Digimon: The Crest of Darkness (In-Character)

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  1. Lian smiled as he bid his boyfriend a good bye at the school parking lot. They had exchanged a kiss and a little loveydovey moment. He looked at the promise ring he had gotten from Seth, this meant a lot to him. That would mean that one day they would get married. Lian walked down the street with a hop in his step and a smile on his face. "This day could not get any better!" he hummed and heard his phone go off. He blinked and unlocked the screen before reading the text message. "What...?" he barely had those words come out of his mouth before he felt the ground give out under him. The next moment he opened his eyes he was in a beach like area. The beach? He didn't remember going anywhere near the beach.



    Lian looked at the two creatures who approached him and stared at them. One was a ferret looking creature and the other looked like a puppy. He squealed "You two are so cutteeee!" he smiled.

    "I'm Salamon and this know it all is Kudamon. We're your digimon partners!" they said the last part in unison. Lian was dumb founded "Digimon? Partners?"
  2. ( I won't post for Nathan until everyone else posts :D I have an idea >:3)

    "Why do you always have to screw things up?!" There it was. His drunk father's accusation. KC was expecting this, but it still made his blood boil. How dare he accuse him of screwing things up when he was just trying to help? Of course, his father wouldn't want any help, since he's in denial about his addiction..... But KC wasn't thinking about that right now.... He was thinking about how much responsibility he has been given, having to take care of his usually drunk or hungover father, and his little sister. He was wondering why his mother had left him to the task of caring for the two, both horrible in their own way. His sister, Jasmine, was bratty and extremely obnoxious and self centered, and his father, oh the lovely unshowered or shaved man who reeked of alcohol and wore clothes that couldn't even fit over his beer belly, oh him..... KC tried to love him and understand, but it was so hard to when he abused KC and his sister, both physically or verbally. He always seemed to babysit him, and it always ended in the same way. His father would accuse KC of ruining something, and KC would throw back a retort before walking out of the house, slamming the door, just as he did now. Then he'd take a deep breath and head to the local park to skate with his handmade longboard. Riding the bowl within the small skate park located within the larger, normal park, he would hit the top of the rim and preform some kind of trick. Sweat beaded on his face as his moved his body to complete each trick. Skateboarding has always been a stress reliever, and lately he had been extremely stressed. He was in the middle of a one hand balance trick when his phone started to ring, playing the humorous song I hate this f****** ringtone! He sighed and flipped into a nose grind before turning the skateboard so he was on flat ground. Stepping off the skateboard, he stomped it into his hands and answered the phone. "Hey, KC here."

    "KC..... World.... Danger.... Help.... Now! We..... You..... Come-" Suddenly the caller on the other end dropped off. "Huh.... Bad reception, I guess...." He hung up, not thinking twice about it, and launched off again. Just as he hit the bottom of the bowl, the world faded around him, and made it seem he was falling into an empty void. " The heck is going on??" It was almost like an Alice in Wonderland thing. Had he fallen though the rabbit hole, or had someone been getting high near him? It was trippy. The darkness would suddenly be interrupted by flashes of color or random technological devices, floating into the space above him before vanishing. He could spin and flip, but not much else. Soon the completely darkness came back and the falling sensation stopped. When his vision returned, he was in the middle of the woods, a cat like thing looking over him. "Hey there! I'm Victorymon! Nice to see you awake, KC!" The boy looked up to the white creature with a large yellow "V" on its head, blinking slowly as he tried to see through his black bangs and short-brimmed hat. "What kinda stupid name is Victorymon..?" The white creature pouted slightly. "My name is NOT stupid, stupid.... I am the key to all things victorious!" Getting up, KC rolled his eyes. "Still stupid. And what's with the lame cat-dino look?" The white creature swayed its purple, scaly tail in annoyance. "I am the great Victorymon, an ancient Digimon! And I was going to welcome you to the digiworld, but now I want to send you back!" The boy thought for a moment. "Digim- oh hey.... Where's my board....?" The cat like creature sighed, he was getting nowhere with his so called friend. He seemed so disinterested... Did he catch him on a bad day, or is he always like this?
  3. "Whoa, dude, she friendzoned you too? I feel you, man, I feel ya..." "One of the days she has to agree to go out with someone, right? I mean, she's nice and all, but rejecting everyone who tries to hit on her is like, you know, cold!" "I know, right? You'd think if she was all that sweet she seems to be she'd at least give us a chance. Talk about ice princess!"

    Rebecca could hear their voices coming from the open window as she bent down to unlock her bicycle. They were talking about her. Earlier today one of the guys asked her to go out with him, but she had told him she didn't feel ready for that kind of relationship, and that she would rather just be friends, the same she told every other guy who hit on her. But it was the truth. She wasn't ready, but she loved having lots of friends. It was sometime during, or soon after middle school that everyone had started to change. People stopped talking about who they were friends with and started talking about who they were dating, and somehow in the midst of all this new excitement and confusion, Rebecca became the number one target of affection at school. Meanwhile, she herself just wanted things to stay the same, without the pressure that came with romance. She sat on the saddle and rode off, heading towards her favourite park.

    She sat down underneath a large, verdant oak tree. The sun shone through the canopy, casting playful shadows and specks of light on her. This park was always almost empty this time of day, and it was Rebecca's number one place to relax after school. Here she didn't have a care in the world, far from everyone's expectations and gossip. As she rested her head gently against the massive trunk, she began feeling awfully sleepy. She fell into a half-haze, her vision shifting in and out of clarity and a contour-less blur, and it felt like the hours passed slowly, yet rapidly. She could barely move, and her whole body felt heavy like a rock. Suddenly, the phone in her pocket rang. Somehow she found the strength to pick it up, and held it against her ear. "Hello?..." She answered sleepily.

    "Come... Come..."

    "Come? Where?"

    "To the digital... Help... We need..."

    She couldn't hear very well, but it was a very strange call. She wanted to keep asking questions, but her voice just drowned out into a sputtering soup. Her head was spinning, and she felt like fainting. She closed her eyes, and passed out. Her hand with her phone fell lifelessly to her side.

