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    "How long was it again? a year? right..." Shinozaki's High grade 11 class 3-B, a class full of unique student, each with their own personality that differ from others. It's been a year since they've been together and have shared smile and tears together. Keisuke alongside with Kyoko, the vice class president, decided to create their last memory together by taking the whole class to a hot spring inn lies near the MT. Fuji. With 2 white van with green stripes, Keisuke and his classmate, went to the hot spring. As they arrive it was a giant inn, possibly a well place to held a farewell party as most of them would likely go our of the city even country. Keisuke, as the class presidents hope that this party would leave a happy memories that will be carve in each of their heart but there's a lot more than party awaiting them.. rather an event that will change each and every one of them....​
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  2. School was coming to an end.... Thank God! Sequoya hated being around others. Now she could be alone for a while to come. Well, alone expect her virtual pet, Shishimon. Being as she had very little friends, she considered Shishimon to be a real and true friend. He was always there for her, well, simply because she brought her handheld device everywhere she went. For some odd reason, the tomboy found comfort in the small black and orange toy. Maybe because she got it when she was going through a difficult time? Whatever the reason, she adored it. Though bullied for various reasons, she was never really bullied for having a Digimon. Then again, everyone has one. Her entire class all had digital monsters and would battle with them at lunch! The makers of the game surely could not have suspected it to go off the charts, especially not in Japan, but now that it has, they must be rolling in dough! Aw, well, good for them. ..."You're taking your Digimon to the farewell party? What, are you five?" The comment snapped Sequoya from her thoughts and she looked up coolly with her icy blue eyes, finding a girl she never got along with before her. "Yeah well, you must be five too. If I'm not mistaken, that's your Digimon on your belt." Standing up from her kneeled position, she having knelt to dig in her bag, she pushed herself past the girl twice her size due to high heels. The girl gasped and Sequoya couldn't help but smirk. Too bad there was no camera to catch that.... Yawning, the brown haired girl adjusted her short brimmed hat and walked out towards the bus. The President and Vice President of the class should have everything set up by the time the old yellow school bus made it there. If they made it there.... The bus was incredibly run down. Wasn't she supposed to be there with the President and Vice President setting up? She was the musical entertainment, but she couldn't remember needing to go with them. Oh well, she'll just set up when she gets there. Come to think of it, her guitar was in the vans that the President and Vice were in....Boarding the bus, she found one other kid on it. He was listening to music from his MP3 Player with large black DJ headphones. The kid's name was Kaleb, if she remembered correctly. An American exchange student who finished his high school year here in Japan. At least, Sequoya thought he was American. .. He didn't talk much. And for this reason, she sat next to him.

    Kaleb Michaels a newly graduated senior, had come to Japan because he was tired of American schools, and family drama. He wanted to learn, not be told he wasn't smart enough because he failed a test. He was smart, he just needed a little more time to understand. Or more material. And that's what he got from the exchange program. He finished up high school away from discouraging teachers, jerks for students, and the stress from his family's death. His brother had joined the Navy, and on his first mission, was killed in a bombing. His parents blamed each other and are getting a divorce, and he couldn't take it anymore. Moving to Japan and learning there, it helped him a lot, but he was still very anti-social after his brother's death. Partially due to how close they were, and partially because of what followed. When arriving in Japan, he was told to go back to America and get his sickly sister. He did so, buying a very popular toy for her. But once he went to pick her up, he found she already had one, so he kept the Digimon handheld virtual pet for himself. It wasn't really a Digimon he'd pick, but she grew on him, that Shirousagimon did. He'd assume her English name was WhiteRabbitmon, but he thought the Japanese version sounded better. He found himself graduating on time in Japan, when in America, he was expected to never graduate. There was a party being held somewhere, and since he had nothing better to do, he sat on the bus, rocking out and playing with Oyamanekomon. Then a girl sat next to him. Looking up, he realized it was the girl named Sequoya Kiushi, a girl nobody seemed to want to talk to. He wanted to say hi, but due to his recent shyness, he averted her eyes and went back to playing with his Digimon.
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  3. *Bidideep** Bidideep* *Bidideep*. Kenji ignored his alarm, the purple rings under his eyes more pronounced than the night before, and contined to chow down on his ramen while passively messing with his old school digivice. A mass of green and brown pixels bounced left and right across the screen as the noodles and their pals broth and diced onion disappeared into the digestive abyss.

    After the delicious threat of bargain bin breakfast had been thoroughly obliterated, the summertime student savored a breath mint or six, Pitasen fiddled with his digivice for a few more minutes then declared "Screw it!" Pocketing his digivice and dashing out the door.

