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  1. "Bryce you worthless piece of shit! Wake up." Bryce heard his father yell from down the stairs for the millionths time. By now he just purposely does things to piss him off. He finally decided to get up and yelled, "I'm up old man. Calm down." He said as he got dressed, getting ready for school. Appearance wise Bryce looked nothing like his father. His father was a few inches shorter than him and had brown hair with a 5 o'clock shadow, he was a stocking 50 year old man too. Bryce was actually a handsome young man, tall, muscular, he was in pretty good shape, he had the right amount of muscles. He also had fair skin but it did suit him. He had black emo-like hair and his facial features showed mystery and toughness. The only thing Bryce and his father had in common was the same dark grey eyes, on occasions Bryce's eyes for some strange reason change into a lighter, more intense stormy grey color. Bryce very rarely showed any emotions so it was always hard to tell what he was thinking.
    After Bryce was ready he ran down the stairs and walked over to his motorcycle, he grabbed his backpack on the way out. Once Bryce got on his bike he drove off to school. He has only been in this town for 3 days and he was already he was tired of it. He wanted to move back to Colorado, but he knew that wasn't happening just yet. Now his was forced to change schools in the middle of his senior year. Lucky for him.
    Bryce parked his bike in front of the school and used the kickstand to keep it up. He walked into the school letting out an irritated sigh as he saw the hall filled with students. He already knew he was going to hate it here.

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  2. "Amy are you back? You are going to be late !" Amy's mother words rang in her ears as soon as she stepped in the house.
    She took a deep breath, having just came back from a morning jog "Yes mother! I'll be getting ready now!" She yelled back and jog upstairs to her room.

    She takes a quick shower and fifteen minutes later She was putting on a light blue tank top, a white leather jacket and light blue skinny jeans on. She straightened her hair and pulled on a white scarf before slipping in m her white converse.

    "Don't forget your make up." Her mother reminded her just as she was about to walk out of her room. She turns to look at her as she leaned against the doorway. She doesn't speak up, but only nods and turns back toward her make up kit.
    Was asking for a normal no make up chill day too much for her mother?
    Yes. Yes it was.

    She puts on light foundation, black mascara and nude lipstick before turning to meet her mother again. She nods and smiles "That's my girl. Now go, your coffee is already in your car."

    "Bye mother." Amy says , a tight smile on her face before walking out and into her Audi R8. To which She owed her father the grand thank you. Her mother wanted to buy her a limo, but fortunately her father refused and insisted Amy would choose and ignore her mother's request.

    This was the first and last time Amy ever got a say without her mother's approval.

    Once she was at the school, already chatting and laughing with her group of friends at the side of the parking lot, Amy's best friend Gabby nudged her "Hey look, it's the new hot guy."

    Amy looked over from Luke who was cracking a joke to Gabby, raising an eyebrow "There's a new guy?"

    She nods and Amy follows her gaze as Bryce were getting off his motorcycle as carefree as one could be "Is that.. A motorcycle?!"

    Everyone was now watching what Amy was watching, except her look held horror, motorcycles were what her mother taught her never to climb on. They were dangerous, and only bad influence came with their owners.

    "Yes Amy, not everyone drives a fancy sports car like you." Anna jokes and Amy stuck my tongue out at her.

    "I heard he's way too mysterious. Been here for only three days but he won't open up to anyone. But damn, I'll be more than happy to open up for him."

    Amy grimaced at Lucy's words and the guys snickered "You'd be happy to open up to anyone with a motorcycle Lucy." Jake, answers mockingly.

    Amy kept her eyes on Bryce for a moment but she couldn't quite make out his features. Being far away. But from the looks of it, he had a lot of people's attention. And admiration. Yet some looked weirdly at him, with his slightly long hair framing his face and his non existent smile he could come off as many different labels this school had.
    But Amy didn't care. What did intrigue her though, was his mysterious vibe.

