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  1. Digimon, Digital Monsters, Digimon are the champions!

    Digimon, a franchise that took the world by storm. The show inspired games and merchandise, and there are few children who don't know the name Digimon.

    Four years have passed since the start of this phenomenon, and its popularity has only grown. But little do people know, that Digimon are all too real.

    In the past month, there have been reports of strange creatures prowling the streets at night. Reports of property damage with no conclusive evidence as to what made it. Adults claim it's animals, but children...children know better. It's monsters, and a select few individuals will have the privilege of calling one of those monsters...partner.

    Digimon Tamers (open)

    Clicking character names leads to their respective character sheets. Clicking pictures leads to the direct link to said picture (for your guys' use in the IC should you desire to use them)

    Yoko Izawa

    Satomi Kurosaki

    Lady Bernkastel

    Haruka Takegawa

    Merry Berry

    Megumi Kawamori

    Adore Delano

    Tsuda Ootori

    Incubus Prince

    Haruko "Ruko" Nakazuki

    Princess of the Teacup

    Etsuko Nishimura

    Liam van Alkema
    Kazuki Kichida

    Prodigious! It's time to begin our Digimon adventure! A few things to keep in mind before we start.
    -Of course follow all rules that Iwaku itself wants you to uphold.

    -No OOC comments in the IC please.

    -No one-liners please (nothing against them, I just don't like them in my rps) and only post once a day at most, because I can only post once a day at most. No need to post every day, but try to post at least once a week.

    -If you take too long to post without informing me beforehand, I will label you inactive. Come back and I will mark you active again. However three strikes and you're out.

    -Feel free to talk about anything and everything in the OOC, but please color anything rp related in yellow so people know what they need to read (and I will do the same). (if yellow is a hard color to read, please let me know and I'll change it to something else)​

    Everyone should already have the character sheet, but I'll repost it anyway just to make sure.
    Character Sheet (open)


    Name: (first and last, Japanese unless "foreign")

    Age: (Can range from 10-18, everyone should still be in school *note that there are only 3 years of high school instead of 4 in Japan)

    Gender: (self-explanatory)

    Appearance: (Pictures and/or words, however Height, Eye color, and HaircolorMUST be in words)

    Personality: (This one is important. The more you can share about your character, the better!)

    History: (Doesn't have to be too in-depth, but the more the better)

    Likes/Dislikes: (can be as short or extensive as you'd like)

    Fear/Paranoia: (Everyone has something, whether it's physical or mental)


    Digimon Partner and Its Digivolutions: (must have from Rookie onward, but feel free to add the Baby and In-Training too)

    Natural State: (declare which Digivolution your partner is naturally in outside of battle. It can either be the In-Training or Rookie Rank. In-Training Digimon will automatically Digivolve to Rookie as soon as they enter battle with a Stray Digimon)

    Digimon Gender: (I know, Digimon technically don't have genders, but this will determine what pronoun we use to address your partner because most Digimon do have masculine or feminine voices. Digimon's gender doesn't have to be the same as your human's gender)

    Digimon's Personality: (yes, Digimon have their own personalities. Usually Digimon have at least one trait that compliments their human partners)

    Digivice Color: (try to have different colors, or at the very least different shades)
    This is what they look like, along with the card used to digivolve your partner.
    (this is actually a picture of my digivice and card...that I just took today...yes I still have it...don't judge me)

    Eyewear: (when a stray Digimon appears, a fog surrounds the area. Everyone will need some kind of eye protection to get through the fog into the clearing in the middle. The show used sunglasses and goggles)

    *How you met your Digimon: (this is optional and will help me decide whether everyone will get their Digimon in the same way or if we have different ways.)

    I want to give you guys as much freedom in battles as I can, but I do have three rules.
    Battle Rules (open)

    1) Please don't be that guy who always makes the finishing blow. Give others a chance to shine too!

    2) To begin with, no one can digivolve passed Rookie rank. When your "episode" comes, I will bestow upon your character the Matrix Digivolution card that will allow your Digimon to get to Champion. Once you've reached Champion, you can always Digivolve to Champion after that. There will be a similar event to reach Ultimate and Mega. I may also ask people to hold off Digivolving during a battle to spice things up! (depending on the situation, there may be dark digivolutions, it's possible that your Digimon may not be able to Digivolve at all for some reason, and other possible surprises!)

