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  1. Hey all! I have had this RP idea for a while, so now I want to RP it with three others. The first three to read the entire post and post saying they are interested will be in, while the rest will have to wait until I want to run another group through this. If you have any questions after reading this post, then ask them and I will gladly answer.

    - The general Iwaku rules apply.

    - Type at least one paragraph of five sentences or more per post.

    - There is a post order that will show itself once everyone in the RP posts once.

    - Be able to post within 72 hours of it being your turn. This will be a slow and steady RP, but not too slow. If you miss your time to post three times then I will kick you out of the RP, unless you let me know that you will be gone beforehand.

    - Proper grammar/few grammar mistakes.

    - All posts must be in English.

    - All posts must be in third person.

    - No Mary Sues/Gary Stus. Your character and their digimon aren't indestructible so don't RP like they are.

    - PLEASE let me know if you are going to drop out of the RP so I know that I have to replace you. I won't be mad, I promise.

    - This will be an alternate universe, so nothing in any of the series ever happened.

    - Yes, custom digimon are a thing. Go crazy.

    - I am using knowledge from the few digimon adventure series I have watched to help me create my own setting, set of rules and plot within the universe.

    - You can pick either of the three digimon types below.

    - You can only have one human.

    - You can only have one digimon.

    - Fused digimon (see digimon types below) will not be required to look like a mix of the digimon that fused. This is because it will be hard to find fusion images of custom digimon and a lot of canon digimon.

    - Fused digimon can go back and forth between their stages without needing to de-fuse and then fuse again in another stage.

    -Everyone will start in the same area (within a few miles from one another at most).

    -We will be the heroes of the story that actively search for whatever is the cause of lost communication (see plot below), and we will be together through most of the RP. DO NOT ask to adventure out on your own or with your own group.

    - Your digimon can go up to the champion stage at first. You must develop with them in the story to go higher.

    - This RP will be darker in nature than the TV shows. Digimon and humans will die (not yours), so be prepared for that.

    - There will be digimon that will have images from other shows I am fond of like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon, and a ton of others, so this is basically a mash up of them all, but in the digital world.

    - The way that the world is set up is that there is the human world and there is the digital world. The only way that they are connected to each other is through multiple digivices which randomly get warped all over the real world every now and then. Some actually use them while others collect a ton of them to sell in their shops. When a person turns on a digivice using the button on the top, they will see the face of their digimon through the small screen in the middle that they can talk to (to the digimon, a screen opens up in front of them, and they can see the person's face). There are two buttons below the screen. The one on the left sends the person to the digital world and the one on the right sends the person back to the human world. Once sent to the digital world, the person is teleported directly to where their digimon is. The first time this happens, the person becomes directly connected to their digivice and digimon, so now only they will ever be able to use that digivice. Digimon cannot go into the human world.

    The digital world is about 1/4th the size of the earth, with millions of digimon that live in millions of settlements. There are tons of species of digimon, and most of them live together in peace and harmony. There will be the occasional criminal that threatens the peace, but there are also many digimon that stop them. Most digimon have accepted humans, but some detest them. Some even go so far as to hurt humans whenever they see them.

    There is a lot of stuff that a human can do in the digital world. They can just chill with their digimon and make other friends as well, train their digimon to digivolve, fully integrate themselves into the digital society and live their, etc.

    The digital world has existed since the universe has. In the beginning it was nothing but a dark and empty void, until humans began creating computers that accessed the digital world, constantly creating things like stories or pictures on them that would unknowingly create beautiful and rich settings in the digital world, as well as the dark and eerie. Digimon were placed within this world with the stories and pictures that depicted beings of all kinds of forms (there are plenty of human-like digimon in the digital world). The digital world is constantly expanding and growing as more and more things are created on computers.

    - There are the standard digimon that have a baby, rookie, champion, ultimate and mega digivolution. These digimon can freely go from baby form to rookie and back without a partner, but they will need a partner in order to digivolve into the other stages. Digivolving into a champion or higher is only temporary. These digimon can also fuse with other digimon as long as they are at the same stage of evolution. The fusion is instantly bumped to the next stage, so two baby digimon fusing become rookies, rookie digimon fusing become champions, etc. When two mega digimon digivolve, they turn into an ultra digimon, the sixth stage that can only be achieved through fusion. Fused digimon are stronger than regular digimon. For example, a fused champion digimon is stronger than a regular champion.

    - There is another type of digimon that are the same as standard digimon with one exception. They cannot go into their mega digivolution without fusing with their partner, which means they can't fuse with a digimon and take the fusion line beyond ultimate. Mega digimon like this are as strong as a fused mega digimon. In order for this type of digimon to digivolve into their ultra stage, two mega digimon of this type need to fuse. An ultra fusion that occurs this way is the same strength as a standard ultra digimon. By the way, in your post tell me your favorite color (or lackthereof) so I know that you are reading this.

    - The final type of digimon is an odd one. Sometimes, there is no digimon on the other side of a digivice, though the person who holds it can still go back and forth through the human and digital world. Once they go to the digital world, there will be a digi relic in their free hand (can be anything. A ball, mini statue, baseball bat, etc) that can be used to allow them to transform into a digimon themselves. These type of digimon have three stages. Their first stage is as strong as a fused champion digimon. Their second is as strong as a fused ultimate, and their third is as strong as a fused mega. There is also a fourth stage that is as strong as a an ultra, but that can only be achieved through fusion with another digimon of this type. These digimon can't fuse unless they are in their third stage. This type of digimon is very rare.

    - One day, while thousands of humans are in the digital world, all communication between the human and digital world is lost. Humans can't go in or out of the digital world. Those trapped in it must find the reason for this and handle the situation so that they can return home. Some humans may try to ensure that it stays this way however, by any means necessary.
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  2. Throwing this idea aside for now. Maybe I will want to RP it later.
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