    Just then the bell rang and they all went inside, and as Amy did, she greeted back everyone who said hello and wished her a good day, a warm smile on her face. Being this distracted, she did not realize how late she was running and eventually had to sprint to her locker to get her books. On her way to class, her eyes on her books while she rushed through the empty hall, the last thing she was aware of, was her books on the floor and her own self knocked back on the floor, landing with an 'oof' on her butt.
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  3. Bryce knew people were staring and honestly he didn't give a damn, how ever there was one girl that caught his attention of course he didn't look long cause then she might think he was actually curious. He continued walking reading his schedule, people cleared the hall but he didn't even bother to pay attention until he heard a thud in front of him then looked up then suddenly he felt a body bump into him. It was that girl again and her books were on the floor. He let out a sigh and kneeled down, "You alright?" He asked as he helped her pick up her books.
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  4. Amy looked up as soon as she heard a deep strange voice. She seemed to freeze for a moment. It was him, the motorcycle guy. She stared at him for a moment, his grey eyes the most intense grey eyes she had ever seen. He looked roughed up, honestly. His eyes blocked all emotions, which only intrigued her more.
    She cleared her throat and nodded "Uhm yeah, I'm fine." She said and picked up her books, realizing her was actually helping her. Standing up straight, half her books with her while the other with him, she now knew he was much taller than her. She smiled up at him, that same warm smile she always had on "I'm sorry for bumping into you like that. I wasn't looking where I was going." She apologized and titled her head as she saw his schedule in his hands "Need any help?" She asked softly, not even bothering to ask if he was knew, it was a dumb question to ask when the obvious question was yes. "I'm Amy by the way. Amy White."
  5. Bryce raised an eyebrow at the girl after they both stood up. Compared to her he was like a brick wall, "Its fine. I wasn't exactly paying attention either honestly," he paused for a moment when she offered to help him out... little did they know they had a few of the same classes including first hour. He shrugged and handed his schedule to her, "Yeah thanks I guess. I am Bryce Wolfe by the way."
  6. She took the schedule slowly as she watched his eyes flicker for a moment as if he was hesitant at first, or maybe was he just thinking?
    She snapped out of her thoughts and looked down at the schedule. Nodding and biting her lip as she looked through it she spoke up "well, looks like we have English Lit together right now and a few other classes. So I'll walk with you? I can show you your other classes when the time comes. Sounds good?" She asked, hiding her hesitance since she wasn't sure he was one to accept company that easily.
  7. Usually Bryce would say hell no to people like her but there was something about her... he couldn't quite put his finger on it.
    Finally he gave a slight shrug, "Guess we can walk together when we are going to the same classes," he had to make sure to play it off as if he didn't really care, "But I do think I should be able to find the other classes." He said and he starts following her.
  8. Amy nodded, she did not expect more of him. Actually, she was surprised he even accepted to walk together now.
    She smiled and gave him his schedule back before walking off "I'm sure you will be able to find them." She said, her voice light and soft although she was a bit sarcastic since this was a huge school and it would take him a while. But he did not nee d to know that. As they walked, a few late students also greeted Amy, a grin on their faces as they did while she smiled back warmly and wished them a good day.
    Finally at the door, she turned to Bryce "The teacher's a bit of a butthole." She said, using butthole instead of what usual teenagers use to cuss a teacher, she just wasn't too comfortable with cuss words "He might just yell before you even get to say you're new." With that, she turned her back to him and opened the door, the teacher's red face meeting her innocent one already.
  9. Bryce could tell she was pretty popular. He rolled his eyes at the people who greeted he as they walked. Once they stopped at the door he chuckled a little at her lack of cursing. She really doesn't know him that well to know he swear quit a bit. It was obvious she didn't do it that often. He also chuckled at the idea of having to deal with an asshole teacher first hour. This should be interesting. He thought as he walked in seeing the teachers face red. The teacher frowned, "So glad you two could join us..." Bryce rolled his eyes as he walked in handing the idiot his damn schedule then took it back. Mr. Roberts looked at him disapprovingly, "Being new does not excuse tardiness."
    Well, that did it. Bryce scoffed, "Oh well boo hoo guess who doesn't care old man?" He asked sarcastically pointing to himself, "This guy, so why don't you do us all a favor and jump off a bridge?" He says as he walked to the last row and took a seat. People looked shocked and Bryce couldn't help but smirk as he saw Mr. Robert's reaction.
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  10. Amy stood in her place as she watched the scene unfold.
    She shouldn't be so shocked by how Bryce reacted to the teacher's scolding.He reacted like his looks and his fast reputation made it look like he would react. And yet she couldn't but stare for a minute.
    But the teacher's voice made her jump a little "Mr.Wolfe! I suggest if you do not want to get expelled from this school from day one, you should stay quiet from now on." Amy did not know how she got to her desk, but she found herself sat next to an equally shocked Gabby while she stared at Bryce.
