Differing Opinion: A Window In-to Peoples Hypocrisy

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  1. Its funy how established patterns keep repeating themselvs over and over ad nauseum, and how tragicaly amusing they are to me. Literaly. I get a kick out of it every time it hapens, just reafirming me in my belief that blunt honestly is mostly a lost art, in todays world. Vhich of corse is just a symptom of a much larger problem that has to do vith the state of humanity today as a vhole, but thats another topic thats not a matter of this thread.

    Most people simply can not stand seeing anyone vho thinks diferently then they do, and is not hesitant to speak it out. Oh sure... they tend to parrot-out those slogans of "tolerance" and "freedom of speech" and many other popular euphemizms that the "civilized world" today likes to proudly wear on its blood-stained shirt, and actualy thinks theyr fooling anyone (thats arguably the most amusing part to me)... But vhat hapens, when the dissender perzists, and stays strong in theyr beliefs, in spite of their increasingly desperate and even amusingly non-sensical atempts to "reform" them to conform vith the "popular" way of thinking? All those high, mighty ideals seem to gradualy, but surely... disapear. Like smoke.

    And in their place, comes a vhole lot of less-then-noble stuff. Futile atempts at psychological pressure, even more futile (not to mention pathetic) insults and mockery... all anathema to the afore-mentioned ideals of "tolerance" and "freedom of speech". In short, pure hypocrisy, only proving the dissender's point. Because people are afraid of anyone or anything, to break the cozy little status quo in terms of mindset, and actualy get them to think for themselvs, and chalenge the society's hold on them. Or even more importantly, to actualy love themselvs, as oposed to hating themselvs. Frankly, if it verent so funny (in a tragic kind of way), it wuld actualy be sad.

    I'm curious to hear about others' experiences of that kind of efect, vhether on the net, or in RL conversations, from either side of that fence.
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  3. Point proven already! This wil be fun...
  4. I'm not hesitant to speak it out, but vhen I do they "reform" and conform to "popular" slogans of "tolerance" and "freedom of speech". Mostly.
  5. Pot, I'd like to introduce you to kettle.
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  6. So far so expected... this wil be a amusing evening!
  7. Why do you use a 'v' in place of 'w's? Are you just typing out your accent? This has bothered me forever. I know you have a 'w' key!
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  8. As I sayed at least 5 times to varius ppl so far, there are no "v"s in my langage.
  9. It's popped before. She's Croatian. Crazy Slavs have no v-w difference. It's confusing.

    "Bear vith us".
  10. Some people you just need to keep saying things.

    tsk tsk.
  11. Aha. Admittedly, I tend to skip over a lot of her posts, which might explain why I missed it. ┐(ツ)┌
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  12. Exacly. ADD maybe. Not suprising, given the state of most of the world today. Guess I shuld add keeping atention to the list of lost arts. Such a shame...
  13. Agree. The worlds add worse. These sad-sacs have no intelligence.
  14. How to troll.

    one: Start thread where you basicly say "people who disagree with me are hypocrites" and that they will one day "dissappear" so your vision is the only remaining one. Thus stating your views is the only real one. Thus perpetuating a hilarius circle into the same hypocrisy you complain others possess.
    Step two: Clearly show enjoyment with trollish behavior. Continuesly respond like someone who wants a argument and shit fling fest would.
    Step three: Clearly try to rile people up by blatant patronizing comments....
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  15. Hmm... guess some ppl know that more then others...
  16. I agree. That describes the majority of people on this forum. Ofc, add to that a healthy dose of exageration added just for dramatic efect, and you get the aproximate result.
  17. Oh god. Look, everyone else is going to troll you and shitpost you to death, but I'm going to try and explain this. I will honestly try.