    When Rebecca opened her eyes again, something was definitely wrong. The tiredness from before was completely blown away, and replaced with the feeling of being somewhere she didn't belong. She looked around, and the surroundings were entirely different from before. It was dark, and everything was covered in a deep fog. She turned around, and the oak she had been resting against had been turned into an eerie, leafless tree with long, crooked branches. The air felt heavy as she breathed it in. "Where... Am I? Is this a dream?" She stood up. It was certainly a very weird, but at the same time real dream. Suddenly, she heard two voices. "Oh look, she's finally come to!" Said a very cute, high-pitched voice. "About time..." Muttered a second, slightly darker voice. "Who's there!?" Said Rebecca, eyes darting in every possible direction looking for the source. Then, out of the fog next to her, came two strange creatures. "Hello! Gosh, we've really been waiting a looong time for you, Rebecca! I'm Lalamon, and this here is Biyomon." A flower-bud looking thing, which the sickeningly sweet voice belonged to, pointed to a second peculiar thing which looked like a large, pink, tropical bird. "Together we're digimon partners! Hihihi, we'll have so much fun! But it will be tough, too, but I'm sure we can..." The floating flower-thing continues before it was interrupted by a slight smack from the bird. "Quiet, Lalamon, you talk too much. Can't you see she's confused? Anyway, as the idiot over here said I'm Biyomon, and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Rebecca." She shook her head. "No, no, the pleasure's all mine. And you can call me Becky, by the way. But, you know, one thing's bothering me... I read once that the human brain isn't capable of producing new visual material when asleep, so all people and creatures in dreams have faces you've seen at least once but might not remember. However, I'm pretty sure I'd remember something as weird looking as you two, Lalamon and Biyomon, was it?" Lalamon giggled. "Well, Becky, I can't say I understand what you're talking about, but this isn't a dream, silly! You're in the digital world!" Rebecca wasn't capable of processing what she had just been told, and so she just stood there silently with a glazed smile on her face.
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  4. The sound of rapid clicking on the keys of a keyboard filled the dimly lit computer lab. Penny sat in front of one of the computers, donated to the school after she had won an ingenuity competition for teens, and was working on a new program. The copious lines of codes spread out on the screen in front of her and reflected off the lenses of her glasses, which she had to frequently push back as they kept sliding down the tip of her nose. She had recently gotten a new pair, as she had grown out of her old ones, but they were just slightly too big for her bobbed head. She was alone, having pulled all the curtains and put up a "Do not disturb!" sign outside the door. She preferred to work by herself in the dark, after all. Suddenly, there was a buzzing sound coming from her bag on the floor next to her. Odd, thought Penny. She was absolutely certain she had turned her phone off. She pushed her chair out, picked up the bag and put it in her lap, and then reached in to find the source of the buzzing. She took out her phone, and sure enough, it was ringing. She denied the call and made sure to watch the phone turn off this time, before putting it back in the bag. She really did not want to be disturbed. But then, just a short while after, the phone was ringing again. "Is it broken? It's not that old... According to the reviews online this thing is one of the most tolerable models out there..." Penny muttered as she picked the bag back up, this time answering the call. "Hello? I don't know who this is, but I would prefer it if you didn't call me, I'm kind of busy at the moment." She was about to hang up, when a strange, distorted voice could be heard from the other end. "Commence Operation SDW. Transportation sequence initialized." The voice was replaced with a sharp screech, forcing Penny to pull the phone away from her ear. At the same time, all the lines of precious code in front of her were replaced by ineligible symbols at an alarming pace. "No, nononono! What's going on? Am I being hacked!? Who would do such a thing?" She tried desperately hitting in commands on her keyboard, but nothing worked. Soon the entire screen was filled with characters and hieroglyphs she had never seen before, which morphed into a sort of black whirlpool. The whirlpool expanded outside the screen, and started sucking a terrified Penny inside. Soon it had swallowed her up, phone, bag and all, and reverted back into the screen. No sign of her was left, and the computer shut down.

    On the other side of the "black hole", Penny was spat out. She fell to the ground and got sand in her mouth, which she was quick to spit out and tried to wipe her tongue off afterwards. "Ewewewww!" She looked arround, confused by her surroundings. "What is this place?..." She was in some kind of desert, even though she lived far from one. "My phone, my phone..." She picked her phone up, trying to make a call, but it had drastically changed appearance, and she couldn't find the application to make a call anywhere. "No, no, this can't be." She opened up her bag, taking out her spare laptop, which had changed appearance just like her phone. "Come on, come on..." She pushed the on button, and waited impatiently for it to boot up. When it did, the layout was completely different, and characters like the ones that had popped up on the computer screen flashed here and there. "No!" Her eyes were tearing up. Sniffling, she made her way up a large dune. Around her, large gears and telephone poles protruded sporadically, and a mountain could be seen in the distance. It definitely didn't look like any place she'd seen on earth. "Noooo, this can't beee..." She moaned, and her voice grew more and more high pitched. "I just wanna go hooome... Pleeease..." Then, suddenly, two very unfamiliar beings stuck their heads out from behind her. "Thank goodness we found you, Penny! We were beginning to think we'd lost you!" Said what looked like an oversized bug. Penny screamed, and fell back on her butt. "Wh-wh-wh-what are you!? S-stay away from me!" "Wait, we're not bad! I'm Flybeemon, and this is my friend Candmon. Together we're your digimon partners." "I don't know what that means! You, you're scaring me... I wanna go home to mommy!" Penny was now full-out bawling. The other creature, which looked like a candlestick, tried to console her with a calm voice, but she kept on screaming and sobbing without listening.
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  5. SMACK! Thud. SMACK! Thud.

    The sound repeated itself as the tennis club had its' regular practice session on a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Chester was in the middle of a game, he just had to nail this serve to win. He didn't put enough power in, and his opponent was able to smash it out of his reach. The next ball he screwed up again by not paying attention to his opponents movements, and so he lost the game. "Darnit, I almost had you this time!" He rubbed his head. He thought for sure he would win, having the advantage, but there wasn't much he could do. But hey, at least he was improving. "Yeah, it was a close one this time! A little more practice and I'm sure you'd make the cut for regionals. But what do you say about hitting the showers, guys?" The club captain and coach, whom Chester had been practicing against, called out to the group of now exhausted teenage boys. They all agreed, packed up their rackets, and went into the locker rooms. Chester sat down on a bench and gulped down his entire bottle of water before showering and getting changed. He was the last one to finish, as usual, since he liked to take long showers. "Hey, Chet, are you coming or what?" One of his friends called out impatiently. "Sure, sure, just gotta get my bag!" He was about to pull the bag out of the locker when he noticed his phone ringing inside of it. He took it out, and answered the call. "Che...er, you must .... to the di......wo..d... ..lp us..." He couldn't quite hear what the other person was saying. It sounded like they were driving in and out of a tunnel while making the call. "Strange..." He thought as he held his phone out in front of him. Suddenly he was pulled into the locker, which slammed shut behind him. Together with his training bag, Chester tumbled through a wormhole to the digital world.

    He landed on a soft, springy surface, and bounced up into the air several times before settling down. "Ha ha, that was fun! Didn't have any clue such a thing was under the lockers, though..." He had a look around. It didn't look at all like it was underground. In fact, it didn't look anything like the surrounding are of the gym. There were extremely oversized toys everywhere, round hills like the one he had landed on, trees with stuffed animals hanging from them, and perhaps weirdest of all, a bunch of cribs with weird looking eggs in them. He jumped off the hill, and landed on the ground which was elastic, but didn't have quite the same trampoline effect. Walking around, he examined all the strange objects. It was as though he had been thrown into the nursery of some kids' imagination. He stopped by a crib, looking at a green egg with brown spots. "You're a funny little thing, aren't ya?" He said mostly to himself. "Be careful with that. I hope you're not planning on stealing it." Startled, Chester turned around and was met with two strange figures. "I'm joking, of course. We know why you're here, Chester." Said one of them, looking like a small angel or a cherub. "I'm Coronamon, this here is Lucemon. Together we're your digimon partners." Said the other one, who looked like a fiery lion cub. "Wait, wait, you know who I am and why I'm here? By the way, what even is this place? And you called yourselves digimon? What's that." "Calm down, calm down, your questions will all be answered in due time." Said Lucemon. "Yes, we're digimon, the creatures that inhabit this world, the digital world. Right now we're in primary village, the place where all digimon are born." Chester turned around and looked at the green egg with brown spots. "So that's... A digimon egg?" He was getting excited. This world was wacky, and Chester liked wacky.
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  6. Just as most other days of the year, it was a blazing, bright day in the Galápagos. San Cristóbal was both the birthplace and home to a child that would one day, this day in fact, become a a very important part in the destiny of a world outside their own. To Tamari, it was still just an ordinary day. One he had decided to spend in solitude, rather than running around and causing trouble with the other neighborhood kids as was most common. Tam had different plans for today. He'd wanted to practice his swimming, something he had been unable to do because of the bad weather recently. Yes, there were pools in San Cristóbal, several, and Tamari even had a subscription to one, but nothing really beat the salty freshness of an ocean. Especially not when it was barely a step away from home.

