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How would you save the world?

  1. By working together.

  2. By taking out the bad guys.

  3. By letting it burn.

  4. I wouldn't.

  1. Humans and fantasy creatures do not see eye to eye on most things. In early times, they used to get along. Then some rich king got the idea of going on a kitsune hunt instead of a fox hunt, and it all went downhill from there. Now humans take sport in hunting any fantasy creature they can find. The dragons were the first to strike back against the humans. Demons, vampires, and wolves joined in the fun, and poof, you have a war going on. Humans and fantasy creatures only have one thing in common now- mutual hatred.

    But perhaps, if they could just stop fighting for a millisecond, they could put an end to this war. A single differential could change the entire story, no?

    I accept/decline new people to/from this roleplay. Not anyone else.
    This is set in a more medieval time period.
    Do not argue with me.
    Do not fight with other members.
    No overpowering characters. (No autohits, miss every time, impossible to kill, ect.)
    No perfect characters.

  2. Name: Leone Valcrosse
    Age: Unknown, appears to be around 20.
    Gender: Male
    Species: Daemon
    Weapons: Strange dark silver rapier, a bow and arrows.
    Talents: Drawing, archery, hand to hand combat, swordplay, playing the ocarina.
    Likes: Music, warm places, being underestimated, peace and quiet, being alone, cats, and tiger lilies.
    Dislikes: Rain, thunder, storms in general, the cold, fighting, mushy lovey dovey crap.
    Themesong: Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin
  3. Name: Terra Logan
    Age: 18 but looks younger
    Gender: female
    Species: kitsune
    Weapon: crescent moon blades
    Look: She has long brown hair and brown eyes. Her ears and tale are the same color as her hair but her ears have black tips.
    Talents: dancing, drawing, sneak attacks
    Like: music, playing in the trees (or anywhere really), hot weather,
    Dislikes: loud noises, getting wet,
    Themesong: Until the End Breaking Benjamin
    other: It was her pack that was attacked first by the humans.
  4. We might as well get started.
  5. Okay, do you want to or shall I??
  6. Okay, then may the story begin!!
  7. .> Name: Lucas Wolventale
    .> Age: 24 years old
    .> Gender: Male
    .> Species: Lycan / Werewolf
    .> Weapon: his Lycan form, but he also carries a sword
    .> Look: black-short hair that reaches his nape, blue eyes, light-colored skin, standing at 6'13ft, has muscular build.
    .> Talents: hunting, swordmanship
    .> Like: meat, his swords, wolves, his fellow Lycans and fantasy creatures
    .> Dislikes: humans, vegetables, vampires
    .> Themesong: -
    .> other: His pack was slaughtered by humans, and that left him with so much hatred toward humans
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