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    _________ CH.1 It Began With a Trip...____ ____
    ███████████████ ███████████████ ███████████████

    Ophanimon's Castle | Digital World

    "The messages have been activated mi'lady." A Palmon bowed in front of the celestial guardian. Seraphimon sighed wearily as she held an egg in her arms. "Hopefully the chosen children can save us once more, I fear the Demon Lords are targeting me next." She said and turned her head down to look at the Palmon. "If anything happens to me Palmon, see to that the children and mine as well as Seraphimon's eggs are safely looked after." she said.


    A laughter crackled through the castle and Beelzemon appeared "Surrender Ophanimon or suffer the same fate as Seraphimon." He boomed. Palmon fled and Seraphimon took a fighting stance. They both clashed in battle, the battle was 3 digi days ago.

    The once radiant castle of Ophanimon was now rubble, nothing remained. Ophaimon was defeated and with that, no guardians were left. The Demon Lords now had free reign over the Digital World.


    Washington D.C / Tour Bus | Human World

    Cyon Johnson boredly played with his phone as the tour bus drove down the road. He looked around and saw all the other kids that were letter receivers. The bus was kind of big for just 8 kids, though Cyon wasn't complaining. He had never been to America before so it was quite exciting.

    He opened up the Digimon app that was sent to him and smiled when Kokomon appeared. "Hello!" it spoke in it's tiny voice. He saw the symbol next to it that indicated that it was hungry. He tapped on the food button and watched the Digimon eat. It may just be pixels but it appeared Kokomon was the only friend the white haired boy had made so far.

    The bus screeched to a hault and he looked out the window and saw Lincoln Memorial shining in the summer light. "First stop Lincoln Memorial." The bus driver drawled in a bored voice. Cyon locked and pocketed his phone as he stood up and waited for people to stir.

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  2. Drew Everett
    He thought it wouldn't be so bad, but he just couldn't help but worry and feel nervous. He was nine and he was already this far from home. His mother somehow convinced him but that didn't really help any. He fiddled with his fingers, not knowing what to do. He already checked on Poyomon already, and has probably done so about a hundred times just this hour. He started to kick his feet, though not too far because he didn't want to annoy anybody just to satisfy himself. He also tried to stop randomly staring at the other people on the bus.

    He was snapped back into reality once they arrived to where they needed to be. He took his backpack that he put near his feet. He made his way to his feet and then to the door, stretching after he got out of the bus and out of people's way. He was stiff, but maybe it was just because he walked a lot. He preferred to do so because he found taking cars as a waste of money. He waited for the others.
  3. Tomas Hacker typed away on his computer as code floated across the window on his screen. To any untrained eye it would appear random, strewn, and garbled, but to Tomas it was binary code. It was surprising at how many people didn't know that 0s and 1s made up their silly little programs on their phones. Heck, the young hacker knew that most, if not all, programs had somekind of code to make sure they worked properly. Still, the app called 'Digimon' was something unsavory.

    Tomas's phone made a DING sound telling him that his digimon was hungry. Again.

    "That's the third time in the last hour," Tomas muttered. Annoyed, Tomas's hand went into his pocket and pulled out his phone. Scrolling through the mountains of apps the hacker found 'Digimon'. With a tap of the finger, the screen went into a colored, pixelated. A round, dark blue ball jumped eagerly for food.

    "There you bottomless pit," Tomas jokingly said. He tapped the food button and the creature devoured it within seconds.

    That was when his phone went blank. Again.

    "I SWEAR THIS APP HAS A VIRUS IN IT!" Tomas roared. He slammed his computer shut, shoved his useless phone into his pocket, and stormed toward the door without waiting for the others.
  4. The wheels on the bus went round, and round, and round. Rin's stoic face, on the other hand, remained unchanged. The androgynous child continuously tapped on his phone, checking on what needed to be checked on, in this case, it was a virtual pet.

    It wasn't a Pokemon, it wasn't a Neopet, and it definitely wasn't one of those Marapets. Wait, what's a Marapet again? Nevermind.

    It was a Digimon.

    Our stoic-faced friend Rin was pretty new to the concept of Digimon. However, he did play some similiar thing to the application displaying his virtual pet - feed, drink, grow, shower... maybe not the last one. That didn't change the fact that he could do this as well as any other. It was just taking care of a little baby animal, r- r- right?

    "Tokomon? What a name. I better keep a close eye on this little guy. Or girl. Do these things even have a gender?" Rin muttered to himself, pondering. "I think I might be overfeeding it."

