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  1. Alrighty ! So not going to get to extensive in here just wanting to know WHO ALL HERE LIKES TO PLAY AS WEREWOLVES?

    Oh really now so you do too! ^.^ Well Well Well I have a good rp in mind for you!

    Firstly Blue Moon Rising is NOT based around werewolf lore of olden days, but is based around a celtic legend I once heard. Alrighty so This plot will focus on ONE PACK, that Guards a City most ancient that has survived up until present times. The only reason it has survived for so long is because it is Guarded by Wolves. But they are not wolves.

    ENTER THE GOOD GUYS:! Lyshien (Lie Shen) or ian when plural.
    -- These are the Origins behind the monster's Werewolves. They appear human though normally their eyes are a wolfy color. They have extremely sharp senses (sight/night vision, scent, hearing and sometimes touch too) and are NOT controlled by the Moon's Sway, That's right these guys can shift when they like, but it has become HABIT for them to shift on the three nights of full moon when they are at their strongest. Not only that but a lyshien can they transform when they like but they can also halt the process of their shift at any time. Three main stages are human, Anthromorphic wolf ( bigger stands on hind legs mostly) to a full lupine form (think REALLY BIG ASS WOLF) Normally a Lyshien will look like DIS! (art by Goldenwolfen AMAZING ARTIST!)

    So where did this legend of bit by wolf howl by moonlight's break myth come from? Oh well that's simple. Only way you can become a Lyshien is to be born one. But if you are human and you are BIT and survive (lyshien policy is to kill those who see them not let them slip away maimed) you will go through a most horrible change. You will shift only on the full moon, and you have a ravenous hunger that follows you no matter what form you are in. Emotions and mental stability is normally lost in time, and your one goal is to Kill all lyshiens, sadly though you run across more humans bit them infect them and turn them into werewolves.

    So IN THIS PLOT (I need to stop rambling sorry folks!)
    --- You will play either a silly little human completely oblivious to the events of your city, until your Not and either become a friend of a foe of the lyshien. Or you could play as a lyshien, and hunt with the pack to eradicate all Lycans in your path and to keep the humans as blind to the situation as possible. Or there is option three you are either or have been recently changed into a Lycan and now you thirst for destruction !!!

    So YES YES I know this is a horrible set up but I didn't want to go into full detail just yet ^.^ Wanted to see who all would be interested first. SO anyone anyone?
  2. I'm interested!
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  3. Awesome we ll at least need 5 members to get this going
  4. You have my tentative interest.
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  5. Wewt!!! That makes 3 just need 2 more and i will set the thread up!!
  6. Just saying... Werewolves tend to have colossal crushing power. If you did get bitten by one, you'd probably die. You'd definitely die if you got bitten on the torso or head, and you'd lose a limb if you got bitten on the arm. Perhaps change it to taking a wound from one transforms you into a Lycan? That way there's still a degree of survivability.
  7. I see where you are coming from by if a Lycan attacks you in this rp and you're human you are more likely to die than to change ^.^; Lyshien's have control of their self no matter the form they are in (though they may still have anger issues) Many of the Lycan's created are by young lyshien's not ... Finishing the kill due to young age. You'll see once i get it set up ^.^ This IS just the interest check after all. ^.^
  8. Ah, the ever present "I can't kill them!". That'd explain it.
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  9. Love the idea of the homey Lyshiens! You got my interest!
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  10. I'm in. This makes five.
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  11. I will post the rp in the morning as i am currently fighting a horrible migraine at the moment. Also even though we have have peeps signed up we are still collecting members. Thanks all and goodnight!
  12. I'm up for this. Sounds interesting.
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  13. Not sure whether I want to be a wolf or human who is friends with one... but the story does spark an interest.
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