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    _________ PLOT____ ____
    ███████████████ ███████████████ ███████████████

    In the year 2018 a strange app was sent to 9 children, it was labeled as Digimon and sent from an sender known as Digital Goddess. The app was based off an old TV show called Digimon, or so they thought was a TV show. The program allowed the child to create and care for a Digimon from their phone. A letter was sent out to the children telling them they had been invited to a convention in Washington D.C. Little did they know that this was all a part of the strings of fate. They had been chosen to save the Digital World, a world unlike their own, a world that evil is brewing in. An evil group of Digimon called the Seven Demon Lords are rampant in the digital world. Their towers have sprung up around the digital world and they are guarded by Nightmare Soldiers. Though, are the Demon Lords the true antagonist?

    The quest to save the Digital World starts, now!

    _________ RULES____ ____
    ███████████████ ███████████████ ███████████████

    1. I am the creator and I have power and the last word.
    2. I expect 7-12 sentences per post, that is one detailed meaty pargraph. Any shorter, oh say a line, will get you auto kicked. I'm sure I can find you a replacement.
    3. No OPness, Powerplaying, Godmodding or Mary Sues/Gary Stus.
    4. Don't cause drama OOC, take that shit to PMs. I'm not your mother I wont resolve your petty arguments.
    5. This an AU, the anime is only a game/anime here. Treat it as such.
    4. No auto hit battles. Your digimon cannot attack and kill with one hit, they aren't that strong.
    5. Give a bit of variety in characters, we all can't be antisocial emo teens.
    6. If I kick you, it's my right don't go and be a whiny brat about it.
    7. Your digimon can't automatically digivolve to Ultimate. At first it can digivolve to rookie and champion, then with the crest when you get it, it can evolve into Ultimate. Mega is way later in the RP.
    8. Wait for 2 people to post after you before you post again.
    9. We are all here for one reason, to have fun. Don't let my salty rules get you afraid.

    _________ CHAPTERS____ ____
    ███████████████ ███████████████ ███████████████

    Chapter 1: It All Began With A Trip...

    _________ CHARACTERS____ ____
    ███████████████ ███████████████ ███████████████

    Digidestined of Courage


    Hawke McCutcheon / 15 / Huckmon

    Digidestined of Friendship


    Venessa / 16 / Keramon (Good)

    Digidestined of Love


    Rin / 13 / Sistermon Blanc

    Digidestined of Sincerity


    Henrik Karlsen / 16 / Candlemon

    Digidestined of Reliability


    Drew Everett / 9 / Shakomon

    Digidestined of Knowledge


    Tomas Hacker / 15 / Impmon

    Digidestined of Hope


    Ruka Kiriya / 14 / Kudamon

    Digidestined of Light


    Cyon Johnson / 12 / Lopmon

    Digidestined of Kindness

    Closed until further into RP

    Companion Digimon

    Sistermon Noir

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  2. [​IMG]
    Cyon Johnson
    Cyon is a sweet and kind boy. He is wise for his age and offers advice for those who need it. He has an enthusiastic attitude and an optimistic outlook on life. He tries to be friends with everyone he meets, except those who are mean and cruel. He tends to stay away or make sure he doesn't talk to those that are. He's against fighting without reason. He loves hard and is hurt easily, he has been known to cry hard when he is hurt almost to a point that he has to be held like a child. He likes hugs and will hug anyone who allows him to. He's very loyal and will stand by those he cares about to the very end.
    Place of Birth:
    London, United Kingdom
    Born to Layla and William Johnson, Cyon was an only child. His first few years were filled with love and kindness. His family was very well off, they both had successful jobs and Cyon had everything he could ever need. Cyon's parents refused to let him become too spoiled and become a brat though. Cyon was and still is a mamma's boy. He can almost always be seen in his mother's lap. Cyon ever since first grade had gotten top grades and this led to him to getting his first cell phone at age 10. It was his twelfth birthday when he got the letter in the mail. Soon followed by the app, he remembered Digimon from the TV and was joyful when he got to play with his own Digimon. For the first time in his life he was on a plane going to a Country he'd never been to before.