    *Note: If you'd like to discuss how you want your "episode" to go, please feel free to PM me! I'd be happy to push the rp in a direction that could make your episode fit with your character! (I may also split the party or double up "episodes" since we do have a larger cast than I was expecting)​

    3) I am going to allow everyone to Digi-Modify (when your character uses a card from the card game to boost your Digimon's abilities or give them another Digimon's attack). However! To make it easier for me, I'm only going to allow -> these cards <- Also, you can only use 1 card once per battle (excluding the Matrix Digivolution card that you always must use to Digivolve your Digimon). After you use a card, you cannot use it ever again. (so people can't do something like spam Hyper Wing to get wings for every battle) You guys can choose to never use the cards either, I just wanted to give you guys the option to help spice up battles.

    IC-wise, the rp will begin on a Saturday night (during the school year) and everyone will receive the same text message. (I'm taking a page from Season 4) Either later on that night or the following day on Sunday, you can meet your Digi-partner. That Sunday night...the first battle will begin! (for those who may not have an idea on how they want to meet their partner, shoot me a pm and I can help brainstorm)

    Lastly, because we have a total of 9 players (including myself I think...for some reason I can't seem to count today) I was thinking of splitting the group into three. However, I want your guys' opinions! From my experience, splitting the group comes with as many problems as having a large group does. Which would you guys prefer? These are the three options:

    1) Keep everyone together and fight together.

    2) Everyone meets up but every night there are three stray Digimon so the party splits (from there, we can either have the same groups all the time or we can mix and match for each battle)

    3) The three groups won't know about each other, and it won't be until later that they realize there are other Digimon Tamers.​

    I was thinking the second option, but I want to hear the opinions of the players.
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  2. Yoko Izawa (open)


    Name: Yoko Izawa

    Age: 16 (Second year in high school)

    Gender: Female

    Yoko stands at 5'0" (~152 cm) with dark blue eyes and light brown hair. She doesn't care much for her appearance, so her hair is lazily pulled into a low ponytail. She has a very petite frame with a near non-existent chest. About the only time she isn't wearing her black-framed glasses is during P.E., which is when she wears her prescription goggles.

    Yoko is a bit of an oxymoron at times. She adores planning and organizing events, yet dislikes the interaction that occurs during those events. She is headstrong and borderline bossy when she takes control of a situation, yet falls away to a meek girl once her job is done. She dislikes being alone and tends to surround herself with people. However, she prefers to sit and listen to a group rather than intermingle, so it is common to see her quietly spacing out when hanging with friends. She will quickly join a conversation, however, if she believes her organizing expertise can come in handy.

    She is a very open person, and it is easy to read her thoughts and feelings. However, she makes sure to keep her tongue in check, even when she's fuming. Yoko is polite, and she will always use 'please' and 'thank you' if the situation calls for it. She has a bit of a competitive nature, and will do her best in every situation, no matter how bad she is at an activity. One of her downfalls lies in her bad habit of judging people by their cover. If a person looks mean, Yoko will usually avoid said person if she can. She also tends to misread people's words and is quick to assume someone is rude if they don't phrase their words properly. Lastly, though she was raised to be polite, Yoko has a very hard time apologizing after fights, regardless of whether it was her fault or not.

    Yoko grew up an only child. Her father is an engineer for a big company and makes enough money that Yoko's mother could be a housewife. Living a better life than most, Yoko's parents could afford to spoil her a bit, and it was rare for Yoko not to get a game she desired. School-wise, Yoko's grades were above average, though certainly not the best. She found herself bouncing between groups of friends, not really sticking too closely to any one person or group. Four years ago, a show called Digimon became popular, and Yoko begged her parents to buy merchandise relating to it. She has two Digimon games and the starter deck for the card game, though she hasn't been able to work up the courage to ask people to play with her. Yoko dreams about having a Digimon of her own, but knows that it's just a child's fantasy.

    Organization = Yoko loves organization, whether it's organizing an event or categorizing things. This leads into her liking to clean too, but not as much as she likes to systematize people, places, and things.

    Games = Yoko enjoys most kinds of games, though the less the game has in terms of physical interaction the better. She especially enjoys card games and video games.