    Tam's shirt and bag already lay forgotten on the beach(thankfully San Cristóbal was too small to be consumed with tourists) while he swam imaginary laps and dove into the deep waters again and again, the occasional yell of excitement and victory made by him being the only real noises for miles.
    ...Or so it would seem. It was a miracle that Tam would even notice it from such a distance, but there it was. A faint buzzing sound that inadvertently was coming from the shore. Tam stopped in her tracks and turned to listen. The water was still beside the vibrations her movements gave off and after a while of trying to listen in, she finally caught on to what the noise was: her phone! It wasnt even buzzing,really. The phone was blasting at its loudest setting, and as if feeling the urgency in its tone, Tamari immediately set forth for the shore with her widest, fastest strokes.
    Tam came ashore nearly gasping, a sharp pain in her gut and the taste of blood in her throat from the effort she had put into this, but there was no time, no time at all. She ran to the bag,collapsing to her knees in the soft sand while she dug through her bag in a very determined but rushed fashion.

    "¿Aló?" He choked out, phone pressed to his ear before he even realized the unnecessary and downright bizarre urgency he felt.
    "Hello...?Hello? -Help u...s........ You must come to-!" ...And it was over.

    Before Tamari could even react, the screen of his phone burst with a blinding light and the panicked teenager dropped in, heart racing and screaming at the top of his lungs. The next few moments were a violent blur of colors and beams of light all around him, racing past him as he fell... had the light transported him to this place?
    The question was left unanswered as Tamari's whole body crashed into what seemed to be... sand. He gasped as his eyes popped opened, frantically looking around, though oddly enough, he noticed nothing wrong. Had it just been sun reflecting off his phones screen that had momentarily blinded him and made him trip backwards into the sand? He sat up rubbing his head, still too dazed and confused to comprehend a bit of what had just happened to him. At this moment all he knew was that he really hated his phone. Something else soon caught his attention though: he heard branches and leaves snapping and scrunching from the jungle and what came out of the green shadows made his jaw drop. A small anthropomorphic calico cat was making its way quickly towards Tamari, slashing at the flora that seemed to be in the way. Something green struggled behind it( Tamari assumed it was a turtle). The cat let out several excited yowls when it noticed Tamari and astonishingly enough, it called out his name. As the creatures surrounded the kid, the talking increased tenfold, from both the much louder and high pitched cat creature and the turtle-frog. Tamari had a hard time understanding, until he realized they were talking in english.

    "Please...slower...Uh, Mikemon?" He managed to whimper between the shouts. Mikemon and Betamon only exchanged a few knowing glances, the grins on their faces only growing larger. "We've been waiting for so long Tamari!" "I'm so glad you finally found us!" " Now, we can finally start our quest!" the digimon spoke one over the other while Tamari tried to make sense of their haphazard explanations and cheers. Eventually,though, he did get to the bottom of it. The "digimon" as they were called, were apparently his partners, and he, a digidestined. Though it was incredible to believe, between the growing headache and the talking 4 foot cat, Tamari had no other option than to believe.
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  7. Xavier was walking home from school when his phone started vibrating. Who's number is this? He thought as he answered the call. "Hello" Xavier said as he answered the call. "We need your help!" said a female voice. "What my sister means is we're I trouble could you help us?" said a male voice. "Wrong number" Xavier said hanging up the phone. Then the earthquake happened his vision went dark and he felt himself swirling then he felt hot sand on his back. Why do I feel hot sand on my back? Am I at the beach? The closest beach is an hour away. Xavier thought before opening his eyes and seeing he was on a beach.

    "Wow" Xavier said standing up looking at his phone in his hand he say it had changed, "um I'm not die for an upgrade for another year" he added. "What's an upgrade?" said the female voice on the phone. "Sister dear don't you know it's rude to ask a stranger questions without introducing yourself" said the male voice from the phone call. Wiping around Xavier saw two small bunny-like creatures one was brown and pink the other cream and green. "What?" Xavier said.

    "Hi I'm Lopmon I'm your partner digimon, we are going to be best friends, wow you're really tall, have you always been that tall? What's your favorite color? What's your favorite number?" The female voice now Lopmon said.

    "Sister please calm down you are overwhelming him. Hi I'm Terriermon sorry about by younger sister she can-" was all Terriermon got out before Lopmon cut in.

    "I'm the older sibling, my head popped out of our digiegg first!" Lopmon yelled at her OLDER brother.

    "Sister, I was the one to-never mind anyways WE are your partners like I was saying I'm Terriermon and this is my sister Lopmon we are twin digimon that isn't very common, anyways we are your partners that thing in your hand is called a digivice it contains information about all types of digimon and will store any other digimon friends you find on our journey with the other digidestined to defeat "the corrupted one" any questions?" Terriermon finished.

    "Uh yeah, but before he could ask them he saw a few other teens with small creatures next to them. This is so weird.
  8. [​IMG]

