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  1. So I'm finding my way around this place and, so far, its been pretty easy. I'm not exactly used to this format of role playing. Before this site, I used to RP on another site. It was very easy and very basic. Everyone who created an account stuck with that character. Everyone played the same character all through out different threads. It was a lot of fun. So overall, I'm going to try my best to meet all requirements of this place. :)
  2. Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy your time here.

    Main thing, as you probably noticed, is the majority of the RPs on the site are self-contained stories with unique characters for each one, so that's a bit of a departure of what you're used to, but it's definitely worthwhile! That isn't to say you can't reuse a character for other stories, just make sure they work for the game you're joining.

    Happy roleplaying!
  3. HURRAY!

    One character sites are a lot of fun. O__O I've always liked being able to do multiple plots and different settings though, so sites like Iwaku have been preferable.

    You'll figure it out with time, though! >:3 It's just like moving from a small town to a big city.
  4. My Original RP site was the same way actually.

    When I switched to the Guild (the site I moved to Iwaku from) I had yet to realize it wasn't the norm and kept my characters name Gwazi Magnum.
    By the time I knew better the name had already stuck though. :P

    Anyways, it's a weird transition but you should manage.
    Though if you're like me you're bound to find yourself sitting back and reflecting on the "Good old days".

    I *think* Universe Roleplays and Chat roleplays are closer to it though.
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  5. I have too many voices in my head for me to restrict to just one character.
  6. I'm always excited to try new things. So I'll be looking forward to trying out different characters as much as I need to. I'll have it down in no time, for sure. Thanks for the input guys. It'll be fun working with you all.
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