    Animals = Specifically animals with fur and feathers. However, no matter how much she tries, animals don't seem to care about her and will usually ignore her. (she's at least happy that they don't hate her)

    Singing = Yoko loves to sing and will jump at the chance to karaoke with friends. Also, no matter how great or terrible a person sounds, she enjoys listening to others put themselves out there and sing too.​

    Chess = One of the very few games that Yoko doesn't like, she can't stand chess. Though good at organizing, she is horrible at strategizing. She's best at making split second decisions, not planning out moves in advance.

    Small-talk = Yoko has a hard time talking nonchalantly with others. If it doesn't involve an event she's organizing, she doesn't know what to talk about. However if people ask her questions, she can answer them. Just expect her not to ask anything in return.

    Insubordination = Yoko hates people who disobey adults and authority figures without a good reason. Growing up in a household where politeness and respect were two of the most important virtues, Yoko rarely befriends the rebellious type.

    Wastefulness = Yoko hates being wasteful, mainly with food, water, and money. With the exception of games, karaoke, and the occasional stuffed animal/figurine, Yoko tries to only buy practical things that she knows she'll eat/use.​

    Fear/Paranoia: Unsurprisingly, Yoko is afraid of bugs, minus butterflies and dragonflies. She also has a fear of drowning or being set on fire. Finally, she is constantly paranoid of getting/being sick.


    Digimon Partner and his/her route:
    Baby -> Dodomon
    In-Training -> Dorimon
    Rookie -> Dorumon
    Champion -> Dorugamon
    Ultimate -> DoruGreymon
    Mega -> Dorugoramon

    Natural State: In-Training -> Dorimon

    Digimon Gender: Male

    Digimon's Personality: Dorimon is loud and proud, as well as confident. He pushes Yoko to interact with others, to the point of literally pushing her into conversations. He acts tough in front of others, and tries to take the leader role with the other Digimon. However, just because he tries to be the leader doesn't actually make him so. Despite his aggressive nature, Dorimon cares for his friends and will do his best to support them. Dorimon secretly loves being doted on, but only when it's just him and Yoko.

    Digivice Color: Medium Yellow

    Prescription goggles (when not wearing them on her face, they hang around her neck)

    *How you met your Digimon: TBD
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  3. A: This post also acts as a placeholder for my profile.
    B: The icon reminds me of Vert, so it's cool. No need to find another.
    C: I also like option 2.


    Name: Satomi Kurosaki

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Satomi stands at 5'7", has long blonde hair (that's often tied back into a ponytail), and soft brown eyes. She often wears a loose-fitting sweatshirt over a plain white t-shirt and a pleated beige skirt, with sneakers for shoes.

    Personality: Satomi is very down to earth, which sets her at odds with her more flighty partner Terriermon. She doesn't really talk a lot, but she does like to crack jokes from time to time. She's notoriously gullible, although she'd never admit it. To this day, she still thinks monsters take up residence in her closet during the night (Terriermon having appeared there to begin with doesn't help much, either) and she always checks it before going to bed. Her gullibility being taken advantage of has led Satomi to develop something resembling a short temper. She'll never actually hit somebody, but her anger-fueled lectures are just as notorious as her gullibility.

    History: Satomi is an aspiring ballet dancer. She's been taking lessons since she was a child, and her natural height and grace have led to Satomi being considered for the principal dancer role at her studio, once she's actually old enough for it. Having grown up in a household where position is everything, this is of course her life goal: to become a principal dancer not just at her studio, but in a world-famous company.

    Satomi's not exactly tactically adept, and she's not totally familiar with Digimon, either, which sometimes leads to some kind of screw-up. Still, she is savvy enough to figure out what works and what doesn't. It just takes a minute for it to click.

    Likes/Dislikes: Satomi practically lives for ballet, to the point where she'll occasionally carry her pointe shoes in her school bag, even if she doesn't have ballet lessons on that day. She also enjoys reading, and can often be found reading a book in the library if she's not at ballet practice or at school. She doesn't particularly like haughty people, and also hates pineapples. Don't ask why about the pineapples; she doesn't know. Something else Satomi won't admit to, but she harbors a secret enjoyment for video games, especially the Neptunia series.

    Fear/Paranoia: Cryophobia. Thanks to a thin ice incident when she was a child, Satomi is afraid of ice. She can handle ice cubes and snow fine, but she starts to panic when near a frozen pond or an ice rink. This hasn't led to trouble yet, but there's always the possibility.