    The meetup point for the van was only about a mile from the Pitasen residence, and under a sun that was still groggy from some rager party last night the walk was fairly pleasant. It wasn't until Kenji had greeted Keisuke with a warm smile that he came to a realization. He had left everything but his digivice and a thousand yen at home. Kenji facepalmed.
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  4. Kyo was tossing his old school digivice up and down as he stood near the inn. He caught the device once more and looked at I. "Looks like you're doing alright Wanyamon." he smiled. He was happy he was graduating, he felt like it had been forever since he started school and with the friends he had made he was ready to move on to the next chapter of his life. He noticed Kenji facepalming. He had never talked much to the guy but he practically knew most of the student body, it was part of his job as a student council member. He walked over to the guy and straightened his hat. "Hey Kenji, seems you are having some problems." He smiled softly. He noticed the bags under the boy's eyes and figured he hadn't gotten much sleep. Maybe this little vacation would be good for all the students, after all exams kicked everyone's asses.
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  5. Keisuke still sleeps holding his digivice while the alarm rang. "Urgh..." Keisuke grumbled as he hugged his digivice before he suddenly woke up "IT'S THE DAY!" He quickly packed some random things and took a bath before took a bite of his toaster to the meeting place for the graduation. He stopped for awhile to buy food enough for everyone but left him with 15.000 yen only. He was worried but excited at the same time as this is his last memory with his friends. He looked at his digivice with a smile. He ran into the bus stop to wait for the bus, he wait but he was caught up with the boss fight. As the boos fight were done, he just realized he miss the bus and decided to ran towards the meeting place. As he arrived, there are a lot of people gather already, "GUYS! I brought something with me!" Keisuke gave each one of them a curry bread and greet them with smile. Kenji greeted him as well, "It's nice to see you too Kenji so how's your digimon going?" Keisuke is a digi freak, he always talk about digimon with his friend inside or outside the school. "So we only need to wait other right?" Keisuke stood beside Kenji and laughed at him, looking at empty handed wallet, "Don't worry I got some so use mine" Keisuke offer helping Kenji to pay for the Inn
  6. "Oh it's,no big deal I just forgot to bring my stuff for the trip," Kenji answered, feeling sillier for turning his faux pas into a production. "Things like this spring up once in a while, y'know?".
    Almost immediately after Kenji finished his sentence, Keisuke hopped aboard with curry bread for all. After Mister President distributed the spicy sweet treats, he circled back to hand Kenji and Kyo their foodstuffs. "So we just have to wait for the other, right?". The bearded grad couldn't help but chuckle a bit.
    Sure Kenji still felt like a derp herder, but now he's a derpmaster with food. Kenji gave an apathetic shrug when asked about his digivice; "It's going alright, but all it seems to do is hit things". Kenji then thought for a second and reached for his duct tape wallet to reimburse Nagano San for his kind contribution to the Pitasen Obesity Organization. Keisuke was having none of that noise though. Mister President waved off the attempt, but he also noticed Kenji's lack of funds. "Don't worry, you can have some of mine" the head of class intoned, offering to cover part of the cost of the inn.
    "Thanks, but don't worry, I covered the room fees a week in advance."
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  7. Sam opened his eyes and sat up, rubbing his eyes tiredly. He had been up late last night packing. His room basically empty now, all posters and books packed away for his trip. He sighed and glanced at his watch, he was already late. He got up and changed clothing, just into something nice. He grabbed his bag that he had packed earlier and slung it over his shoulder. He got his digimon toy that he had found while going through a drawer last night and threw in the bag, for he didn't know if he would get bored enough to play it. He walked out of the house and to the meeting place. There were already a few people there so he smiled softly and walked up to them.
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  8. The bus ride was short, lending very little time to think. When it pulled up to the springs, Sequoya tried to be the first off. She wasn't, but she was close. First thing she did was get her guitar from the vans and checked on Shishimon. She sighed when he was hungry.... again ...She fed him and went to get her amp from the trunk. Once finished gathering her things, she headed over to the Cliffside looking over the water, finding the stage and starting to set up. She noticed a small crowd having gathered with the President in it and sighed once more. Why can't she have a group of friends like that? Oh well, she had Shishimon, and that's all that mattered. It didn't take long to set up, and soon she was testing the amp, speakers, and microphone. Once satisfied, she started to mess around, playing and signing a very popular Japanese song, though the song isn't what she'll be signing for the actual performance.

