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  1. River, otherwise known as Ryan had got into a new school. His family moved into a entirely new country and house because they needed a 'new change'. He didn't think it'd be this kind of change though and that it'd be happening so soon. The entire country they were moving too wasn't that interesting either. Not as interesting as the one they were originally in. He heard that the weather in the new one was always gloomy with tons of rain whilst in their other country it was always bright and sunny. They needed a 'change of atmosphere' but he didn't expect to be moving the country to a new neighbourhood. He was even moving to a new school when he liked his old ones. His old ones were understanding, caring and loving. He even told them about his other identity and his name was originally River until he had changed his gender after realising he didn't want to be a girl anymore, not that it was bad. It was like he was born wrong and should've been a guy.

    Since he didn't get into the mixed school he was going to an all guys school since he had got into one. He sat in the car drive to his house, staring out of the window. It was raining, already.

    "It won't be that bad" His mom says.

    "Sure" He said quickly, but his voice was cold. He'd be starting school next week too and he was nervous about that as well.
  2. "A-chu!" Erin sniffed lightly, rubbing his slightly red nose with his sleeve, his eyes droopy and his shoulder relaxed. "That was a loud one..." His friend Marcy said with a gentle smile. All of them sat in the dining room, wearing sweaters and small smiles, minus Arianna who was making tea in the kitchen. "Yeah, did you take medicine?" Ethan then asked, raising an eyebrow as he leaned back in his chair. "I took a bunch of medicine.. This damn cold won't go away.." Erin grumbled slumping back in his seat with a pout, sniffing once again.
    "Hey~ look on the bright side~ someone new is moving into the neighborhood~" Marcy commented, trying to cheer Erin up but he only gave her a blank expression.
    "I heard the neighbors had a kid our age, Maybe they're cute?" Arianna said, walking to the dining room table, giving everyone they're mugs of tea before sitting down as well. "I doubt it.. They're probably weird.. I mean I got stuck with you guys." He joked, taking a sip from his mug. "But your still friends with us~" Marcy cooed out, "And hopefully they can be part of our family too?" Noah said with a wink and a small smile.
    "Yeah... Maybe..".
    Those 5 have known each other for 10 years give or take, they've been through thick and thin. When they say family they don't really mean 'family'. They just treat each other like it. So if this was like a game hmm~ Arianna is the mom, Ethan is the dad and the rest are they're kids but nobody is dating each other, they think it'll ruin everything if they did.

    (I hope this is good >.< I typed this one my phone.)
  3. Ryan fell asleep until he heard the car stop to a halt. He opened his eyes and then looked at his surroundings. It was gloomy and not very interesting. Not as interesting as their old country which was filled with energy and life. This place was dull and looked like it rained a lot. He unstrapped himself and all of them got out of the car and took their boxes which held all of their items such as clothing and furniture. I found my room which was a lot bigger than back home, which was a positive. I rearranged my stuff and was done in at least an hour. I admired my room once more and decided to head out and explore, maybe I could meet a couple of friends.

    "I'm off out" I said and then opened the door, stepping out into the rain.

    "Okay, be back by five!" His mother called out.

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  4. (Alright good! Yes I am loving it so far XD)

    Erin took another sip from his mug before glancing up and out of the window to see someone walking. "Maybe that's him.." He mumbled, nodding to the kid walking. They all looking at the window to see Ryan. "Ah! New person!" Marcy jumped from her chair before darting towards the door. Marcy can spot a new person from a mile away, not only by looks but by clothing choice. Whatever your character was wearing wasn't what people normally wore in Wales
    Country near England if you didn't know >.<
    (if that's okay o.o.) While Marcy was wearing a nice fitting v neck dark red shirt and a black skater skirt along with a light grey cable knit sweater that stopped to her knees and ate her alive.
    Sorry for explaining her outfit
    She ran towards the poor boy, looking like she was ready to bounce and attack. "Hey you!" She called. While she did so, Ethan and Noah ran after her. Ethan ran up behind her before she could jump the boy, scooping her up in his arms, holding her tightly. "Hey~ Let me gooo." She whined while Noah walked up to you and placed his hands on your shoulders. "Sorry about that, we will take her now." He said, flashing a small smile before turning and walking back to the door.
    "Noah! Tch your so rude, would you like to come in?" Ethan asked, raising an eyebrow with a small smile, Marcy walking Ryan with an intense stare. It was normal there to just ask random people if they'd like to come in or more so people they tried to attack. "We have tea!" Marcy chimmed loudly.