    Digimon Partner and Its Digivolutions: Terriermon
    Rookie: Terriermon
    Champion: Gargomon
    Ultimate: BlackRapidmon
    Mega: BlackMegaGargomon

    Natural State: Terriermon

    Digimon Gender: Male

    Digimon's Personality: Terriermon is very flighty, often preferring to do his own thing over listening to anyone's orders. This can either accentuate or compensate for Satomi's own down-to-earth nature. Like Satomi, Terriermon enjoys a good story, sometimes reading over his partner's shoulder when she checks out a book, or having her read to him if she's being too serious. In battle, though, Terriermon turns serious, and tries to help Satomi give correct orders. If she says something wrong or stupid, he'll be the first one to step in and correct her.

    Digivice Color: A dark, almost gray shade of silver.

    Eyewear: Satomi uses a set of ski goggles borrowed from her neighbor to see through the fog. She admits that they look ridiculous when worn up on her head, but they're all she's got unless someone gives her a better-looking set.

    *How you met your Digimon: Terriermon initially appeared in Satomi's closet, of all places. After being assaulted with several pillows, Terriermon finally explained the situation and pointed out the Digivice that had appeared on Satomi's nightstand. After explaining that he wasn't a "monster" in the traditional sense (and having to explain that "Digimon" is simply short for "Digital Monster") he earned Satomi's trust.
    Unfortunately, Terriermon still hasn't been able to convince Satomi that there really aren't any monsters in her closet and that his appearing there was a one-time thing.
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  4. Name: Haruka Takegawa

    Age: 15 (first year of high school)

    Gender: Male

    Show Spoiler


    155cm, brown eyes that turn green around the edges, and short brown hair. His small stature and soft, effeminite features often lead to people mistaking him for a girl, which he largely doesn't mind and as such doesn't care to correct them.

    Personality: Haruka is a very straigh-forward and honest person with strong beliefs, but his meek appearance often leads to people not taking him seriously and doting upon him instead. Because of this he usually keeps quiet in order to not get hurt. He enjoys being of help to others, to the point where people take advantage of him and making him run all their errands and such. He doesn't really have any friends, so he doesn't quite know how to act if he made any. He's skilled in the language of flowers and flower arrangement.

    He hates unnecessary fighting and is somewhat of a pacifista, believing that even the biggest conflicts can be solved by peaceful methods rather than war. However this is simply an ideal, as he lacks the power to achieve it.

    History: He comes from a rather wealthy family and attends a prestigious high school. As a child he was often bullied which has continued later on, although he no longer gets physically beaten up. He got everything he could ever want growing up, except the love of his parents since they were always working. As a child he once heard that talking to plants would make them grow faster, so he decided to go out into the family garden and try it out on some rose bushes. At first he thought it was awkward, but he found that once he started talking, he couldn't stop. His thoughts just kept pouring out of him like a waterfall. After a while he started talking to all the other plants in the garden, giving them personalities, and in the end the garden had turned into a haven of imaginary friends.

    Likes: Flowers, stuffed toys, cake, coffee

    Dislikes: War, thunder & lightning, polluted areas with little to no vegetation

    Fear/Paranoia: Is extremely afraid of thunder, to the point where his body becomes completely paralyzed during thunderstorms.


    Digimon Partner and Its Digivolutions:

    Baby: Yuramon
    In-Training: Tanemon
    Rookie: Palmon
    Champion: Togemon
    Ultimate: Lillymon
    Mega: Venusmon

    Natural State: Rookie

    Digimon Gender: Female

    Digimon's Personality: This Palmon shares Haruka's pacifist ideals, but is not afraid of fighting for what is right and just. She is fierce, proactive and very protective.

    Digivice Color: Pink with green details

    Eyewear: Regular ski goggles

    *How you met your Digimon: I was thinking that it could appear as a Tanemon in Haruka's garden. Don't know if I want them to have met before the IC starts or in the IC, though.

    I find option 3 very interesting, but option 2 is also fine by me. Oh, and you may also use this pic [​IMG] for the avatar because (i think?) it's better quality...
  5. Name: Megumi Kawamori

    Age: Just turned 17 (High school year 2)

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler


    163cm, long pink hair, bright blue eyes. She also has a slightly (okay maybe a lot) bigger chest than the japanese average. Her glasses are only so she doesn't tire her eyes out when reading a lot, so she mainly uses them at school and at home when studying. Usually she wears her hair out, but its not uncommon to see her wear it in a ponytail.