    A blissful silence occupied the library as usual and Annalise relaxed. She crossed one leg over the other and began tapping the toe of her left Doc Marten boot against the metal leg of the desk. It wasn't hard enough to make a disturbance, just enough to occupy her until the words started flowing. Her teacher had tasked her with writing an essay on the French Revolution over the summer, not because it was within the curriculum but for a competition. The task had seemed simple at first, all she'd need to do was find the appropriate books at the library and culminate all of the information into a fluid report: wrong. There were questions provided by a history professor who had studied the period his entire life, and even if the prize was a chance to be placed on a prestigious wait list for scholarships, it seemed impossible.
    "Here are the books you requested, Miss Tribeca," a small, plump woman wearing a hideous orange cardigan and horn-rimmed glasses appeared at the edge of Annalise's table. She carried with her a stack of four books, each one thicker than the last. "Now personally I would only focus on the top two because I believe they were in fact written by the professor who organised the competition, then again, he may be expecting hopefuls to do exactly that," the woman -named Pamela according to her name-tag- looked completely enthralled by her own thoughts before turning on her heel and leaving Annalise to ponder that daunting thought.
    "Excellent," she said, sighing as she pulled the closest book towards her and opened it. She was immediately greeted by facts and people of note that she hadn't even heard of, which was extremely frustrating for somebody who prided themselves on studying and absorbing as much information as possible. "To think, I could have been at the beach with--" Annalise stopped muttering to herself, her evident lack of friends painfully obvious.
    With another sigh, Annalise began at the top of the first page and began reading, attempting to muddle through the parts she didn't understand. "So in 1789--" as Annalise rolled her eyes, she was suddenly aware of a vibration. It wasn't coming from her own phone because-- Annalise moved the sheets of paper and hefty books in search of her phone but it had disappeared, despite placing it on the desk only moments after sitting down. Confused and slightly panicked at the disappearance, Annalise began following the vibrations: she slid her chair backwards and stood, slowly making her way to the end of the aisle and then towards the very back of the library.
    She could still hear the vibrations when she reached the Science Fiction aisle but distinctly remembered heading straight for Historical Periods. "What the hell," she whispered, looking from one shelf to the other as she continued walking. Then, as she was about to turn back and chalk the entire experience up to a lack of sleep, she saw her phone; it had somehow gotten from her desk to a shelf that was covered in a thin layer of dust. "Now how did you get here?" she wondered, grasping her phone before knocking a single book to the floor. It landed in its spine, opening to a random page: Annalise could have sworn that the letters began moving, not drastically but they certainly faltered, as though disrupted by a thin veil of something.
    Annalise crouched down and placed her hands on her knees before raising an eyebrow. Looking over her shoulder to see if anybody else had witnessed the event, she closed her eyes tightly as though willing the book to close on its own: but when it didn't she chanced pressing the tip of her index finger against the page.
    As though pushing an imaginary button, Annalise suddenly became aware of the slight shock she received and immediately fell backwards; but as she expected to hit the carpeted floor of the library, she continued past that and began to fall.
    + + +
    Annalise came to swiftly and painfully, vaguely aware of the throbbing within her head. It was bearable but uncomfortable, though Annalise's attention was soon grabbed by her surroundings. She was laying face down in the sand, awoken by the periodic waves that reached the shore. It took a few seconds for her mind to register exactly where she was but when she did, she got to her knees and looked around frantically. "A beach? A beach? Why am I on a beach?" She asked the question aloud but there didn't seem to be anybody around, anybody human at least.
    "Well hey there!" A small voice came from the creature that was laying beside Annalise, but it was muffled because it too had its face in the sand, "I thought you were going to land in the jungle, but apparently I was wrong. I found you like this, face down, and I was curious, is this how all humans sleep?" The small creature, pink and black in colour was covered in thin fur and had a long elongated tail that billowed in the breeze. It sat up and looked at Annalise, displaying wide, beautiful eyes and a small gem directly in the middle of its forehead, "It isn't as comfortable as it looked, Annalise. I suggest a change, maybe curl up into a ball?" Annalise was taken aback by how casual this creature was, as though randomly ending up on a beach was the norm around here. "Oh, how rude of me. My name is Navimon, it's nice to meet you, partner!"
    A few seconds of silence passed and Annalise could only manage to blink, her eyes as wide as Navimon's. "Where-- Who-- How?" Her lips moved slightly as she managed to say the few words but that was apparently all she could manage.
    "Don't worry, once all of you are together, everything should start making sense!"
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  9. "Hm.... Seems the DigiDestined Angemon sent for have arrived.... Look at them... They're so clueless. .. Their whole life has just flipped on its head, and it's going to get much worse....." The male voice, cool and distant, sounded from a teenager who looked incredibly bored as he watched the new arrivals on the various screens before him. "Seems the majority of them have gotten two partners. Odd for those not twin digimon, like my sister and I." A black rabbit with three metallic horns walked into the room, watching the screens with the blonde haired boy. "Speaking of which, she had vanished again.... Think she's staying out of trouble, Nathan? " The boy waved his hand dismissively, as if to say she was fine, whereas the screens showed the white rabbit with one horn attempting to play a prank on one of the new arrivals. Seeing this, the black rabbit sighed. "Of course not.... Hageshimon, what are you doing...?"

    "Say, Ketteimon. ... Whaddya say to a little fun with our new..... friends.... " The boy smirked, turning to face the rabbit. Ketteimon cringed. That look usually meant he was going to stir things up a bit. And when Nathan Chase stirs things up, it's never a good thing.... "I want you to get Hageshimon and make it back here within 15 minutes. Else you might get caught up with what I'm about to do, and we would want that, now do we?" The rabbit digimon shook his head before running off, hoping the place his sister was at was not too far. As he turned the corner to head down the hall, Ketteimon heard the sound of Nathan's D-20 being used. This made the rabbit run as fast as he could. Nate hardly ever used the D-20, but when he did, it wasn't for a good reason. He pushed past many of the Digimon within the dark castle, most of which are here because of fear of being hurt or worse if they are not following the orders of Nate and all his glory. By the time he had gotten out of the castle, he was out of breath and five minutes had passed. "HAGESHIMON!!!!!!" Ketteimon's voice was stressed and angered as it rang down the mountain side. There was no way he can get her and get back in the time frame given! From his viewpoint, he could see she was heading to the beach, probably to see if her hole trap had worked. He ran off the edge, covering his eyes as he quickly descended. Then, at the last moment, he turned his large ears to the side, luckily catching an airpocket beneath them, and though his ears are much smaller than his cousins' Terriermon and Lopmon, he was brought safely down. The stunt had saved him a few minutes, which went into getting his sister, but now he had to figure out how to climb back up just as quickly. He started to run towards the beach and barely managed to get there before the white rabbit stepped onto the sand. He grabbed her paw and started to drag her away, explaining as best as he could. "Nate.... D-20.... New Digidestined..... Not good.... 5 minutes to get back.... Blegh!" He had to stop to take a breather, else he would had passed out. They were deep into the forest now, the mountain still quite a ways away. His little breather lessened the time to get back to two minutes. "Oh man.... There's no way we can make it...." Just as the words escaped his mouth, a loud buzzing sounded overhead. "He released Snimon?!" His sister grew wide eyed before changing positions with Ketteimon, she now dragging him desperately back towards the castle.

    "Good.... They have all gone to their assigned areas... Rukamon to the beach, Snimon to the forest, Mojyamon to the Nursery, Akatorimon to the desert, and Dark Lizarmon to the cemetery.... It's proceeding brilliantly.... Let's see how the new comers like my welcome...." Though the boy laughed and grinned, he didn't feel good about this at all. He had locked those particular digimon away because he had lost control over their actions and they were too dangerous. Once they got to their assigned area, he would loose control again.

    KC was still ignoring Victorymon, when the cat like creature suddenly shut up. "KC-" The creature was cut off with the boy's loud comment of "Found it!" as he pulled out his longboard from the bushes. "KC! We have to get out of here!!" The boy looked to the white digimon before hearing the buzzing come closer. The cat like digimon pushed KC out of the way just as a deep voice shouted "Shadow Sickle!" and the trees in their area was sliced clean in half. The shockwave that followed forced KC and Victorymon to get blown away. The digimon started to circle back around, and the boy got up and started to run, the white digimon close behind. Victorymon turn as he ran, and shouted "V Beam!" sending a bright beam into Snimon, emitted from his V on his head. The beam didn't even faze Snimon, though it did slow them down.

    Rukamon spied the group of kids, all getting together, and turned around so his tail faced the group. "Bon Voyage!" He smashed his tail on the surface of the water, and a large and powerful wave was sent to the group.

    Mojyamon danced excitedly when he spied the nursery. Of course he would be careful around the eggs, but he was also going to destroy the destined within, as well. When he got to the enterance, he spied the destined immediately, a young boy, and he pulled out his Garurumon bone. "Bone Bone Boomerang!" He shouted, tossing the bone at the boy.

    Akatorimon spied the wandering Digidestined, and clucked a laugh. "You're mine now! Melting Aura!" She spat at the gound near the girl, sending shockwaves throughout the sand.

