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  1. These were some ideas I had for the start of creation for a roleplay. It will be for my group and one x one roleplay. If this interests you, just let me know by private messaging and we can do a one x one. I expect intermediate writing level, legit posts with correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. No one's perfect, I know. All of these I would like to play the female lead (to those up for one x one) and would like there to be romance incorporated as a main genre.

    - Historical Era RP (Heian, Edo, Victorian, Imperial, Medieval, Georgian, 1910, etc.)

    - Victorian Era RP w/ Steampunk

    - Modern RP w/ Cyberpunk Elements

    - SciFi RP w/ Cyberpunk

    - 1910 RP w/ Paranormal genre and Horror elements

    - Heian Era RP w/ Fantasy Elements

    - Modern Fantasy RP

    - Imperial Russia RP

    - Medieval Fantasy RP

    - Victorian Era RP w/ Paranormal

    - AU of Edo Era RP w/ Female Assassin
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  2. well i have an idea modern fantasy well four ideas for thats and one medieval fantasy
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  3. Okay, mind spilling your RP ideas out?
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