Digimon RP Idea (Mature)

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Hey everyone! Now before we go further let me apologize for not having a big fancy thread and it won't be exactly the best for I am using my phone, but this is a simple partner request and I'll like to get straight to the point. But let me assure you that I am very capable of rping and range between Adept-Advance. I am 21 years old, female, but prefer playing males. I can post from 3 paragraphs to 5, sometimes more if I'm inspired. I believe that's all about me for now, but if you have questions, do not be afraid to ask!

Now you know a little about me, but you must also know my standards and requirements before we continue.

• I want experienced rpers only! I require at least 3 paragraphs, with good grammer and spelling. However I prefer quality over quantity, just give me something to work with. I will not accept one paragraph or a mere few sentences. That's a major no. It ruins my drive and creativity and I lose interest in the rp quickly.

• Help carry the rp along, don't let me do all the work. If you have an idea, lets discuss! It won't be just my rp, but both of ours! You're free to create ideas, don't be afraid. I want us both to enjoy the rp, so some twists for me would be nice.

• If you're a skilled rper I shouldn't have to go through the obvious rules with you. Godmodding, mary sue, controling the rp, things like that.

• I like to talk and discuss! It makes the rp better for the both of us and can lead to inspired ideas!

• Romance can happen but it will not be an instant love. I want it to build up to it and feel natural, it's better that way.

• This is a mature roleplay so there is violence and if a romance does happen, then if both characters are comfortable, there can be just a bit of smut but this rp is not revolved around that. I want action, adventure, and suspense. I do not mind sex scenes or anything of the sort, but again I want to build up to it and have it romantic, not just straight dirty sex. You get the picture. However there will be blood and morbid scenes, but please, do not go over board. I don't want intestines all over the place and someone eating another's eyeballs.

• PM's only and you must be 18 years or older.

• An rp sample is required.

• For ain characters I play only male, but can play female side characters.

I think that's about it for now. This is a mature Digimon rp, not you're basic kiddy show. I do plan to make this interesting and fun, and serious. I know most people roll their eyes at Digimon, more so than Pokemon, but I know it has the qualities of an interesting roleplay if rped by the right people.

Yes I have several ideas for this rp, but please PM me for details. DO NOT MESSAGE IN THREAD. I only do PM's. I really appreciate you reading this far and hope you'll go further. Shoot me a PM and we'll see where it goes!

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I could try....BUT, my issue is spelling and grammar issues. :/ i love season 2 of Digimon very much though it has been awhile since I role played it.
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