    Dark Lizarmon slithered around the various grave stones, keeping a close eye on the destined. He didn't attack immediately like the others, no he wanted to study them a bit more. Once he felt he had studied them enough, he shouted "Dread Fire," and shot a bullet of black fire at the feet of the destined, wanting to see how she would react.

    Ketteimon and Hageshimon barely made it inside the castle when all havoc broke out. They collapsed, panting heavily. Some of the other digimon, of whom they befriended, helped carry them to bed, both exhausted due to having a lack of stamina. By the time they reached the room, both were dead asleep.


    Lol pay no attention to Ketteimon's and Hageshimon's colors XD I mixed them up lol. Hageshimon is the black one and Ketteimon is the white one. Horns are right though XD
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  10. "Get down!" Biyomon shouted and threw himself at Rebecca, pushing her down to the ground. The spot where she had been standing just a second ago was engulfed in a black flame. She could feel the heat radiating from it, and it frightened her. Would it not have been for that bird, she would probably have been burnt to a crisp by now. "Wh-wha..." She tried forming words, but was too shocked. "Oh no, they've found us!" Lalamon cried out and took aim somewhere in the fog. "Nuts Bazooka!" She shouted, and fired a large seed from her mouth. A growl could be heard, and the shadowy apparition of a ghost-like dragon appeared, grabbing its' head in pain. "Quick, inside!" Biyomon pulled Rebecca up on her feet and ran with her, until they reached a large, seemingly abandoned mansion. They went inside, followed by Lalamon who tried to keep an eye out for the assaulter. Once inside, they shut the doors tight and breathed out heavily. "What was that!?" Rebecca finally managed to exclaim. "That was the Dread Fire of Dark Lizarmon, an evil digimon under the control of... Him..." Biyomon replied. "Evil digimon? And who's this 'him'? If he's controlling that thing outside, why'd he make it try to... To kill me!?" Lalamon flew upp and nuzzled Rebecca's face. "Because, Becky, you're one of the digidestined!" "Digidestined? What does that mean?..." Biyomon pulled Lalamon away from Becky's face. "You're getting ahead of yourself, Lalamon. It means, Becky, that you're one of the chosen ones with the power to overthrow 'his' reign, and end the era of darkness spreading across the digital world." Rebecca took some time to think, weighing Biyomon's words in her mind. "Assuming you're telling the truth, does that mean I'm not the only one? You said I'm one of the digidestined, which should mean there are more, right? Then... Where's everyone else." "You're entirely correct, Becky." Lalamon took over the explaining, having calmed down a bit. "But transferring everyone into the digital world wasn't easy, so we couldn't make sure you all ended up in the same spot. Which is why you're sort of scattered around right now." Becky wanted to ask more, but there was suddenly a loud banging on the door. "Open up, little child, I know you're in theeere..." "Oh no, he's here! Quick, we must find someplace to hide!" The group ran deeper into the mansion, through corridors and up stairs, until they found a balcony and went outside. They hid outside view from the inside, hearts pounding. "Ooooh, what to do, what to do..." Lalamon anxiously repeated under her breath. "We can't let him get Becky, we just can't!...""Shh, Lalamon, you're giving us away! We need to escape somehow... Perhaps if we could make it down, we'd be able to run into the forest and hide there?" Looking down, it was far to the ground, so there was no way Rebecca, who couldn't fly unlike the two digimon would make it down there safely. Meanwhile, they could hear Dark Lizarmon's heavy steps inside. He was getting closer...
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  11. Xavier, Terriermon and Lopmon looked at Rukomon. "What is that" Xavier said gasping. "R-Rukomon" the twins said in unison as Rukomon caused the tsunami. "Run!" The twins said in unison grabbing Xavier's heads with their ears. The trio tried to out run it as they saw other groups of teens and digimon one of them had a surfboard. What?! Why do they get a surfboard that is so not fair, idiots why don't I get one ? Xavier thought bitterly as he ran with his two partners. As they started getting closer to the forest the tsunami hit them sweeping them along with it. Terriermon and Lopmon grabbed ahold of Xavier and started swimming upwards with their ears, it worked pretty well and they soon broke the surface just as Rukomon used dolphin splash the three of them were sent flying into the air. "Ahhhhhhhh" the trio shouted as they flew through the air. The twins looked at eachother we have to save Xavier Terriermon said to his sister using their telepathic link. How? Lopmon replied. We'll have to have Xavier grab us and we'll have to work together to glide down to a safe place. Terriermon told his younger sister. We've never glided with something between us before! Lopmon sera he'd telepathically. One Xavier is someone not something sister dear and two we don't have a choice. Terriermon finished yelling to Xavier "grab out feet". "Why?" Xavier yelled back as they flew through the air about to start making their decent back to the ground. "Just do it!" Lopmon ordered and Xavier did as he was told and the twins used their ears to glide the trio to safety. "Look!" Xavier screamed in the distance there was a huge digimon attacking a small village. "Oh no the digieggs!" Terriermon yelled "We have to save them from Mojyamon!" The twins shifted their ears so the trio headed toward the nursery. Don't the digieggs have digimoms or something, we shouldn't be heading toward another giant digimon.....the place is so weird.... Xavier thought as they got closer and eventually landed.
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  12. Being one of the last ones out of school, Luci hummed to herself as she packs up to head home from her volleyball meeting. Passing by the tennis courts on the way home, the purple haired girl smilied happily for no reason in particular, she loved walking home this way. She gets to see all of the sports being played. *rings* *rings* Luci feels her phone vibrating in her pocket. "I wonder who is calling me at this hour?" Luci wonders out loud and looks at her phone. A strange symbol appears as she answers it. "Hello, who am I speaking to?"

    "....uci...please...dig....world, help." An unrecognizable voice spoke at the other end, Luci's eyes went wide as she tried to comprehend the broken sentence. "Help? Who needs my-" She couldn't complete her sentence as she was sucked into a portal through her phone. Rubbing her head as she glanced around her, Luci noticed she wasn't at home. Where was she? "Where am I? This isn't my neighborhood." A tiny little baby monster bounced towards her. "Excuse me! You came to help, didn't you?" Luci looked at it and reached her hand towards it. "I did but I could've sworn..." She looked at the red-eared monster and back at her hand holding her phone...or what was her phone. Now it had completely changed shape and looked slightly different.

    "What's going on? Is this some kind of joke?"Luci asked, her eyes held a look of concern. The cream colored monster replied saying, "No, you said you would help the digital world. I'm your digimon, Pitamon!" The baby digimon spoke happily, bouncing up and down. "I'm your friend and I will help you!" Luci glanced at Pitamon bouncing up and down as she thought about her answer. "All right. I will help you too, Pitamon," Luci said with a smile which turned to horror as she yelped, "right after you tell me what that thing is!" She pointed to the ground where she saw something flying through the air. She grabbed Pitamon and ran for cover as she figured out her plan to counter attack.
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  13. (Sorry if this is short. It's 2am and I wanted to get this done with)