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  11. Bryce rolled his eyes, "Oh no expelled from this hell hole?" He said sarcastically, "What ever will I do? Oh wait, I don't care! So you can try to get me to shut up but I do not care." He said still having that amused look on his face as he seen the teacher's face turn many different shades of red from anger. Finally with a frustrated sigh he turned around and began the lesson. Bryce crossed his arms and leaned back in the chair.
  12. Amy felt relieved when the teacher finally let it go. She didn't know why she cared that much about this whole situation. Maybe because not many dare to speak up like that. But that threw her back. She couldn't stop thinking about the smirk of Bryce's and his amused sparkle in his eyes. He was enjoying it. It was obvious. And she was so confused, she'd never even be able to yell at a teacher, let along tell him to go kill himself.
    When the bell rang, she was quick on her feet. She was a curious girl and soon she was standing in front of Bryce as he packed his things "What was that?" She asked "Why would you yell at him like that?" She asked like a little clueless kid.
  13. As Bryce packed his stuff he looked at the Amy girl when she spoke and smirked again as he headed out, "Because I am a smart ass that hates idiots like him. I would do anything just to piss people like him off. If he wouldn't have made that remark then more than likely I wouldn't have said anything."
  14. Amy stood there, staring at the retreating figure of Bryce. She didn't go after him because she had memorized his schedule. Having a fast photographic memory did her good. And she knew they had no classed together until forth period. Leaving two classes in between.
    Gabby nudged her "Amy, you should just leave him alone.. He's obviously trouble." She warned her.
    Amy looked at her bestfriend and frowned "What? why would you say that?" She then shook her head "You know what just forget it, let's go."
    She didn't leave room for discussion before making their way out of the room and toward their Spanish class.
    Amy spent the whole period thinking about his words. They just sounded intimidating to her, his voice may have been amused and the smirk playful but his words were just.. Intimidating.
    When the bell rang, she was the first out "I'm going to the dance studio." She told Gabby and left. Third period was Gym class, which was the only period she would usually skip as she had every right to because she was the head chearleader and needed no forward PE. She put her backpack down, her hair down and chose the song 'Earned it.' She may have been one to learn Latino and hiphop but she was overall good at every type of dancing, her passion was just too big to ignore. She took a breath and shook every thought of a mysterious guy out before dancing to the song swiftly, slowly, and passionately. She had an hour, and she wanted to make the best of it.
  15. The walls were thin so she was able to hear Bryce's voice being heard along an older gentlemen's voice which happened to be the school's boxing coach.
    "I am really looking forward for having someone like you in the school's boxing team. We could use someone like you, we having really been doing good in any boxing tournaments. But when I called your old school they said you were the best in town. So I just had to let you join!"
    Bryce chuckled, "Well thanks I am really looking forward to training and boxing and all."
    "Thats great! And don't worry about gym this hour. Since you are doing boxing you don't need gym. All you need to do is train. So I will leave you to it." And with that the coach left and Bryce started towards the training room.
  16. Amy was taking a sip of her water when she heard their voices. She frowned as she recognized both of their voices. The coach and .. Bryce? She stood still as she heard every word, a bit surprised by the news.
    When the music started again as it was on repeat, it made her snap out of her thoughts. She shook her head , how can one be the best at boxing? How can it even be a sport and train? It's violence. It's wrong.
    She sighed and started once again before deciding that was enough for today. She gathered her things, staying in her yoga pants that she had changed in earlier, and her one off shoulder light sweater and white snickers. On her way out, she stopped when she heard the thuds. She looked through the open door and into the boxing training room and saw him and she couldn't help but stare.
  17. As she walked Bryce was wearing a white shirt that showed his muscular arms, he would have not worn a shirt but he figured someone would walk in and see his scars. By the time she walked in he was doing vertical push up... not going to lie most of the time he does overdo his training. Bryce heard the door open and looked her while he was upside down then stood up right and smirked a bit, "How is it we keep running into each other?" He teased.
  18. She stared as he did his last vertical push up before standing up. She wondered how was that even possible, the vertical push up. Guys she knew could barely do normal push ups and here's Bryce doing the vertical ones at ease.
    She looked up at him when he spoke and took a step back as he straightened up, seeming much closer now "I uhm- well I dance in the room just next to yours and I heard the commotion." She explained even though he didn't really ask for one. She just needed to say something to distract her from his body.
  19. Bryce leaned his back against the wall and looked at her as he crossed his arms , "Ah I see. Still kinda funny how we keep running into each other. Just saying," he studied her for a moment. Damn he had to admit she was beautiful, of course he wouldn't say that aloud, "Are you alright? You seem kind of spacey right now."
  20. Amy listened to him, watching as he leaned against the wall. She nodded "I'm fine. Totally." She gulped and when he said they kept running into each other she couldn't help but mumble "And yet everyone tells me to stay away." She mumbled, remembering how Gabby said so, and Luke, and even Mr.Robert who caught her before leaving his classroom saying he was disappointed of finding her late because of Bryce.
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