    [​IMG]Arianna's outfit
    [​IMG]Noah's outfit
    [​IMG]Erin's outfit
    [​IMG]Ethan's outfit
  5. Ryan's face turned startled, and soon into a frown. Who were these people? And why were they so energetic in this gloomy town. He thought for a moment, part of him wanted to say no and stalk off but part of him wanted to say yes and go inside and make an effort to be friends. Also, his parents would be happy to hear that he'd already made friends. He went with option too, straightening up and wiping the startled expression from his face.

    "Fine, but on one exception" He paused and then frowned. "Don't do that again.. You know, you startled me", his voice was pretty feminine. Especially for a guy.

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  6. [​IMG]Erin's house [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] I just did this to do this >.> Cause I got nothing better to do XD I wish my house was this nice..

    Thanks ;3 picked them out myself
  7. "Yes sir!" Marcy cooed, raising a head with a wide grin. They didn't seem to notice since Erin and Noah's voices were quite 'feminine' but at the same time.. not? "Well come on." Ethan said before turning and walking to the door, not letting Marcy down. Erin watched as Ethan talked to the boy before they both headed into the house. "Shit.." He mumbled. If he wanted to be friends with this kid he would of picked a day when he wasn't gloomy. Other than him everyone else was smile or had a natural smiling expression but he had 'resting bitch face', so he always looked pissed about something. Once arriving in the house, Ethan pointed everyone out. "Noah," He said, pointing to the red head, himself waving gently. "Arianna." Arianna waving as well.
    "Marcy," He told him, placing a big hand on her head. "And that's Erin."
    Erin glanced over at the boy slowly with narrow eyes, holding his mug close, taking a sip, not saying a single word or even waving.
    "I'll go make you some tea." Arianna said, sitting up quickly and heading to the kitchen.
  8. Ryan just nodded and said hi to each of them, but couldn't help but notice Erin staring at him. "What're you staring at?" He asks. Ever since his gender change he always felt insecure with people looking, they judge you before they even know you. Did he look too feminine today? Was his voice to feminine? Did they know already that he was a trans? He shook his head. Don't worry. He told himself, as long as he was happy then that mattered. He couldn't care less about what others thought, he loved being who he was today. Ryan. Not River. Ryan.

    "No thanks, I don't want any tea" He muttered.
  9. Erin had quick a temper with people... more so when they have an attitude with him. Noah furrowed his eyebrows, starting to speak before Erin slightly slammed his half full hot cup of tea down before standing up, making the chair squeak loudly. "What are you looking at you BERK." Erin snapped loudly, making Marcy flinched and Arianna stopped, looking at him. "Your in my house and I can stare at you if I want you block." He said before sitting back down, looking away from him, pursing his lips. "Uh.. okay then would you like something else to drink..?" Arianna asked hesitantly.
  10. Ryan felt tears trying to fall from his eyes but he quickly blinked them back in anger. He glared at the others. 'No. I'm going home" He says and then turned on his heels, storming out of the house. Heading back home with his head facing the ground. Making friends was a bad idea. A bad one. Would they be like this at school tomorrow? As he pushed open the door to their home he rushed up to his room and slammed the door before his parents could even stop to ask if he was okay.

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  11. "Erin!" Arianna snapped, placing her hands on her hips. "Go apologize to that poor boy now!" She snapped at him, pointing to the door. "Like hell I would.." He grumbled before sipping from his drink once again. 'If that block tries to stand me up at school tomorrow, he will be going home with a bloody nose.' He thought to himself.
    (Time skip?)
  12. [Yep ^.^]