    Personality: Megumi is a very calm and gentle person with an almost lady-like demeanor. Her grades are excellent and she studies a lot, but despite this she comes off as airheaded and clumsy, often stumbling or falling over completely without reason. Her favourite thing to do is sleep, and to some teachers it's a mystery how she manages to ace all tests when she spends the majority of time in class asleep or daydreaming. While she most often acts mature she can be a bit of a crybaby, and she has the magical ability to look so vulnerable when crying that all people in her near vicinity drop what they're doing and try to console her.

    History: Her grandmother on her mother's side and grandfather on her father's side are swedish and brittish respetively, so she has quite a lot of european blood, which may account for her out-of-the-ordinary size for a japanese person. Having spent many summers abroad with her relatives, she speaks several languages fluently and may act more european culture-wise.

    Likes: Sleeping, the smell of newly washed and dried linens, cooking, continental breakfasts

    Dislikes: There isn't much she dislikes, as she's quite easy-going, but she hates injustice.

    Fear/Paranoia: If she goes without sleep for more than twelve hours she turns completely hysteric and paranoid, and she starts halucinating about horrible monsters and thinks that scary things are going to happen to her. Basically it's as if she's having nightmares while being awake.


    Digimon Partner and Its Digivolutions:

    In-Training: Moonmon
    Rookie: Lunamon
    Champion: Lekismon
    Ultimate: Crescemon
    Mega: Dianamon

    Natural State: In-training

    Digimon Gender: Female

    Digimon's Personality: Much more energetic than Megumi, it keeps constantly vigilant and playful.

    Digivice Color: Purple with lavender details

    Eyewear: Essentially a modified sleep mask with a camera that displays an image on the inside of the mask. Imagine a less chunky Oculus Rift.

    *How you met your Digimon: Moonmon would first show up in her dreams, and then one day be by her bed as she wakes up.

    Both option 2 and 3 are completely fine by me ^^
  6. Name: Tsuda Ootori

    Age: 16 (hich school year 2)

    Gender: Male

    Show Spoiler

    (please use upper pic for the icon)

    180cm (around 5'8''), bright brown/green eyes and slightly orange brown hair. His left ear is pierced, and he usually wears an earring.

    Personality: Tsuda is a lanky, sporty guy who likes hanging out with friends and having fun together with others. He doesn't like being alone, so he tends to surround himself with as many people as possible. He likes cracking jokes and acting flimsy, being quite expressive with his body language, and absolutely loves making people laugh. A hopeless romantic, he falls in love extremely easily and tends to reveal his emotions in an extravagant fashion. Unfortunately, because he's known for confessing a lot, the ones he confesses to usually don't think he's serious and just laughs it off, thinking he's doing it just for fun. When it gets down to it, he's easily hurt, and pointing out his flaws or acting cold towards him can absolutely break him.

    History: Growing up he was very short for a long period of time, often getting teased about it. When he joined a swim team the other members on the team also mocked him for it, calling him the 'little sardine'. However, at twelve years of age, a massive growth spurt set in, making him grow ridiculously tall (currently 180cm but still growing). With the growth spurt came a refreshed confidence, and he started performing excellently on the swim team, winning several championships in the solo division. His friends on the team still call him 'little sardine', although nowadays only as a joke.

    Likes: Swimming, mochi (japanese sweets made out of pounded sticky rice, sometimes stuffed or coated to add flavour), eggs, hanging out with friends

    Dislikes: Sardines, being alone, having to concentrate for too long without having fun

    Fear/Paranoia: Despite being a cheerful guy, Tsuda is a rather complex-riddled guy. He has a fear of being alone, and will desperately seek out the attention of others if left alone for too long. Pointing out his flaws breaks his confidence, and so does mocking him for his previous size. He is also afraid of being a disappointment to others.


    Digimon Partner and Its Digivolutions:

    Baby: Pichimon
    In-Training: Pukamon
    Rookie: Betamon
    Champion: Seadramon
    Ultimate: Mega Seadramon
    Mega: GigaSeadramon

    Natural State: Rookie

    Digimon Gender: Male

    Digimon's Personality: It is equally as cheerful and out-going as Tsuda, but much more confident and proud. It takes a lot to break this guys's will.

    Digivice Color: Blue with yellow details.

