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  1. I'll simply title this Interest Check 'Digimon RP'. Feel free to suggest plots.

    If 5 people express interest, I will initiate it the OoC.
  2. *raises hand* I'd be interested @Crow

    Would it be characters from all the different Digimon themes or a pacific generation/season? Just curious if that hasn't been decided I vote either all or Tamers.
  3. *slides in like butter* o u o Yes
  4. Its own series/continuity/story/something.

    No Digidestined, no Chosen Ones(well technically they are Chosen)...
  5. Oh I was just wondering if there was like a certain group you couldn't maybe pick as your Digimon cause um you see my fav is Renamon. And I haven't seen her in but Tamers is why I asked. Kind of like when people say there is only a certain Region in pokemon you could use. I was just wondering if it be like that or basically all are fair game.

    After um a thread is up of course. If we have to claim a Digimon.... Depending if there will be a list and only one person per certain Digimon... I've been in Digimon RPs like that as well.
  6. Any possible canonical Digimon, with any plausible evolutionary line.

    There will be a 'disallowed' List that will require permission, because Digimon on those list tend to be both one-of-a-kind and serve a plot purpose.

    These will include Royal Knights, but will not include the Olympos XII.
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  7. What sort of antagonist are we looking at here? c:
  8. I don't feel like spoiling it, so you'll see.
  9. Expressing interest!
  10. Consider my interest piqued.
  11. If this idea is still up and at 'em, I'd be more than happy to join~!
  12. Oh~

    Let's a-rolling~

  13. I have possible interest especially in eventually getting shinegreymon burst mode if possible
  14. I call Gabumon and his Digievolutions. He was always my favorite. I haven't seen much past the Armor Digieggs, to be completely honest. I don't have access to Netflix to watch any of it.
  15. If we are claiming digimon, then I'm totally claiming Impmon!!
  16. Do you have room for one more?
  17. Well this escalated.
  18. Well, we aren't going to be 8 Digidestined or 10 Legendary Digimon.

    So yeah, I'm not limiting players or characters.
  19. Awesome!
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