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  1. "Denver! Wake up!" A small pixie like girl hopped onto a man easily twice her size. The man blinked blue eyes blearily, as if confused. The girl on him just giggled. "We're here."

    Denver, now a little more awake sat up as far as possible with his friend on his lap. He shoved her unceremoniously onto the guy next to him, Samuel. All five people crowded into the jeep were Werewolves. They were all friends since childhood and grew up in the Northern Forest Pack. Of everyone in the car, Denver was the eldest and the protector.

    "Ooof." The small girl protested. "That was uncalled for."

    "No it wasn't." The male driver piped up. Both the driver and the girl were fraternal twins. The two were complete and total opposites. The driver, Will, was huge. Bigger than Denver’s own six foot broad frame. In fact Will was larger than most people. Some teased him that his father was a bear, but they usually ended up with a few broken bones, so that ended quickly. He had a beard which made the image even more astute.

    His sister, Clara, never could pass as a wolf. She was a small stick. She had short pink hair, piercings everywhere and raccoon eye make-up. She was a self-proclaimed hippie, but Denver thought of her more like a Goth. But whatever she was, it came with a complete and total lack of concept of personal space. Unlike humans Werewolves were more touchy-feely. They needed physical contact from their pack members. After a full moon shift it wasn't odd to see the entire pack all piled upon one another. Since Denver was the self-proclaimed alpha of this small pack while at college, everyone needed to be close to him, and sometimes that equated being crawled upon.

    Samuel popped open the door and wiggled out from under Clara. His brown hair was long and tied back into a ponytail. The opposite of Denver’s own short dirty blond hair. Denver took his cue from Sam as Clara and Will began to bicker once more. They had argued almost the entire trip; it was a miracle Denver had been able to sleep at all.

    David, the last and final occupant, had exited and already made it around to the back of the jeep. He was busy unloading the luggage. Technically most of it was Denver’s because his old apartment on the campus was being renovated and he couldn't live there anymore. He had more stuff stashed in other places around the town, but not all of it.

    "Thanks Dave." Denver said with a pat on the other's shoulder as the three of them started collecting bags. Dave was the same age as Denver and they had similar looks. David was black haired and black eyes, but he was tan and about the same size as Denver. Behind them was the hotel that the school rented a floor from for the overflow of students. At least the situation wasn't permanent. They were rushing to finish the new dorms just down the road for the second semester. But for now, he could now say he lived in a hotel.

    As soon as everything was gathered and divided, the five wolves made their way to check-in. Denver received the key card for room 305. 305 was sadly in the middle of the hallway. At least it was next to the elevator. Samuel, the youngest, was puffing a little over the bag he was carrying.

    "Gez Corbin, what did you pack in here anyways? A small army?" The skinny brown-haired wolf whined. Everyone chuckled a little remembering Sam claiming the bag as if he had something to prove. The omega always felt a little inferior, but it was baseless.

    "Two actually." Denver tossed back as he opened the door to his new room.
Thread Status:
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