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    The same glowing sun. The same busy stores. The same bustling people. It was all the same - such a monotonous town.

    That's why he always made himself different. Rentaro Ryuusuke - a man who viewed himself as the noise in the silence. He made noise the best way he knew how; the way he learned growing up. By committing crime. Yes, by now, he'd committed a great number of them, but he'd never been caught. The male made sure the police never even had a name, or a face to match that name.

    The problem?

    Even being a criminal gets old after a while. Or rather, the brand of criminal that he was. His parents left him with their estate upon their death, so he wasn't left wanting for anything. As such, most of the crimes he pulled nowadays were small trifles, such as robbing a store or destroying something. He never killed anyone though. When he first started living "the life of a criminal", he vowed that killing was something he'd never do.

    Despite that, he was still searching for something. Something that would make more noise than anything he'd done before. Searching, accompanied by a whole lot of waiting. Any and all ideas as to what big crime it was he was searching for were escaping him. Half of him was hoping it would plop right down beside him and just scream to be committed.

    The thought made him chuckle to himself sometimes. Real life wasn't like that. Luckily, he had Ruffles, a small dog, Papillon in breed. Him and Ruffles were out on their daily walk to the park. It was late noon, and all the children were still in school, so he had it mostly to himself. He liked it best that way. Ren always told himself that if everything were to someday be different, he'd hope that at least this moment would remain unchanged.

    Ironic, that Ren, the man who so strongly desires a change from his monotonous everyday life, would wish for even one thing to remain.

    Little did he know...

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  2. It was another ordinary day for Nadia. The sun was shining, her dad was off to work, and she had already done her mandatory morning stretching and protein filled breakfast. She finally had some alone time. Her mom had gone to the store, and the house was completely quiet, just the way she liked it. She had been prepping to leave the house for over an hour, since it took her that long to get through all the tangles of her stupidly long hair.

    Nadia desired to cut her hair shorter, short enough so she couldn't even make a ponytail. She wanted it out of the way. But, as usual, her father flipped his shit as soon as she even brought up the idea, like he had with her getting a pet snake, or her dying her hair. She was supposed to be a perfect little angel. Well, a perfect little angel that tended to sneak out at night when everyone was asleep. After years of being locked under security at night, she had gotten used to the ways it worked, and figured out a way around it. When they weren't home, she liked to wear thing her father wouldn't really approve of. Today it was a lacy bra, a shirt that came down far enough in the back to expose it, but just high enough to expose a bit of her stomach, and tight shorts. Grabbing her house key, and the leash for her dog Spike, a husky, surprisingly enough, Nadia whistled for him to come. After a second, Spike came bounding into the hall, collar in his maw.

    "Good boy." Nadia reassured, patting his head and taking the collar from him. After snapping it around his neck, she attached the leash, and opened the door. It wasn't long before she was being pulled out the door by her silly dog. Laughing slightly, Nadia jogged alongside the pup, heading towards the park. At this time of day, it was usually empty. There would be no one in sight, at the least she had hoped. Grinning, Nadia entered the park, letting Spike sniff around the trees.
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    Believing that Ruffles had his fill of playing at the park, Rentaro prepared to leave. As he was gathering his things, namely a small bag which he used to store drinks, something to eat, as well as toys for Ruffles, he noticed someone else enter the park. Why he noticed this person out of everyone else there was beyond his knowledge, but for some reason, she managed to catch his eye in a way that no one else did. Once he'd realized what it was, it almost made him laugh a little. Seeing no reason as to why not to, he decided to approach her and start a conversation. She appeared about his age, so there wasn't any reason for there to be a problem.

    "Trying to play the rebel, are we?" he pondered in a sort of playful way, a curt smile on his face. Taking note of her dog, which seemed to enter a sort of "defense mode" at his approach, he grabbed a toy from his bag and offered it to the dog, hoping that it would alleviate any uneasiness. "He's a beautiful dog," he told her, his eyes still on the husky before him. "I've always loved huskies."

    Ruffles, who'd become excited over meeting a new dog, was running circles around the husky. It was Rentaro's guess that he wanted to play with him. "Rentaro Ryuusuke," he spoke up, his attention now on the dark-haired girl before him. "And might I ask who you are?" Despite being a career criminal, he still maintained the mannerisms his parents instilled in him when he was younger, before he'd been kicked out.

  4. Nadia had barely entered the pack when Spike went into his defense mode, something he didn't often do around new people. Even strangers. Nadia already had a bad feeling about him, and she hadn't even talked to him. He was cute, a little older, something that screamed bad boy to her. But his dog was really cute. Seeing the man approach, Nadia raised an eyebrow, brushing back her long hair. "Not really, just out for a walk." She mused back, her grip tightening on Spikes leash. So far he was still in defense mode, and seeing him reach for his pocket she could feel the tension in her muscles rising. There was no one around but her and him, and the dogs. It was the perfect scenario to be captured. But she wasn't going to let that happen.

    It was a relief to see him pull out a chew toy, and Spike instantly warmed up, leaping upwards and grabbing the toy from him easily. Chewing on it for a moment, Spike growled playfully, pulling at it with his teeth. Nadia breathed a sigh of relief, and let his leash go, so Spike could play with the other dog. She, however, was still on high alert, and knew that Spike would come at a moment's notice to help her. "I know, that's why I chose him. He's a pure husky, little feisty one at that." She mentioned casually, her voice still slightly guarded.

    At the mention of his name, Nadia visibly stiffened. "Nice to meet you but I guarantee you don't want to hang around me much. You best be on your way before trouble arises." She said stiffly, whistling towards Spike, who was still running around. Snapping his head up, Spike came trotting over to her side, and she picked up the leash. "Drop it." She commanded, and he dropped the toy. Backing up slightly, Nadia turned to leave.
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