    Soon, the bus hauled over and it was ready to alight. Keeping his phone in his pocket, Rin walked down to the outdoors. He looks at the person next to him. While attempting to be friendly, his face was very strict and stern. "Hey there," an androgynous, strict voice bellowed, "how's your day? All pepped up?"
  5. Tomas had vented out his and managed to get his stupid phone to work. He had sat down facing directly Abe with his computer opened. A wire ran from the computer into the phone transmitting data from it to the computer. A result was the strange code floating about. Tomas found it meaningless. This code was waaaay out of his league simply because he was a novice. Still, the parts he could make out were strange. Tomas couldn't put it in words, but it wasn't a virus or malware as of yet. Just seemed to be missing components yet the code seemed to form a personality. Probably for the pit that was called Yaamon.

    And whoever designed this app must be known that someone like Hakcer would hack into it. Originally Tomas connected his phone to his computer to change some code so the little thing wouldn't be crying for food so much yet he came across this challenging code. Why would anyone make this kind of code? Eh, likely just to make these 'Digimon' more unique given the countless pet clones out there.

    Then someone asked how his day been. Without even glancing away from the computer he answered,"Yep, fine, dandy."
  6. "Well, I guess my day is fine as well," Rin replies, looking up into the sky. It was all good and sunny. "Such nice weather. A sign that adventure awaits us all."

    While pondering for a bit, Rin realises what to say to his potential new ally.

    "You know, I'm rather new to the Digimon series as a whole. Got into it really recently," he speaks dully," I'm just wondering, if perhaps, someone could teach me a little more about it during this trip, especially how and when our virtual pets grow and stuff like that... unless you're new too. Then maybe we could learn together."

    Rin twiddled his fingers, before realising that something in particular was wrong. Maintaining his face, he greets his new comrade. "I actually forgot about a little something - an introduction. Sorry for the lack of manners. My name is Rin. There are initials, there's a last name, but just call me Rin. What might your name be?"
  7. "Tomas Hacker, and no, I'm not competently new to Digimon. Watched the show and know a few things like this little critter. Called 'Digial Monsters' or Digimon for short. Now I ask you to leave," Tomas unglued himself from the computer. He shot a glare at Rin gathering some info about the... male? Rin looked more akin to a woman than an actual man, but whatever. He didn't care if Rin preferred that way. Honestly, he just wanted to be alone while he tried figuring out the blasted app.
  8. "Yeah, yeah, laugh it up ya little troll. You totally cheated and you know it." Hawke McCutcheon growled playfully at her phone. The little Wanyamon bounced, which indicated that it enjoyed the game. "Ugh. This is why I hate Rock, Paper, Scissors. Even a virtual pet can beat me." She said before she fed the digimon again. Once it was done, she closed the app and pulled the earphones from her ears. It seemed as though the bus had arrived.

    "Alright! Digi-Convention, here we come!" The girl cheered as she grabbed her bag and slung it over her shoulder. She lifted her cap a bit then pulled it backwards so she could see and not lose it. "Man, it felt like the trip took daaaays." She stretched out her limbs as she walked down the steps. She missed one however. She managed to catch herself on the bus' inner railing then stepped off. "Steps....why?" She looked accusingly at the ground before she made her way over to the group. "We made it to the Capitol of the US of A. Traffic still looks like LA in the afternoon though." She said with a frown as she looked around. She saw a guy on his computer as well as someone else that was talking to him. Or...tried to. Hawke walked over with
    a grin to introduce herself. She'd managed to catch the end of their conversation.

    "I watched the show and played almost all of the games. Until the App Developer tells us how to make them Digivolve...maybe they just won't. Almost every season and game has a different way to digivolve." She volunteered the information. "I'm Hawke McCutcheon, pleasure
    to meet you both." She looked between the androgynous...guy?...and the computer nerd. She rolled her eyes at the techie then looked back at the guy-maybe-person. She opened her mouth to talk when her phone beeped. "Excuse me." She pulled the phone out and opened the Digimon app again. "We JUST played. I get it, I'm terrible at Rock Paper Scissors. You don't need to rub it in." Regardless of her griping, she played the game to entertain the little Wanyamon.
  9. "Hawke... McCutcheon? That is quite a- oh right, I'm not in Singapore anymore. I keep forgetting that," the monotonous face of Rin lays down as he scratches his head as he greets the maiden who stood before him. Her name was Hawke. Quite a lovely name.