    Eyewear: His swimming goggles.

    *How you met your Digimon: They meet at the pool when Tsuda comes to practice by himself.

    I agree with Lady and Merry.
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  7. Human

    Name: Haruko Nakazuki

    Age: 17 (second-year highschooler)

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5' 7"
    Hair Colour: Black
    Eye Colour: Dark Blue

    Personality: Haruko is normally very quiet and introverted. He isn't normally one to go out and socialize with people. Haruko doesn't feel like he belongs or fits in with most people, either. He does talk to some of his classmates, but the conversations are very short. Some may consider him a friend, but he doesn't always feel the same.

    History: Haruko never knew his mother. Shortly after his birth, his mother had passed away, leaving Haruko's father to take care of him and his older brother.

    His brother was three years older than him and was never the best brother to Haruko. When Ruko reached the age of 10, his brother's behaviour got worse. His brother seemed to blame Ruko for their mother's passing, and hibrother began to abuse him. Constantly everyday he would get hit and yelled at, being called mean names and being told it was all Haruko's fault their mother wasn't with them any more. Haruko would plea to his father to make his brother stop, but his father never did anything, secretly feeling it was Haruko's fault for his mother's passing.

    Haruko's only reprieve from this torture was was last year when his brother finally left for college. Still, his father never tried to help, but now it was over. He had one last year of school left before he could leave and never look back.

    -The rain

    -Being alone
    -Being completely social

    Fear/Paranoia: He is absolutely terrified of being alone forever.


    Digimon Partner and Its Digivolutions:
    Baby: Fufumon
    In-Training: Kyokyomon
    Rookie: Ryudamon
    Champion: GinRyumon
    Ultimate: HishaRyumon
    Mega: OuRyuumon

    Natural State: Rookie

    Digimon Gender: Male

    Digimon's Personality: Ryudamon is a happy-go-lucky kind of digimon and loves making new friends. He is always smiling and joking, but he does have the occasional feeling that people are only pretending to be his friend.

    Digivice Color: Dark Purple with Black details

    Eyewear: A normal pair of sunglasses​
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  8. Human

    Name: Etsuko Nishimura
    Age: 12 (First year of Junior High)
    Gender: Female

    Height: 4'5"
    Eye: Brown
    Hair: Black and usually tied up in some type of ponytail. She uses a variety of hair ornaments from beads to clips.

    Personality: Etsuko is headstrong and will not tolerate being oppressed or bullied in any way shape or form. She’s one to fight before she speaks and keep fighting till her path is clear of enemies. It’s safe to say that sometimes she goes a little too far.

    At school, she’s friends with a lot of of kids thanks to her digimon fan club. As president, Etsuko knows to be nice and likeable or face impeachment, so that’s exactly what she does. In the light she smiles and does her best to make her fellow fan club members happy. But in the shadows when someone tries to challenge her she beats them down. Literally.

    When not fighting, Etsuko is quite nice and likeable. When something peaks her curiosity she’ll fire out a billion questions all at once, and expect an answer. Not necessarily in the order that she asked.

    Restraint isn’t her strong point and sometimes a nearby person has to yank her off of her victim.

    History: Etsuko was born to a happy couple, as the first daughter after five sons. Because they were used to dealing with and raising boys, Etsuko’s parents may have made a few mistakes when bringing their daughter up. Etsuko grew up thinking that nearly everything was a competition and if she wanted something bad enough she had to literally fight for it. Despite being the youngest and smallest sibling, Etsuko was the ‘boss’ of her brothers . They listened to her, adored her and did everything they could to make sure she was happy. If she got into too much trouble with her mouth and attitude, and it seemed as though she was accumulating enemies, her eldest brothers would go out and beat the crap out of anyone who was even thinking of ganging up on their little sister.

    When Etsuko was eight, she became a hardcore digimon fan. Her brother’s had alot of the merchandise, but they were growing out of the show, so they passed them down to their sister. Etsuko loved the digimon and soon formed an official Digimon Fan Club.


    Dislikes -

    Bullies: She hates it when people pick on those who are different then them. That’s why she only fights kids who challenge her or messes with her.

    Radishes: Um. They’re disgusting.

    Silence: Etsuko is a little chatterbox so she hates when people aren’t talking. In her opinion a place where everyone is free to talk as much as they please, is a safe place.

