our village, Dianamon made them an offer they couldn't refuse: Her life for all the lives in our village. In the end, all the Lunamon chose to go with Dianamon and she appointed Leksimon our new leader. From that day forward, I didn't want to just live, it wasn't worth it anymore. I want to end this war. I want to end this war with you, Gabrielle. You and I can make sure no digimon has to go through pain anymore, that no digimon has to has to lay down their life to a war they don't believe in. Gabrielle, if you don't believe in yourself, that's fine. I believe you enough for both of us." At the end of her speech, Gabby was in tears, silently staring into Loony's eyes. The two stayed quiet, one waiting for an answer and the other trying to find words. Gabby then started nodding.

    "I-I'll help. I'll do what I can to help you guys, I promise." Gabby then hugged Loony tightly, trying to control her sobs.
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