    Kaleb was the last to get off the bus. He avoided big crowds and went straight to the Cliffside, listening to Sequoya and watching the ocean. He didn't really want to socialize, so he just played with Shirousagimon, of whom seemed to want to play with him at all times. He didn't know if anyone saw him head off on his own, and he didn't really care. If they talked to him, great! Because he surely wouldn't be the first to start a conversation.
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  9. Kyo smiled at Keisuke when he was offered the curry bread. He honestly wasn't the biggest fan of curry but he didn't want to see rude. He took the bread thankfully and started to eat it. His digivice game went off and he looked to see that Wanyamon was hungry. He sighed and pressed a few buttons that gave the digimon some food. When the digital monster was satisfied he returned to his food. He looked around and noticed Saquya setting up the music and wondered why she always seemed so distant. He was almost tempted to go over and talk to her. He'd seen people try to talk to her before though, she seemed passive aggressive, or so he was told.
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  10. The ride to the inn was tortuously long, or at least it might've been were it not for the bleepy-bloopy home of a pugnacious little green man. Keisuke and Kyo had settled back into their vices, and with very few other options, Pitasen did the same.

    The blue-clad bearded guy didn't know his digivice had wireless connectivity, but there was little other explanation for the frustrated signs and groans radiating from the back of the bus as his mass of pixels casually smashed through a parade of varied pixilated pinatas. Kenji almost felt bad. He had no idea that goburrimon was such a badass. It was probably all the meat. The red parade had to end eventually, but it didn't just end, it went right in the other direction.
    It started with some Simba looking thing. Gobourrimon raised his club with ease, and slammed it down with the usual brute force. Only problem was that the lion prince stubbornly refused to stay put. Instead the challenger flipped over the home-run cudgel and effortlessly sliced two claws through the little green man. From that point it was pretty much over for the duo. Goburrimon kept slammin' short and Leormon kept zipping across the screen, delivering hell in two paws on each lap. And that was more or less the theme of the rest of the trip. The most notable loss aside from the Punisher from Pride Rock was a cyan imp looking thing with a sword. What's more is that the blue buster won in a series of clashes instead of the more reliable hit and run.

    "That was a good one Pita-san," the genki group leader cheered with a smile. Kenji was more surprised that he cared. A few hours or so ago he didn't even know he could throw down, let alone that his digimon packed a punch. Thinking through his "Pitasen Guide to Not Being a Douche", the graduate tipped his invisible hat to the head of class. "Well played bro."
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  11. Drake looked around and sighed, he had made it to the inn already and his digivice was in his hand. He loved his digimon but he was excited to see his old classmates. As he waited he pressed several buttons playing with his digimon and feeding it. As he looked around the beach at which the inn wasn't too far from Drake sighed and looked around. He wondered what would have happened if he had waited to meet the others at the bus stop, shaking his head Drake looked at the horizon and felt the salty wind blow through his hair and he closed his eyes smiling softly. He was near the bus stop at which they would be hopping off from and he waited for them to arrive. Pressing several more buttons Drake placed his digivice in his pocket and placed it away. Spotting the bus arriving he gave a wave at the people who hopped out.
    "Hey guys!"

    (@Greedy Donuts I am sorry is that okay?)
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  12. Sam got off the bus and but his bag over his shoulder. This place seemed nice, it was out of the way and seemed like a perfect place to have one last gathering of friends. He walked into the inn and leaned against the wall. He wasn't in charge, so he wasn't sure what to tell the front desk. He reached and took out his digivice. He hadn't played it in years, so he had been suprised to see that it was still working and everything. He pressed the buttons, trying to remember how it worked again. He had seen the others get off the bus but he didn't feel the need to talk to them. Sam wasn't exactly talkative.
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  13. Kaleb glanced up at the sunset when the lighting changed. Then he did a double take before staring at the waters in horror. To a normal eye, the waves looked fine and docile, but he had always been known to catch even the tiniest details. To him, the waves were growing in height and we're becoming more powerful. He put Shirousagimon away, got up, and started to speed walk away from the Cliffside.

    Sequoya saw Kaleb fast walking and stopped her song, turning off the mic. "Yo, where ya going, Kay?" The boy didn't stop, just told her to leave the area. "I kinda have a show to do...."
    "You won't make the show if you die from that-"
    "Wave?!" She had turned on the microphone so everyone heard. If they had turned, they would see a large tsunami heading their way. She unplugged her guitar and flipped it around so it was on her back. She then started running after Kaleb, who had started to run himself. Too late, however. The wave engulfed them both. To their surprise, they were able to breathe. That didn't mean they could rest easily, for they started to spiral as if caught in a whirlpool. It reminded them of something they had seen, but couldn't place it in time as they blacked out.
  14. "GUYS LOOK OUT!" Keisuke was frantically covering his whole classmate, but it doesn't work as the wave hits them and making them drowned. Keisuke woke up as he found himself in a weird forest and a blue digimon carrying a sword, "WHAT THE HELL! MMMONSTEERR!!" Keisuke jump scare as he saw the blue digimon. "Ah snap out of it KEISUKE! I'm Veemon! your digimon!" Keisuke went into deep silence for awhile before he jumped out of excitement, "VEEMON?! YES MY DREAM FINALLY CAME TRUE! wait if you're alive then where are we?" Keisuke began to punched a lot of question before Fubuki interrupted him with his partner digimon Ice Impmon, "Digital world.. idiots.." Fubuki went ahead to look for other, "go straight for our meeting place be there after you found everyone..." silently Fubuki left Keisuke in deep confusion.

