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  1. its the year 3000 and the Digital World has been long forgotten. That is, until our world collides with the digital world causing a rift. New Digidestined must be chosen, and they must stop the rift from inside. The 8 are found in the future's Paris and are taken to the digital world. Once there they find themselves in the middle of a Digi War! Data, Virus, and Vaccine Digimon are duking it out causing the rift and serious damage to the Digital World. Being a shadow of our own world, the war is damaging our world too. But uh oh! Upon entering the digital world, the new Digidestined got separated by the warring Digimon because of their own Digimon partners typings! They need to get back together and stop the war and whatever else this new world would throw at them.

    There are 8 crests, though not the 8 from the show. There's Creativity, Balance, Integrity, Chivalry, Adaptability, Wisdom, Happiness, and Dreams. All Crests are taken.

    Open Crests: n/a


    Devices.png <---- Digivices

    As for the Digimon, please use/make Digimon from different categories. The three to choose from are Data, Virus, and Vaccine. The group won't be separated if everyone has the same kind of Digimon. We have three Data type Digimon so far (Lunamon, Lopmon, and my own Digi), two Vaccine type (Patamon and Gatomon), and three Virus type (Impmon, Shakomon, and Black Agumon). Please choose Digimon others don't have. Diversity is a good thing ^^'

    All Teams are full.

    Taken Digimon:

    Black Agumon
    Enfimon (my own Digi)

    So that's all for now ^^ hopefully you're interested!
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  2. I gotta fix up my OC to fit Paris better XD
  3. Lol I still need to make mine XD
  4. I'm gonna give up dreams for creativity
  5. Fixed ^^
  6. ill take dreams then
  7. Awesome ^^ I'll edit that right now
  8. Your a lucky fella, your digivice is drawn up with the example XD
  9. Can I take a spot for Adaptability?? And I'll take Impmon for a Virus Digimon~
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  10. Sure! Spot saved ^^ I'll make the character pages today (although my co gms want to move it to RPNation, is that okay?)
  11. Sure thing! I'll just have to make up a profile there~
  12. Perfect ^^ though I dunno if the site is back up. They were doing updates and it's supposed to be up sometime today, they just didn't say when. Oh well, gives us time to plan our characters and such ^^ I do have a question, though. How would you like to start? In the digital world and have flashbacks of how they got there, have something random happen in the real world, or be sucked into the computer with their phones changing into digivices?
  13. Umm... I'd prefer something random~ Since you mentioned a rift in the opening post, would it be safe to assume that there were multiple rifts opened and not just one? Perhaps our characters fell through a couple of those (obviously separated unless the characters were together) and wound up in the Digital World that way?? Just an idea, so forgive my rambling ^^;~ BUT! I'd prefer something random, like I said~~
  14. Well the rift is between the Digital World and the Real World so the other worlds like the Dream World or Dark Ocean can't be accessed at this point in time ^^' But you'd prefer you doing something random? So let's say you're practicing soccer and you start feeling sick from the heat so you start to head towards the nurses when you suddenly get pulled into the Digital Workd kinda random? Cuz that's what I was thinking for the random option. You're just doing something normal and everyday when you get pulled in.
  15. Yeah!! That kind of random is what I was thinking~
  16. Alright, I think random would work well XD Just make sure you don't vanish in a crowd of people or panic will ensue lol
  17. ooo another digimon rp, I'm interested :3
    What crests are open? I'm interested in taking Balance
    as for digimon, I call BlackAgumon
  18. You're in luck! Balance is yours ^^ And Black Agumon is a Virus Digimon, right?
  19. Hey, don't worry about making an RPNation profile ^^ Because of the Interest, we're sticking to Iwaku.
  20. bingo, got a special mega level for him too that i sorta made (found awesomely made fan art for a black form of another mega, I did give it a name though :3)
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