    Lian had to cut the meeting short as soon as he looked up a huge wave was headed towards them. "And what is that?!" he said to the two Digimon in his arm and around his neck. "That's Rukamon! A Champion level digimon his dolphin kick will leave you in a tizzy." Salamon said and looked to the other digidestined. Kudamon spoke before the puppy digimon though. "Everyone should run, we aren't strong enough to fight him with out digivolving!" he said in his normal serious tone. Lian blinked "Digi...volving? Okay this is too weird can I go home now?" he asked and sighed running for cover.
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  14. Penny was interrupted in her sobbing by a sudden shaking of the ground that made her fall over and roll all the way down the dune. The two partner digimon were mortified when they realized that Akatorimon was launching an attack on their digidestined. "You rascal, how dare you come after our master!?" Shouted Flybeemon and flew towards the villainous digimon, while Candmon leaped after Penny. "M'lady, it is not safe here. Come quickly, you must hide." Penny was shaking in fright, and listened to the bizarre candlestick. She realized the situation was very serious, and that she had to get away. The two hid behind one of the large gears, and from it Penny peeked out to see what was going on between the bug and the fat bird. Yelling "Poison Stinger!", Flybeemon rammed its' stinger into Akatorimons' side, who shrieked in pain from the induced venom. "You little critter! Don't get in my way! Akatori Kick!" Akatorimon kicked Flybeemon with the full force of her muscular leg, and sent the poor rookie digimon crashing into the sand. Penny was shocked and wanted to scream, but Candmon stopped her. "Why... Why is it doing that? Why is it hurting him?.." She said with a shaking voice. Candmon looked her straight in the eyes with a calm but very serious expression. "Because, m'lady, it's after you" She was very confused. All this was new to her, and it didn't make any sense. The logical, analytical brain of hers was in an outrage. "But, why would it be after me? And, if it's after me, then why is he trying to fight it?" Candmon didn't break eye-contact with her, which was strangely soothing, and continued. "Because, m'lady, it is our duty to protect you. You have a very important duty here, and we cannot under any circumstances let you fall into enemy hands." Meanwhile, Flybeemon forced itself up, and once again went after the Akatorimon that had picked up its' search for Penny. "Lightning Sting!" A bolt of electricity was sent from Flybeemon's stinger, but Akatorimon was too quick to react. She turned around and flapped her wings, dissipating the bolt. "I've had enough of your nuisance. Chicken-Red Eyes!" She shot two red beams from her eyes at Flybeemon, who was petrified and turned into stone. Penny watched, shocked by the great different in power between the two fighting digimon, and how the relentless Flybeemon had been turned into stone so easily. Candmon spoke to her, now in an even more serious tone than before. "It is of utmost importance that you stay here, and whatever you do, don't move. You must not be found, no matter what." "But, but..." She tried to argue, but no words excaped her mouth. Candmon leaped away, ready to brave the great threat. "Bonfire!" It spat a small flame at Akatorimon, who was still chuckling over the puny attempts of Flybeemon. However, Candmons' attack barely ruffled her feathers. "Oh, another little wriggler, have we?" She said as she turned around. "Do you really think you'd be able to even faze me with such a weak fire? Oh, no, no, I'll show you how it's really done. Melting Aura!" The flame she spat at Candmon was so hot it made the ground quiver. "Karma Flamer!" Candmon shouted in response, shrouding itself in a fire that absorbed most of Akatorimon's powerful attack, and he endured the rest that seeped through the veil. Akatorimon was angered, and used Akatori Kick several times on poor Candmon, dribbling him between her feet. All while Penny watched in tears, wanting to help those risking their lives for her, but being unable to because of her own weakness.
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  15. Annalise and Navimon had begun walking along the beach, deciding to search the outer edges of the island first before moving inward. So far they hadn’t had any luck, but the distant sounds of yelling and the vibrating of the ground indicated that, that was about to change.

    “What do you think that is?” Annalise asked the small creature that curiously gazed off into the distance. She was verging on adorable but Annalise saw something else, a power within Navimon that seemed to thrive the more time they spent together. Evidently the creature was beginning to rub off on her human partner because Annalise had calmed down considerably.

    “I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s good,” Navimon looked at Annalise and smiled, the sunlight reflecting off the small gem in the centre of her forehead. “We should check it out!” Then with that, Navimon was off and Annalise was left watching the small footprints left by the digital monster in the luscious sand.

    “Hey! Wait for me,” Annalise called, sighing irritably as her boots sunk deeper with every step she took, “You know, some warning would have been nice since Doc Marten’s aren’t exactly beach attire!” She yelled, growing irritated at the increasing distance between herself and her apparent partner.

    “Navimon, wait!” Annalise shook her head as she gave up, the small creature was definitely not within earshot anymore, and as the small dot that Navimon had become rounded a corner obstructed by a boulder, Annalise sat down. There was no point chasing after Navimon now, she was evidently very fast and definitely far too curious for her own good.
    Annalise brought her knees to her chest as she dusted the sand off of her boots before stretching out her legs. Either way, wherever she was, she was on a beach and there was no point attempting to control things that simply couldn’t be changed. So deciding to embrace her situation, Annalise untied the laces of her boots, chucked them to one side and laid back. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to become lost in the suns rays, sighing appreciatively as the exposed parts of her skin became comfortably warm.

    “Annalise!” Her name was being called from the distance but not loud enough to propel the young girl from her daydream. She was currently imagining all of the possibilities that the island held and since Navimon had mentioned that there might be other people here, she was ecstatic at possibly making some friends. “Annalise, get up, we’ve got to go! Rukamon is here!” Navimon was getting closer now, but the girl had yet to open her eyes.

    “Navimon, stop being so loud. Why can’t we just enjoy the beach for a little while, we’re obviously here for a—” Before Annalise could finish speaking, she was drowned in a harsh amount of water. It came too quickly and roughly to be rain and Navimon certainly didn’t have the means to carry that much water from the sea, but as Annalise opened her eyes with a shriek, she immediately wished she hadn’t.

    “Dolphin Kick!” Out in the distance, close enough to see clearly, was a shark. Or rather a dolphin, with a considerable amount of scars and of course, to Annalise’s expectations, it could talk. As the dolphin finished shouting its command, it launched itself into the air and Annalise watched in a daze. It was somehow using its tail to kick gushes of water towards the shore, like individual strikes of a sword that collided with palm trees and tore up sand.

    “Annalise!” Navimon shouted, immediately launching itself into the air to take the brunt of one of Rukamon’s attacks. The water attack hit Navimon in her entirety and she was forced backwards into Annalise’s chest. Both of them fell backwards and landed uncomfortably where the sand met the grass of the jungle. It took a few moments for Annalise to recover but Navimon seemed to be down for the count; whatever monster was swimming in the ocean seemed to be considerably stronger than Navimon.

    Annalise groaned as she managed to sit up, concerned at Navimon’s lack of movement. The small creature was in her lap, fur drenched and tail lifeless. The vibrant colour of her gem had faded and was barely visible, evidently a sign of Navimon’s depleted energy levels.

    “Navimon—we’ve got to—” Failing to coax Navimon awake, Annalise was suddenly aware of Rukamon’s movements. It was swimming rapidly in circles, undoubtedly getting ready to fire off another attack. “I’ll just have to carry you,” Annalise said breathlessly, wincing as she straightened her back and cradled Navimon. “If he’s using water to attack us, I doubt he’s able to come on land and by the looks of it—” Annalise had effortlessly slid into analyse mode and was looking from the destroyed palm trees to Rukamon. “His attacks only reach the jungle’s edge. We’ve got to head into the jungle!” Annalise bent down to grab her boots with her free hand and made sure Navimon was safely tucked under the other. “Time to go,” she said as she hastily turned and allowed the palm trees and bushes to consume her.

