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    As some of you may know, Digimon (the original) is coming back. I'm sure like others, this is starting to spark interest and not to mention some muse and/or cravings for roleplay. I know I'm definitely one of those people. At the end of this page, there are the pairings I'm interested in and the plot bunnies I have for some of the pairings. Before you continue on though, there are things I want to clarify.

    - This specific roleplay that I'm searching for is going to have the original characters in it, like Tai or Sora. This is NOT AN OC RP. This is one of those series that I don't want to mess with OC's.

    - I prefer to do a MxM (gay/yaoi) pairing out of the ones that will be listed below of my interest. But I am perfectly fine with doing a MxF roleplay as well for people who don't partake in MxM. No FxF though, please.

    - I mirror post, but I desire for someone who is at least skilled enough to give me a paragraph or two every post. No one-liners, or I will have to politely decline your offer and back out of the RP.

    - I'm as submissive as they come, I can't be a dominant role. I've tried so many times, but I utterly fail. I lose interest because it's just not in my nature and I feel like I'm forcing a cat to bark when it can only meow. So please, keep this in mind before agreeing to roleplay with me.

    The Pairings I'm Interested In Doing
    Key: *'s = craving the most
    Bold = who I would play


    Tai x Matt *
    Tai x TK
    Daisuke (Davis) x TK *
    Tai x Davis


    Tai x Sora
    Matt x Sora
    Daisuke x Kari *
    TK x Kari *

    Plot Bunnies

    Pairing: Tai x Matt *
    It's been a whole three years since Matt started dating Sora. Surely by now, he should have been over it now. After all, he was Matt's roommate in the dorm of their college. So things should have been cool between them, right? That's what Tai keeps telling himself. But it's not really Sora that he is wishing he could have had the chance with, but Matt. Ever since Matt came out as bisexual, there has only been one thing on Tai's mind. Maybe he was bicurious, or maybe he really was just trying to deny how he felt about Matt. But during an after party for Matt's band, Tai has a bit too much to drink... and so does Matt. When he confesses to Matt how he feels and finds out Matt doesn't feel too different either... things start to blossom. But how will Sora take this? (I would like a person who is okay with roleplaying Matt as a very proud bisexual. Also, I will roleplay Sora for us.)

    Pairing: Davis x TK *
    After their saving of the world, Kari decides she wants to transfer to an American college. Leaving behind a very broken-hearted Davis, TK has no other choice but to try to comfort his best friend. But as TK gets closer to Davis, he begins realizing that there is more than just friendly feelings for him. But Davis was in love with Kari, there was no way he would ever look at him that way... Or could he? (I expect Kari will have a role in this, I will play her.)
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