Digimon: 245 Days to the End of the World

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  1. We all remember how it started. Computers went on the fritz, seemingly unrelated glitches and circuits frying with unsettling frequency, but nobody put the pieces together. Soon, entire systems went down. It easily could have stopped there, but that was only the beginning of the death of normalcy. Turns out, we weren't the only ones dealing with blackouts and communications meltdowns, but it was far from global. Isolated cities around the world were going through what we were. What exactly that was, however, remained to be seen. The only clue we had at the time was a strange distortion in the sky, almost like the northern lights, but clearly far from natural. Word reached us that this phenomenon was being called a "breach".

    That news didn't arrive in a vacuum. Apparently, our breach was a fairly new one, and others had been dealing with the oddity for longer. The big news story was Detroit, of all places. They launched a full scale assault against the breach, and after a certain point, even decided to launch a nuclear attack on it. Nobody can confirm why, but everyone knows it must've been bad. The city's a smear now, and we're more on edge than ever. Police and military hardly ever vacated the vicinity of the breach after we first heard. People were tossing theories around from chemtrails to aliens to swamp gas, and all the while, we wouldn't be prepared for what crossed over into our world.

    The digimon, as they came to be called, started off small. They were a strange mix of curious and destructive, but that didn't stop them from being terrifying. Knowing what we know now, we'd classify them as rookies, and we sure as hell wish those were the only ones that ever crossed over. The digimon never seemed interested in dealing with us, directly. It's more like they'd fallen through the breach mid-conflict. That changed quickly. The digimon that emerged afterwards were much more hostile. A group known as Zelus, supposedly an offshoot of an obscure governmental defense branch, appeared to provide assistance. They came bearing digimon eggs, and provided them to anyone willing to help beat back the invading digimon. As a result, the city became home to a sort of militia of humans who teamed alongside digimon.


    This is the way it's been for months now. Breaches come in cycles, dropping different types on violent digimon on us with each new turn. Some citizens have become front line fighters, and others have split up into gangs and prefer to fight among themselves. This RP focuses on a new, small gang who fight alongside their digimon in the increasingly aggressive assaults that come through the breach. Your characters have never faced the front lines, and mostly fight against the weaker stragglers and gangs who get too big for their britches. Coming from all walks of life, some leaving established gangs with a desire for more freedom, others having only fought before to defend themselves as unaffiliated volunteers, this gang will have to rise to the occasion. More and more people are falling in the fights against the invading horde, leaving only a smaller first line of defense. Will you be able to figure out a way to keep the city safe? With Zelus working to close the breach, will there be a cessation to these constant nightmarish barrages?

    Digimon Stats
    WIP (Choi will do et)
    World Info



    History/Personality: Honestly, since this invite-only, I know you guys aren't gonna make stupid character, so really, go as in depth or not as you'd like here.

    Digimon Partner:

    For here, list the line of evolution you'll be using, ie, Koromon -> Agumon -> Greymon -> MetalGreymon -> WarGreymon. No need to go back beyond that first baby stage, seeing as they will rarely revert that far

    Primary Form:

    Personality: If you want to even steal the natures from Pokemon and leave it at that, we won't judge you


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    Character Sheet'll go here when it's done, I guess.
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