    He proceeds to introduce himself. "My name... my name is Rin. There are initials, there's a last name, but you can just call me Rin," he nods in response to her advances. "Digivolution huh? Wonder what Tokomon would look like after growth, or rather, evolution. A bigger rabbit, maybe?" His phone then got an alert after saying this. "Hmm... it's almost as if they can hear us. Don't worry little guy, I'm not badmouthing you."

    With that, he looks at the structure before the crew of eight. "Lincoln Memorial? I've heard that Digimon was a big series, but a convention here? That is quite the big deal." Turning to Hawke, he says, "I believe that this event... will be a memorable, unforgettable one. My first Digi-con. Wonder if the next one will be in Singapore. Maybe they'll make a seperate Digi-con Asia just for that."

    He then uses his palms to shield his eyes from the grand, glaring sun.
  10. Not really paying attention to the others in the buss Henrik sat there and looked out the window as music from his headphones filled his ears, only interrupted every now and then when his phones buzzed and Demimeramon wanted something. When it happened Henrik found out what the creature wanted and quickly gave it before putting it away again, it wasn't like Demimeramon wanted to hangout or anything. After a while the buss stopped and Henrik grabbed his bag and got of and into the blazing sun.
  11. "Singapore, eh? Well, welcome to the States, Rin." She welcomed him with a smile. "I wouldn't be surprised if they could. It'd be pretty awesome if they could hear us." Her eyes narrowed in concentration as she played--and lost--another round of Rock Paper Scissors. "Wanyamon is cheating. I'm telling you." She muttered to herself.

    "Well...digivolution is almost unpredictable. I could rattle off some digimon that have evolved from a Tokomon, but that doesn't mean it will evolve into those. While there are classes of types of digimon...sometimes it doesn't mean squat. But that's the beauty of it!" She smiled happily when she won a game, but ultimately lost
    the series. She fed her digimon again then put her phone away.

    "Digimon isn't too big...ok it is. But why here? I don't really know. But it better be great..." She huffed while they waited around for the others. She shifted her hat to shield her face.
  12. @Noiz

    Venessa sat there on the bus she decided to spend some time with Tsumemon to feed and take care of him.

    "Hey there Tsumemon! You seem to be doing quite well today"

    She looked up and decided to check out the people on the bus. There seemed to be some interesting people traveling with her.

    "Alright Venessa, you got this. Making friends in real life can be just as easy as it is online. I just need to decide who I'm going to try and talk to first. That tough girl looked good, but she's talking with someone already...There's that guy with the laptop...No no, he looks busy and is also talking to someone."

    Then Venessa noticed that there was a boy sitting alone and not really doing much interacting with the other people. He was her target now! But all of a sudden the bus had come to a stop and the driver told us that this would be our first stop. But before Venessa could get to him he had already gotten off the bus. She quickly followed behind him as she got off the bus as well. After stretching her legs a bit she waked up to the boy

    "Uh, hi!..I'm Venessa...I saw you alone on the bus and thought you'd might want someone to talk to!"

    Venessa held out her hand to shake with his with a semi confident smile as she awaited his reply.
  13. Silas watched as all the kids started to interact. He wanted to make friends too, he walked over to the closest bunch. A overhyper kid, a kid he couldn't tell the gender and one on a computer. He heard the comment on the digi-convention and giggled before smiling. "Don't be silly, this is just the tour. The convention is downtown." he said and reached his hand out. "I'm Silas Williams, I'm from London, if you didn't notice the accent." he said calmly.
    The phone in Silas's pocket brringed and he took it out. "Oh Kokomon, I just fed you." he said and tapped the food button. The bus driver made a disgruntled sound and picked up the intercom once again. "QUIT LOLLYGAGGING IN MY BUS, OUT!" well he wasn't very nice.
  14. @Vivienne Vexx

    Henrik took a few stretches and wondered why the buss would stop here, this didn't look like the place for a convention. Not that he would complain about having a stretch, his legs where after all falling asleep, but he also wanted them to just get to the convention already. His journey from Norway had already been pretty long and he had dozed of more times then he could count on the way.

    As a girl with green haired approached him he took the headphones off and listened to what she had to say before shaking her hand. "Im Henrik. You see I had to travel from Norway which is like..." He tried to remeber how long the plain ride was, but he gave up "Its really far away. So I was a bit to tried to start talking to everyone"
  15. Tomas ignored the duo rattling off about Digimon. As far as he was concerned, Digimon wasn't important. He only came here because... well it was Washington D.C. so he could gloat to back at Hawii. That would score him point in school, but he needed to focus. The young hacker was so very close to just asking one of the others for their phone so he could see if the same, complex code was on their apps when his own phone began beeping again. That blasted Yaamon wants food again?

