Different Worlds?

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  1. Plot
    In a country to be named, there are only two types of people. Those who are rich and those who are not. These two groups rarely mingle and when they do interact, it is never on friendly terms. Both groups are happy to ignore the other.

    Until curious little Safera ventures to the downtown, away from her posh life. Soon, she is intrigued by their rough lifestyle and their carefree attitude. Will she find love as well?

    Safera Amsel - Child of the Winged One
    ? - shadow_of_intent

    Name: Safera Amsel
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Curious by nature, she wants to learn abut everything, even if it means breaking so rules. Though you wouldn't tell when you first meet her. She's shy and soft spoken around people she doesn't know but she opens up the more she trusts someone.
    History: Born to a rich doctor and his wife, Safera, or Ferry as she's called, had everything she wanted. Books, clothes, toys, you name it, she had it. But she was a simple girl, even from birth. She's always worn simple clothes and stayed outside, much to her parent's chagrin.
    When she was around 15, she heard of the downtown and its people. Hearing something she didn't know, she began reading about this mysterious downtown, wanting to learn everything about it. When she had read all she could, she began to plan for her descent into the unknown.

    Nice and short.
  2. Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Personality: A quick witted oppurtunist, his line of work has caused him to become a calloused and closed in man. Though many would consider him to be an outlaw, or criminal, he is very morally inclined, and lives his life by a few solid principles, there is honor among thieves, churches are never targets, and never involve yourself with the upper class. It's hard to see, and he may not even be fully aware of it's presence, but underneath his criminally hardened exterior, there is something more.
    History: Born to a harlot of the lowest of class, never knowing his father, and also never being told his last name, Allister soon decided to leave home after turning fifteen, to make a living some other way than pick pocketing. Turns out he just traded up to picking bigger pockets. Other work he has done has included mercenary work, drug smuggling, and pirating off of the city's extensive water system. A native to lowtown, a popular slur for the 'bad' part of the city, Allister settled into thievery as his main line of work and climbed the rank of the towns particular guild of thieves, an organization to which he belongs. He's always had a knack for avoiding the law.

  3. Zhaid
    Age: 21
    Description: blue eyes, long brown braided hair, scars from a beer bottle being smashed acrossed her face
    Personality: a survivalist, quick-witted with a matching temper. Born on the streets and has just escaped an abusive relationship bearing the a scar a crossed her face from the man she called her husband. She is a cut throat with a soft spot for children. She currently roams the streets just trying to survive, not sure where to go with the crumbled remains of her life.
  4. Shadow, looks good and Stheno, this roleplay already has it's two members, sorry... Although if you do want to roleplay with me, you can just ask