    Anti-Digimon people: Digimon is Etsuko’s life. It’s the thing that she loves most in the world and hearing people spread slander about it, enrages her. How dare they?!

    Likes -
    [Not gonna include Digimon cause duh]

    Leadership: She loves being the leader because she was born to be one and she’s great at it. She has never been a follower, because she’s never been afraid to step up to the plate.

    Fighting: It’s fun. Feeling the thrill when you start and the triumph and pride when you win. It’s a glorious feeling.

    Dogs: They’re adorable and loyal.

    Fear/Paranoia: Loss of control, is Etsuko’s biggest fear. She has always been the top dog. The alpha. So what happens when she’s not? What does she do?

    Digimon Partner and Its Digivolutions:

    Baby: Relemon

    In-Training: Viximon

    Rookie: Renamon

    Champion: Kyubimon

    Ultimate: Taomon

    Mega: Sakuyamon

    Natural State: Rookie - Renamon
    Digimon Gender: Male
    Digimon's Personality: Renamon is a fighter just like Etsuko, he loves a challenge and will always step up to the plate. However, he has more self control and knows how to pick and choose his battles, while Etsuko will try to fight just about anyone who confronts her. Renamon is also much more mature and often the voice of reason in their relationship.
    Digivice Color: Dark blue

    Eyewear: Aviator goggles and hat

    *How you met your digimon
    Etsuko met Renamon when she was fighting some boys and she was grossly out numbered. These guys had known her since grade school so they knew how to keep off the radar of her big brothers and grow strong in their lack of knowledge. Etsuko was about to get herself pummeled, when Renamon appeared and scared the crap out of the boys.

    I like option 2 :3
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  9. If we do option 2, I think it would be totally cool if we appointed 'team leaders' and gave each team a name :3
  10. I second that idea :D Except maybe the team leader part, because it seems like the only really natural leader we have is Etsuko :P Although I'm sure we could work things out.
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  11. That's a brilliant idea. I also think the teams should both have a "class clown" to keep things from getting too dark.
  12. I'm torn between ideas 2 and 3, so whichever gets chosen, I'll be up for it!
  13. Continuing from Merry, Adore and Wolf, I think naming the teams would be a lot of fun, perhaps even assigning a leader, although each group having a specific 'class clown' seems a bit stiff, and would certainly put a lot of pressure on that person :P
  14. Profile added.
  15. Alright, sounds like option 2 it is!

    I'll add my two cents into the grouping discussion.

    I was thinking possible leaders are, Etsuko (obviously), Yoko, and Tsuda. Since it would feel like an event she was organizing, Yoko would go into leader mode, at least during "missions", and Tsuda's social nature (and need to not be alone) could make him a semi-leader (the kind that would take charge if there wasn't someone else there to fill the spot).

    And of course, I thought of some interesting groupings.

    Etsuko and Haruka (fighter with pacifist)

    Etsuko and Megumi (rough and tough girl with lady-like teen)

    Tsudo and Ruko (social with anti-social)

    Tsudo with two females (which will he fall for first?)

    Tsudo with two quiet types (trying to get them to interact)

    These were just my initial ideas that were the first to pop into my head without much thought, as well as just being suggestions. We should have two more people popping in, but you guys can feel free to group up now. (they snooze, they lose)

    Oh! And one more thing! Along with grouping, I suggest people think about whether their characters will know each other ahead of time. (perhaps someone is friends with Etsuko's brother(s), or quite a few of our characters are 2nd years, so we may be in the same school/class) This also might help us determine groups as well.

    Yoko likes to organize school events, so if people go to the same school as her, they may know her from that (and/or she may know them)
  16. I don't have any problem being with Etsuko ^^
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  17. I would like to pair up with Megumi and Satomi! They're both lovely girls, so he'd fall head over heels for both of them :3 Plus, if in one episode Satomi gets out on thin ice, Megumi's Lunamon line would be perfect to get her off it, and if she falls through, Tsuda's Betamon line could get her out.

    (Oh and btw I have no problem with Tsuda being team leader, but if his team members were particularly anti-social he would have a hard time, and quite frankly not do a good job)
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  18. I have no problem being teamed up with Tsuda ^^
  19. I'm fine with whatever team I end up on.
  20. Right-o! That means our team is decided, consisting of: Tsuda, Megumi, and Satomi. Thoughts on team name? :3 (If you even wanna do team names that is)
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