    "I just feed you," Tomas muttered. He whipped out is phone again and went to the Digimon app. He pressed the food tab when the phone went blank. Really?

    "I need someone's phone to check something so mind helping me out?" Tomas asked without looking away from his computer. That was also around the time when the bus driver yelled at kids for lollygagging on the bus.

    "Don't want to be on his bad side."
  16. Hearing all the other kids chat about the world of Digimon, Ruka, tapped away at her Digimon app. She enjoyed playing with her Digimon, Pafumon. He was so cute! Besides being adorable, she was feeding him a lot. Even more than the first time she downloaded the app. She wanted be apart of the conversations but she wasn't sure how to get her point across. Ruka would think of something. She tapped on the boy's shoulder in front of her. "You can use mine!" She smiled as the bus driver yelled at everyone to get off the bus. She chuckled and said "once we get off the bus."She glanced all around at the scenery. The tall buildings, all the buses; it reminded her of Tokyo. Even the tourists bustling around made her feel at home. Maybe this was her chance to make some new friends as well.
  17. "Thanks," was all that Tomas said. He took the phone, unplugged his, and hooked up the volunteer's phone to his computer. Soon streams of data floated by. This was interesting. Unlike his, the code had changes albeit minor. It wasn't any cause for concern though, just that it could have been for the personalities of the Digimon. That meant he could finally stop the pestering of Yaamon. Tomas just needed to find the parts that were different where he would then try to find the code for hunger. Tomas grinned and gave the phone back.
  18. @Noiz

    Venessa lit up when she heard his accent for the first time.

    "You're from Norway!?...Oh...uh I'm sorry. I got a little too excited there I guess. I have some friends from Norway and the place always sounded so lovely."

    Now that she knew he was from Norway she had so many questions that she wanted to ask him. But she didn't want to overload him with them as she did not want to come off as annoying or pushy.

    "Umm, Henrik? Would you mind if I you some questions about Norway? How's the food there? Are the people kind? What about the sights? And...Gah! I'm sorry, I'm doing it again. OK I..Uh.."

    Venessa began to blush deeply as she got more and more flustered about what messing up that she didn't know what to say. All she knew was that she was probably coming off as a fool and that she would die to be anywhere but here now.

    "...I ju-..."

    She stared at him for a few moments before she took a deep breath and finally spoke coherently.

    "I...I'm sorry, please excuse me...I need to ask the bus driver something."

    She walked back to the bus apparently calm. But inside she was going crazy. When she got to the bus she tried to ask him.

    "..Excuse me, but uh, how long until we get back onto the road?"
  19. @Vivienne Vexx

    Henrik knew telling someone about where he was from could open up for a wave of questions, but this girl wasn't a wave, she was the whole ocean. He stood there listening to the girl ask question after question without giving him and a chance to answer before she suddenly came to a halt and started to apologize. "Hey, hey its fine, just slow down a bit so i can get an answer in there somewhere" A faint smiled could be seen in the boys face.

    Letting the girl pick herself back together he stood there and waited as she looked at him, had he without knowing said yes to a staring competition ? because if so, game on ! But alas after a few more moments she spoke and then started walking towards the buss. "But you didn't let me answer your questions !" But she just kept walking and soon reached the buss "I...really enjoy McDonald's" he said to himself as if she could hear him by now
  20. Soon as everyone stepped onto the ground outside the bus their phones started to go haywire. Digital sounds came from them and one by one they turned into small devices. Later they would learn they are digivices. if that wasn't strange the weather drastically changed into snow and rain. The citizens wondered around in shock, they started to murrmurr among their groups. No one would ever notice 8 kids being dragged up into the air and into a digital portal.

    Cyon didn't feel like an angel that fell from the sky, he just felt pain. He found himself in a tropical-like forest with a small rabbit like creature on his chest staring at him. The bunny smiled and put her paws together "Great! You are awake, I was almost sure you wouldn't have survived the fall." Cyon's eyes widened. "Oh silly me, I'm Lopmon, your digimon partner!" she said with glee. Cyon for some strange reason was fine with this, call it psychotic but he was quite excited. He picked her up and placed her on his shoulder after he stood up. He looked around and saw the others laying about. They each had their digimon partners trying to rouse them.

    "Well, I'm guessing just like the anime, this is the Digital World." He said softly with a smile.

    CH.2 Welcome to the Digital World!
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