    Digivice Color:
    Digimon Partner:
    Digimon Line:
    Kokomon (In-Training)- [​IMG]
    Lopmon (Rookie)- [​IMG]
    Turuiemon (Champion)- [​IMG]
    Antylamon [Data] (Ultimate) - [​IMG]
    Cherubimon [Good] (Mega)- [​IMG]
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  3. I will be making a cs
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  4. I would love to reserve a spot for this! :D

    I can get the character sheet done tomorrow
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  5. Just a heads up I'm working on the sheet now.
  6. Marking interest here.
  7. -still working on it-

    Name: Henrik Karlsen
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Henrik's methods to reach a goal can be seen as savage and maybe even wrong, but when he sets himself a goal he will do anything to accomplish it and if that means going behind a few backs he wont think twice about it. However he likes keeping a good tone with everyone and to have them on his good side and he likes making friends its just that after seeing his methods many people dont want to concider him as a friend.
    Nationality: Norway
    Place of Birth: Lillehammer, Norway
    History: If anything life felt like dealing Henrik a really good hand of cards. The kid is smart and has excelled in school and strategist games (all through suicide tactics work ones and only ones, they sure work well in video games when everything comes back after a while). His parents aren't rich, but they had enough money to ensure that Henrik never longed for something, so after Henrik had played around a bit with the app and the invite to come to DC he didn't have to beg.
    Crest: Sincerity
    Digivice Color: Green
    Digimon Partner: Candlemon

    digimon (open)

    Name: Mokumon
    Gender: Male
    Attribute: None
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    digimon (open)

    Name: DemiMeramon
    Gender: Male
    Attribute: None
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Candlemon
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Wizardmon
    Gender: Male
    Attribute: Data
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Phantomon
    Gender: Male
    Attribute: Virus
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: MetalPhantomon
    Gender: Male
    Attribute: Virus

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  8. Wow that took so much longer than I was expecting it to. And I am SO glad I changed from sincerity to friendship. :)

    Name: Venessa

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Due to being reclusive for most of her life she has had barely any friends. Which made her fiercely loyal and attached to the friends she has made not only online but the ones that she will make in the future. Venessa is rather shy but is not afraid to speak up if she needs to and at first everyone she meets could she could consider a friend even if they do turn out to be an asshole. As long as they are not an asshole to her or her friends.

    Nationality: American

    Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

    History: She grew up in the city of Chicago on a rather nice side of town. She had her mom, dad and younger brother to grow up with. For the better part of her life though she had a very secluded and uneventful life. Thus leading to a shortage of friends for a majority of her life. But that changed when she started going online and found her first group of friends where she became really attached to not only those friends. They are the people that introduced her to Digimon as Venessa fell in love with the series. At the age of 16 she got a letter inviting her to a convention and she easily got approval from her parents in hopes that she would get more friends in person as well as online.

    Crest: Friendship

    Digivice Color: Green

    Digimon Partner: Keramon (non-evil version)

    Digimon Line:

    Show Spoiler

    Tsumemon: in-training


    Keramon: Rookie


    Chrysalimon: Champion


    Infermon: Ultimate


    Diaboromon: Mega

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  9. Accepted!
  10. Show Spoiler

    Name: Drew Everett
    Age: 9
    Gender: Male
    Drew has many friends yet they're usually unfaithful, thus he tries not to get too close to other people. But other than that, he's usually friendly to everyone he meets. He's also respected by teachers because he responsible enough to be regularly punctual, even if he isn't that smart. He hates being anything but practical, he doesn't want to become a burden to anyone, and that includes strangers. So he's quick to help anyone in trouble.
    Nationality: Canadian
    Place of Birth: Montréal, Canada
    He became addicted to aiding everyone once his father left his mother to work on her own. He hated seeing his mother in so much emotional pain and stress. But when she managed to overcome the obstacles that life threw at her, he knew that he wanted to be like her. He helps his mom a lot because he wants to take care of her himself one day. He also doesn't want to see her hurt anymore, even if it meant less free time, which he was willing to sacrifice of course.
    Crest: Reliability
    Digivice Color: Grey
    Digimon Partner: Shakomon
    Digimon Line:
    in-training | Poyomon = [​IMG]
    Rookie | Shakomon = [​IMG]
    Champion | Shellmon = [​IMG]
    Ultimate | Mega Seadramon = [​IMG]
    Mega | Giga Seadramon = [​IMG]
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    Hang on, I'll try and get a app up later on.
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  12. You can't have Leviamon, maybe pick a different Mega route. Leviamon is one of our bad guys.
  13. I'll have a profile up tomorrow, if that's fine.
  14. That's perfectly fine ^^
  15. Reserving crest of knowledge for now.
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  16. Can I reserve the crest of Hope? @Nico
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  17. So question, are characters limited to the digidestined and their digimon or can we be random digimon as well?
  18. How much series knowledge do we need?

    Despite having enjoyed Digimon I ask this due to forgetting A LOT of things from old childhood series.
  19. The Digidestined would be the main characters but you could play a digimon that joins them or helps them along the way. @Archwar

    Just the basic knowledge, the series is nothing but a game/anime here. @Crow
  20. Nice! Though I think it would be a better experience by allow players to play as the villains. Final say is up to the GM as always.
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