    + + +
    Sweat was covering every inch of Annalise’s body as she dodged and avoided low hanging branches and prickly bushes. It was very humid within the jungle and far less comfortable than the expanse of beach she’d begun to grow accustomed to. Navimon had woken up a few minutes ago and was starting to return to her usual happy, curious self. Annalise had explained why they were now running through the jungle and Navimon had commended her for being smart.
    “Rukamon may not be able to get to us now but we have to be careful, there are other Digimon within the jungle that might want to chop us up for dinner. Trust me, you’re lucky that the Kuwagamon haven’t been seen around these parts for several years.” Navimon seemed genuinely concerned for the well being of her human partner and as Annalise looked down at the small creature in her arms, she smiled.

    “So tell me, where exactly are we Navimon? Clearly we aren’t on Earth, because I think scientists or explorers would have found this place long ago.” Annalise ducked as she passed a willow tree directly next to a palm tree and rolled her eyes at the inconsistency of the foliage.

    “You’re right, this is my world, the Digital World. It’s inhabited by Digital Monsters, or Digimon for short. That’s what I am, a Digimon and you, Annalise are one of the DigiDestined. I don’t know how many DigiDestined were called to the Digital World but I think there are nine of you. I saw another human on the beach; a Kudamon and a Salamon accompanied him. That Salamon, she’s a fierce and loyal Digimon.” Annalise attempted to follow Navimon’s explanation as she continued through the jungle, her chest convulsing as she realised just how out of breath she was.

    “So, there’s other humans here? Let’s hope they didn’t meet Rukamon too.” Annalise slowed her sprinting to a jog until finally she stopped. “I think we should be safe, at least for a little while.” She pressed her back against the bark of a tree and allowed her body to slide downwards until she was in a sitting position. “So why are we—the DigiDestined, here? I mean, you’re far too welcoming to be a kidnapper but I doubt you just wanted some humans to play with either.”

    Navimon jumped out of Annalise’s arms and settled onto the grass beside her. Her gem was now glowing as it had when Annalise had first awoken. “There was a tenth human, somebody who arrived before all of you did. He was nice at first, he even made me laugh, but something happened to him. He’s not very nice, and he’s even taken up residency where other Digimon work for him. It’s most likely that human that sent Rukamon after you and I have no doubts that there are other Champion level Digimon after your friends. You and the others were called here to stop him and to save us.”
    “Friends?” Annalise was indirectly offended by the word. Friends were one thing that she certainly didn’t have and the thought that the other people who arrived here might know each other already only made her nervous. “I won’t know any of the other DigiDestined.” Eager to change the subject, Annalise sighed. “So, you said Rukamon is a Champion level Digimon? What does that make you?”

    Navimon smiled brightly, clearly elated that her human partner was taking a keen interest in her. “I am a Rookie Digimon. I was born as a Fresh Digimon, and then I Digivolved into my In-Training stage and once you arrived, I found you on the beach and was able to Digivolve into what I am now, Navimon!”

    “Digivolve? What’s that? Like a qualification? Is there studying here too?” Annalise was immediately reminded of the report she’d left behind in the library. “Oh no, the French Revolution!” Annalise smacked a hand against her forehead, “Now there’s no way I’m going to get home and finish it, I’d imagined you don’t have airports here, right? And airports require money, which I have none of.” Annalise groaned, slumping back against the tree, vaguely aware of Navimon’s blank look. “Sorry, I’m known to talk to myself sometimes, I’m not insane, I swear.”

    “Just lonely?” Annalise was in the process of pressing her head against her knees but stopped as Navimon spoke. “Sorry, but you shouldn’t worry, you have me now!” Navimon smiled brightly again and nuzzled her furry face against Annalise’s arms. “And we’re partners until the very end!”

    Annalise looked at the small creature gratefully. “Until the very end.” She reiterated kindly. “So, Digivolving? How do you do that?” Annalise watched as Navimon stood and took position in front of her.
    “Well Digimon can Digivolve when they have enough energy and the partnership of a human. It’s also called Digivolution. Some wild Digimon can Digivolve on their own, either by instilling fear into others and dominating certain areas, which is how evil Digimon come to be. Then there are others that achieve it naturally, such as Rukamon and me when I went from In-Training to Rookie!” Navimon twirls with her short arms in the air. “But with your help, I’m going to be able to get bigger and stronger.” Navimon jumps into Annalise’s arms and they both giggle.

    “Very well, I guess we’ll just have to figure out how this Digivolution works so that we can head back to the beach and stop Rukamon. But I guess we should try and find the other DigiDestined first, right?”

    “Right!” Navimon replied, jumping out of Annalise’s arms once again and looking in each direction. “Why don’t you choose the way, partner?”
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  16. A little while had passed, most of which Tamari had spent eyes shut and still laying in the sand, nursing a headache while Betamon and Mikemon tried their best easing the poor child into this new and confusing world. They had already covered the very basics, even managing to tell Tamari of the other digidestined, and that their next assignment would be to look for them, when they heard the first crash.
    Tamari's reaction was a panicked scream, and immediately she was on her feet, looking frantically in the direction of the unnatural noises. Her breathless questions were drowned out by the various shouts of her digimon, both of them identifying the source of the noise as "Rukamon!!!"
    It was so far away, but still, the damage it was doing shook Tamari quite a bit. As silly and childish as the digimon and their explanations had been, this new world had so much potential to be truly terrifying and incredibly destructive.

    "We need to go," She choked out while looking on, determined despite the shudders of fear that rippled her body as she watched the far-off fight. It must've been another digidestined it was trying to hurt. Hurt badly. Maybe even destroy. Tamari squeezed her eyes shut again. God, she wanted so badly to be back home. "We have to go, NOW!" She said louder now, and the two bickering digimon finally heard her, turning back to her with question in their faces. "Y-you mean you don't want us to go over there and help?" Betamon was the first to ask. "If we all chip in, I'm sure we'll win against that stupid old rukamon! We're the digidestined!" Mikemon chided in, "And we've got You now!" but Tamari would have none of it. Her life was more dear to her, and she couldn't even imagine these two small creatures going up against the monstrosity that was causing all those gigantic waves. They were like toddlers. So, like she had often done when dealing with stubborn toddlers, she simply grabbed the two of them, Mikemon by the paw and grabbing Betamon up in her arms, she started dragging them and pulling back to safety. To the jungle.

    The two digimon protested and even tried to wriggle out of her grip, but Tamari was determined to not let them go, no matter what. They eventually calmed down and she could even let Betamon down to walk on his own. Mikemon seemed annoyed, but soon found a new purpose in slashing and clearing a path for the three of them, deeper into the jungle. "The least we can do is find the other digi-destined, you know," she added after a while of going in complete silence, pouting and not even looking back to glance at Tamari.
    "That's a great idea, Mikemon!" Betamon added in a giddy manner, always feeling the need to somehow contribute to the conversation.
    "Yeah, that sounds...like a good idea," Tamari replied after a long pause, gathering the sentence in her mind and making sure to pronounce all the words right. She was still very scared and felt so alone in here. Her digimon partners were so strange, and honestly even intimidated her a little. Seeing another human face sounded pretty good right about now. She just wanted to understand what was going on.