    Keisuke was struggling to get all through "DIGITAL WORLD! YES!!" he was excited and went to look for other, well first Keisuke meet Sequoya, "Hey Sequoya wake up!!" Keisuke playfully slap him, Veemon went to talk to his digimon, "so.. what's your master like? mine's a doofus" Keisuke heard that and went to Veemon, "WHAT DID YOU SAY !!! I'm crush your balls VE..." Veemon sticked his tongue out while saying, "I only got tail Keisuke!" Keisuke was mad and ended up playing catch with Veemon.

    While on the other side Fubuki gather Sam, Kyo, Kaleb, and Drake. "let's meet up guys to the tower and wait for Keisuke..." cooly he ask his friends to come to the meeting place, afterall Fubuki has scan all over the area and find the safe ground, he and his partner digimon met with some wild digimon and beat it. "..now to wait that doofus..."
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  15. (You can't interact with Evangeline)

    Evangeline looked at the people who had arrived on the island and scoffed, "Look at these pathetic idiots. They don't even know about the digiworld. Gosh. How did they get here?"
    Solomon looked at the humans that had appeared and frowned, "I am not sure."

    (You can interact with Drake though ^^)
    Drake rubbed his head feeling it hurt but then stopped as he felt a paw on his head.
    He blinked as he saw a lion cub looking creature, "Who are you...?"
    The creature looked at him and smiled ever so softly, "My name is Leormon... I am your digimon..."
    Drake blinked and looked at the creature and then slowly smiled at him, "Nice to meet you Leormon...."
    "It is nice to meet you as well finally, Drake."
    He blinked slightly as Leormon said his name but then shook his thoughts out his head and then smiled back at him.
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  16. Sam opened his eyes,and rubbed his head. What had just happened. He felt fur brush up against him jumped.
    "What the.." He said softly turning around to see a creature.
    "Hey. I'm your digimon. Remember me?" The creature asked looking at him.
    "Oh. right. of course gabumon" Sam said looking around.
  17. Fubuki saw Sam with his gabumon while on the other side Snow impmon found Drake, Fubuki went near Sam and offer him a hand, "follow me Sam.." Fubui got Sam up, "I'll explain later for now follow me..." (@Sashakiki) Fubuki went to the tower and asked Sam to stayed in there. Snow impmon on the other hand found Drake, Snow impmon tell Leormon what happen and ask them to follow believe it or not. Fubuki sat on the tower and brought his harmonica up (PFTT YAMATO WANNABE) and played it so that other could enjoy and not be bored waiting for Keisuke. "Tsk.. where's Keisuke anyway..." @EternalMusic
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  18. Leormon looked at Drake and motioned him to follow him.
    "Come this way Drake... We will follow Snow ipmon."
    Drake nodded and followed behind the lion cub and tilted his head to the side unsure what to think of the whole situation. He was delighted that he had finally met his pokemon. But he had no idea if he was dreaming or not.
    "You aren't dreaming."
    "How did you-"
    "I have been with you a long time Drake."
    Nodding his head Drake accepted it and looked around them, taking in the features. He spotted a young looking girl with a digimon far away and watched as she disappeared. I wonder who that was...
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  19. Snow impmon finally showed up at the tower and met Fubuki, "Drake..." Fubuki stopped playing his harmonica, "so.. is that your partner?" he smiled for awhile revealed that he's relived to meet Drake, "wait for other and I'll start explaining Keisuke is on the way right now... or not... he's late..." Fubuki went back to sit and closed his eye, "Drake... so.. how have you been? sorry that I didn't make it to our last trip.. I was at odaiba and there's a thing calling me in a fishing spot then a wave came to my direction, All of the sudden I was here..."
  20. Drake shook his head, "No... It's alright... I am glad that you are alright though."
    Smiling softly he gave a manly giggle (have no idea how that works... ^^"). Leormon looked around and couldn't see many people, not that he could see anyone.
    "I hope that everyone is alright."
    "Don't worry they will be fine," Leormon smiled at the worried Drake.
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