    Look, it's not blunt honesty that's the problem. I'm blunt, and honest, and generally, I don't have problems with most people... It's that people have emotions. Four billion years worth of evolution of emotions. Powerful, potent, incredibly persuasive emotions, that serve as the fundamental drive for perpetuating any belief or action in the world. These emotions are an inseparable part of the human mind, of how we analyze and comprehend and interpret the information our sensory organs compile. When we're dealt personal attacks, we generally respond poorly, because we've evolved an extraordinarily healthy (some might say obsessive) sense of self. Ironically, we're actually better at handling these kinds of issues now, than we ever have been. We used to resolve conflicts first with brutal, unending violence, that dragged our species through five hundred years of an ideological dark age.

    You don't convince people by making personal attacks on their character, you make them defensive. That's not weakness: That's a basic, logical response, to a personal attack. There's a difference between blunt honesty, and a complete lack of empathy for someone else's emotional condition. Remember when I made a public apology to you? That was my attempt to bridge the gap we had, because I realize I had gone and done an incredibly weak minded thing. You know how we had a discussion in the species sapience thread, that went somewhere? We didn't completely agree, but we were able to respect each other at some level?

    That's the very definition of compromise, and of respecting each other's emotional states to some degree. We evolved that capacity because words by their own connotations can be inverted to mean anything. That's the greatest beauty, and greatest flaw, of language: Is any word can be used to create, or destroy. To tear down, or enlighten. To attack, or defend. To be used warmly, or cruelly.

    You can still have a discussion with people and state your points. How you state those points will influence the reactions of others. If you are a cold, blunt, brutal, idiotic cave man, who threatens physical violence against people who disagree with you? You shouldn't be surprised that their natural, four billion years in the making response, will be defensive. If you initiate conflict, don't be surprised that others respond with it.

    It's not hypocritical for others to point at you and tell you to fuck off, or that you're wrong. It's not abridging freedom of speech; it's a perfect expression of it. If you state something in a blunt, cold manner, someone else is completely free to tell you off for it. You're completely free to tell them off back for it. You're even free to threaten physical harm on people, for whatever macabre reason you can think of for it, so long as there's no evidence you're actually going to try and attempt it.

    In essence: They're completely allowed to try and get you to conform to what they think, because that's freedom of speech. You're free to reject or accept that, because that's also freedom of speech, and of association. If you go against the grain, expect to find a lot of people who will reject your assertions, no matter how well founded they may be in reality. If I were to join a Christian role playing forum and then started spouting on about atheism and Richard Dawkins, I guarantee you, guaran-fucking-tee you, that community would reject it. They would be free to reject it. They would be free to choose their own way, and because that website is private property, even free to ban me if I refused to conform to their way.

    If this bothers you, good for you. You can join the "I'm offended" hug box hate speech spewing brigade on Tumblr. Otherwise, complaining that people respond poorly to you tearing into their personal character, whilst simultaneously making physical threats toward people who do the same to you, makes you the hypocrite. I mean in this thread, you already accused half the forum of having ADD because they didn't read one of your posts where you explained why you used the letter "v" instead of "w." You immediately go on the attack, and attack, and attack, and people close up when you do that, because nobody wants to deal with that shit.

    Seriously, if you attack people on a personal level, and they decide to tell you off and stop dealing with you? That's not hypocrisy: That's getting rid of someone who annoys you. Which they're perfectly free to do so, because, I'm pretty fucking sure, you don't listen to the "western liberal" media on a regular basis. I bet they annoy you. Just like how you annoy some other people, and because of freedom of association, people are free to choose not to associate with you in any manner.

    If you still don't get it, then just think to all the times other people made you angry in your life and you chose to shut them out. Because if we chose to viciously attack everyone who refused to capitulate to the way we think, we'd go back to the dark ages in a nuclear holocaust the likes of which would be unmatched in human history ever again. An eye for an eye only makes the world blind.
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  18. omg I am tilting so hard right now. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Remember my happy place.
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  19. I know many things Marchosias-san.

  20. You can do it! SPEAK THE WORDS THAT I CANNOT.
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