    "So, where are we going now?" Tamari asked, noticing Mikemon make a sharp turn to the right.
    " Towards the others, of course! They have to have run into the jungle too! I think I can smell them!"
    " A-and if we don't find them, that's ok too! We're heading towards the primary village! We're bound to meet some of them there!" Betamon reassured his partner, who still didn't look all that confident or happy about this whole situation.
    "Shh!"Mikemon cut them off, halting the small procession. "I think I can hear somebody..."
    "He-hey!Maybe its the other digidestined we saw on the beach,huh Tamari?" Betamon whispered, playfully nugging his partners leg as if elbowing it. She really hoped Betamon was right. She couldn't see a thing through all the flora...
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  17. As Chester was having a walk, looking at all the digieggs in their bright, cheerful colours and patterns, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. He looked up at the sky, seeing a strange object fly through the air. "Say, Lucemon, Coronamon... Is that an everyday occurrence here?" The two digimon also turned their eyes to the sky, tilting their heads in confusion. "No, I wouldn't exactly call it common..." Said Lucemon. "I've never seen such a thing before." Said Coronamon. The object grew larger, or well, it appeared to be growing larger, when it was in fact just approaching the three at a very high pace, and now three distinct figures could be seen. Two of them vaguely resembled rabbits, while the third...

    "A human! That's another human, isn't it!?" Yes, it was perfectly clear now that a human and presumably two digimon were on a crash course straight for Primary Village. "It must be another one of the DigiDestined!" Coronamon exclaimed happily. "DigiDestined?" Chester was confused over all these new terms, all containing the word "Digi" for some reason. "Yes, that means he's just like you, Chester. It means he's been called to the Digital World in order to save it from darkness." Lucemon filled in. Chester slowly nodded. "Save it from darkness, huh? Well, sounds sweet to me!"

    They were interrupted in their gazing by a sudden whooshing sound approaching them rapidly from behind. Luckily, all of their reflexes were working properly and they somehow managed to throw themselves to the ground before getting hit by a strange object which flew just above their heads. "Are you guys all right? What even was that!?" Chester looked up, trying to figure out what was happening. "Idiot, get down!" Lucemon quickly pulled his head back down, as the same object flew over them once more. "That's Mojyamon's Bone Bone Boomerang! If you're not careful, it'll smack you hard twice before you even know what hit you!" They quickly made an escape and his behind one of the bouncy lumps scattered around.

    "Oooh DiiigiDeeestined..." Mojyamon's burly voice could be heard resounding through Primary Village. "If you don't come out, I'll smash these precious DigiEggs one by one until you show yourself! And you wouldn't wanna put these cutesy-wutesy little things in danger, now, would you?" Chester could see Mojyamon holding one of the DigiEggs dangerously high above ground, with a wicked grin on his face. "We have to go! We have to stop him!" He tried to rush over, but was pulled back by Coronamon and Lucemon. "No, you can't! He's too strong!" "But, the DigiEggs... We can't just stand back and let him smash them!" "Calm down, we don't know if his threats are serious or not. Besides, there's nothing we can do to even scratch him. He's a Champion level Digimon, we're just Rookie's." Chester looked disappointedly at his two partners, anxious to jump into action. "How can you just say that? Don't you have any self belief? We just, we just have to stop him, no matter what." Lucemon sighed. "It's not that we don't want to, but I keep telling you, we're not strong enough. With the help of them, perhaps..." He looked at the other group approaching Primary Village. "But definitely if we were able to Digivolve." Chester looked at him, exited that there was a way for them to stop Mojyamon. "Digivolve, eh? Well, why don't you Digivolve, then?" "Because..." Coronamon looked into Chester's eyes. "We need your help for that."
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  18. KC didn't ask any questions, making Victorymon wonder what was on his mind. They ran through the foliage, both heavy panting. Snimon was close on their tails and it seemed they couldn't escape. "V..... V Beam!" Once more the yellow V - shaped beam shot from the V on Victorymon's head, but this time it was too weak to slow Snimon down. KC saw his partner start to slow down, his energy almost completely depleted. He turned on his heel and pulled the white cat - Dino digimon onto his shoulders. "Can't have you falling behind...." Victorymon was surprised to see him barely worn out and wondered if it was something to do with that board under his arm. Snimon attacked once more, but KC didn't even flinch. He was already running the other way again. He heard some bushes rustle and some voices to his left. He headed for it, hoping it was an ally. He found this girl with another cat like creature and some strange lizard. "Come on!" He grabbed Tamati's wrist, pulling her away, just as Snimon attacked once more. He didn't give time for the girl to react as he zigzagged through the trees and over various obstacles. Eventually, the buzzing died down, they having lost Snimon temporarily. He released her and doubled over, panting heavily, when he heard more voices. It was just his luck, it sounded like another girl. He walked over to the direction it came from, leaning against the tree as a digimon told the girl he had heard to lead the way. "Well, you don't want to go back that way. Giant bugs are looking to kill ya. Come on over here, we got another person over here. Gotta stick together in this place, I assume." He took no notice of Annalise's reaction, walking back over to Tamari.
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  19. As the trio landed on the ground they saw Mojyamon threatening to break the digieggs. "We have to save them!" Xavier called to his partners. Lopmon and Terriermon were already on their way. "Bunny blast!" Terriermon screamed as he got close to Mojyamon, "blazing ice" Lopmon called next to him. As the attacks hit him Mojyamon creamed and threw the digiegg into the air. "Oh no!" Xavier said as it peaked in the air and started to race toward the ground. Xavier took off despite his exhaustion from being caught I. The tsunami and the dolphin kick he felt a burst of energy as he surged forward grabbing the digiegg. "Hey give that back" Mojyamon called to the boy. "Not on your life" Xavier said turning the other way and running. "Bunny blast! Blazing ice!" The twin digimon called in unison hitting the larger digimon drawing his attention away from their partner. As he ran Xavier picked up a few more digieggs trying to get them out of harm's way among the original egg was a pink, a yellow and a green one. Turning around he saw his partners fighting Mojyamon. I need to help them somehow, but how can I help?
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  20. "Nagano.... Nagano!!!" a scream came from Keisukei's right ear, "urgh... wha... oh Mrs. Janitor sorry but what time is it?" Keisukei looked at the clock and it stated 6.00 P.M. , "Okay, I'm going to head home!! dang there will be an oni waiting at front door right now!" Keisukei ran towards the entrance but he looked back at the corridor and found out that there's a light coming from the computer room, "ara...? the whole school light has been shut down but.. why?" Keisukei slowly walked towards the computer room and saw a light coming from a computer. Without any suspicion he came and looked at the screen, it's a picture of moving matrix like a unknown language encrypted in it, suddenly a mass of earthquake began to tremble the building. "What the...?!!" Keisukei hide under the table as the computer began to shine brighter and sucked him in along.

    As he lose his conscious he sense a hot sensation pilling through his body, slowly he open his eye, "wha... a beach?" suddenly a blue creature half of his size hit him," Hei! you're late!" Keisukei get agitate and hit him back, "what are you talking about and what are you!" The blue creature smile and laughed, "my name is Veexmon and I'm you master!" Keisukei realized that he hold a weird phone and accidentally pushed a button which allow him to keep the blue monster into the phone. "Yeah right you're my master, look who got you now!" with a loud laugh he walked toward the forest. After awhile Keisukei let him out, "okay now let's negotiate here, tell what happen and I'll keep you save" The blue creature start to smile, "okay my name is Veexmon and starting now I'm your digimon partner." Digimon?
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