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  1. What do you find to be the most difficult part of creating a roleplay? From deciding on setting or technological advancement to determining what type of characters to allow or working out plot, what gives you the most trouble?
    How do you think you can improve in this area?
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  2. I think the most difficult part - aside from making sure I'm committed to the roleplay - is finding the players who find the plot intriguing. The roleplay won't happen if the players and GM aren't committed to the story so that has always been the biggest struggle for me. I think what is also difficult is figuring out what type of roleplay I want. Do I want it to be free form or structured? How do I make it interesting for my players so they don't lose interest?
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  3. I think the hardest part of roleplay creation for me is writing down the setting. o___o You'd think that'd be an easy part for me, but trying to expression the sort of atmosphere, setting, and style I want my roleplay to be ends up being the more difficult part.
  4. Two years ago, I might have said that the hardest part for me was finding players who were interested in my ideas. Before I came to Iwaku, I seemed to be cursed with being that GM whose plots never appealed to anyone. Aaand that sort of put me out of practice of being a proper GM. :[ Plus I get intimidated when I get a lot of interest and psych myself out. But that's a whole different topic.

    I think the hardest part of roleplay creation for me now is limiting my scope. I tend to have a lot of super complicated ideas with three or four levels of metaphor and themes and I want to do ALL THE THINGS. And that just doesn't work for every roleplay.
  5. Hmm... I find the hardest part of roleplay creation to be plotting. I know, that sounds bad- okay it is bad. I am the type of person who will sit down and jot down a bunch of setting details, character sketches, abilities, set a time period and have all those nice details together only to later realize that they have nothing to do. The world is wonderful but it has no purpose. I always want to do something different but I have a hard time coming up with plots that are satisfactory. I can do almost anything except plot...on my own.
  6. Getting the ruddy thing off of the ground in the first place. It's like I'm the only one nobody wants to speak to whenever I put an idea up.
    Then there's the problem of getting people to stay, keeping it afloat... I'm better suited to just taking part, come to think of it.
  7. I find that my most challenging part is deciding 'what do i want to play." This is probably because i've used most o my idea's and can't come up with new ones. My solution. Read more books, immerse myself in others creativity and see what I come up with!
  8. It's difficult for me to keep the roleplay going! When I post one, I have the entire story roughly in my head. And then I get all overwhelmed looking at the characters and trying to make everyone have a memorable experience in the storyline. I guess I try to deliver too much, but don't get much done at the end.

    I guess I should it take step by step? Or maybe get a co-GM. That's what I'm trying now..
  9. Having an awesome concept is great. Having a great storyline mapped out is awesome. Having a kickass OOC with lots of attention-grabbing images and tantalising teasers is sweet as well.

    But you need to know how your cast of characters are going to fit into the world you've created, otherwise your game's gonna die a painful, horrible death.

    This issue has been the most difficult issue for me to get past, and has been something that's killed my RPs frequently. It's well worth putting a lot of thought into; the characters are the life's blood of an RP, after all.
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