    The next day at school Ryan was at his locker, trying it out to see if it worked. It did. Some people had said hi to him, whilst others just whispered and didn't say anything to him at all. He hadn't seen the guy from yesterday but he didn't care. School mattered and getting good grades mattered. He started to walk to his first class. Gym. How the heck was he going to change with all of the guys? He headed into the changing rooms with some other classmates. It stunk of sweat.
  13. Erin walked into the changing, 10 minutes before Ryan to be exact. They had to wear white t shirts with they'er names on the front or white sweat shirts with the same thing and black basket ball shorts or black sweat pants. Erin threw his bag into his gym locker before talking his clothes out which contained a white t shirt and black basket ball shorts though Ethan was the only one in his gym class but he was a helping instead of it actually being his class. Once Ryan did get into the changing room. The changing room had lockers on all the walls and a wall of lockers in the middle of the room. Erin's locker was behind the wall of lockers. [​IMG] He slowly stripped from his school button up and tie never wearing the blazer before slipping off his black shoes and trousers then took out his gym clothes, taking his time.
  14. Ryan could feel his legs wobbling scaredly. He wraps his arms around himself and felt himself producing sweat, so it wasn't just the guys around him. He took his gym kit and then snuck into the guys toilets, he looked around. No one was there. He let out a sigh of relief.
  15. After changing into his gym clothing he walked to the bathroom cliche before walking into the stall right next to Ryan cliche since he didn't like pissing in front of people, himself finding it gross and awkward even though he was bisexual he still found it weird. He pulled his pants then did what he had to do. After all of that boy stuff he flushed before unlocking the stall and walking out to wash his hands like a lot of guys don't do because again he found it gross if he didn't. While he washed his hands, he glanced in the mirror at the stall he was next to, glaring at it. He noticed the boy was changing so he struck a conversation. "To scared to change in front of the boys huh?" He wanted to try to make the boy comfortable. "That's okay, I was the same way when I first came to school here. His voice was slightly different when he wasn't being a raging douche, it was a lot of light hearted and kind.
  16. Ryan gasped, started. He heard a familiar voice then. It was that dude from yesterday. His eyes narrowed and a frown formed across his face. "Whatever" He snapped and then headed out, not saying a word. He was still upset about yesterday. He then headed to gym with the rest of the guys. Some of the guys were muscular and in shape, whilst Ryan was small and rather skinny but not too skinny.
  17. Erin raised his eyebrows as he watched the boy from yesterday leave the restroom. A smirk curved on his lips before he dried his hands and walked out of the bathroom.
    Once in the gym room he sat down on the bleachers along with everybody else, Ethan smiling at all the freshman-sophomores while Ethan was a senior and a helper in gym since his uncle was the gym teacher. "Okay, so today we have a new student and his name is Ryan, so Ryan.." He said, looking over at the boy with a kind smile, not fazed that it was the boy from yesterday. "Would you like to come up and say a few things about yourself?" He asked, raising an eyebrow with a warm welcoming smile.
  18. Ryan growned and rolled his eyes mildly to himself but then fixed a smile onto his lips. "Sure, I don't see why not" He says. He stood up at the front. "I'm Ryan, I just moved here yesterday and yeah.. I'm very excited about being here!" He says and then headed back with the other guys before they glanced at him and noticed something was up. It was a short introduction, but he couldn't think of anything else to say.
  19. Erin smirked from the short intro, just like his when he came to this school. Short and sweet. He felt the erg to just yell. 'What else to do you do!' or 'What's your favorite ______' But of course Ryan hated him now from his out burst yesterday. He wanted to tell him it wasn't him but he wouldn't understand what he meant.
    "Alright! Well.. Get into partners and we will start stretches!" Ethan said, everyone standing up and got into partners, now just talking about whatever while Ethan walked to Erin, whispering. "Go be partners with him.." Before walking to his uncle.
    Erin groaned a bit before walking to Ryan, crossing his arms and pursing his lips. "Your my partner." He said to him.
  20. "Fine" was all Ryan could manage.

    Halfway through the lesson, one of the guys in her class tapped him on the shoulder. He looked startled as usaul and turns to the guy.

    "Dude... You're bleeding!" He exclaimed in shock.

    "Wha-? No I am not!" Ryan replied.

    "Yeah you are, look!" The guys said and pointed to his legs, blood was trickling down his legs.

    Oh no. No. No. No. This was bad. Already? He felt like he could just disappear in a matter of seconds! Think of and excuse Ryan, think of one!

    "Oh, uh... I uh... I tripped over this morning on my way to school! I must've bumped the scratch and caused it to bleed.. Ah! I'd better go and fix everything!" He says casually and then rubbed off to the guys bathroom.

    The guy watched her, confused. "Oh.. Okay then.." He said and went back to the lesson.
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