PROMPT Different Perspectives: The Dark

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  1. "Put out the light, and then put out the light." -Othello

    We fear the dark. Or do we? Is it the dark that we fear, or what might be hiding in it? Or do we love it, because we can conceal ourselves? Maybe, this time, we should fear the dark itself. Or maybe, welcome its embrace.

    For this challenge, you are the dark. You are the absence of light. Are you tangible, or ethereal? Are you malevolent, or are you benign? Do people run to you, or from you? Are you banished or welcomed? Who, or what, do you conceal within your depths?
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  2. The dark...

    So many seek to chase me away. So many wish to cause me harm and to bring light to all the reaches that I used to hold. They seek to know what secrets I hide behind my veil. Children call out for the parents when faced with me, adults look for ways to chase me away on stormy nights, and teenagers use me to entertain themselves. In the end, they still want me gone. Parents turn on the lights to show I hide no monsters, adults find candles and flashlights, and teenagers only let me be when they're gone.

    All I want is someone...

    Then there's her.

    She seeks me out with a tear-stained face. She looks for the deepest depths so no one can find her, even when the lights come on. She talks about her problems not knowing someone is listening to her. If I was like her, a tangible being, I would show her better. If I was like them, I will show them that I can chase away the monsters, too. I can joke with them and help them find their way around, too. I can show that crying girl that it's okay to seek someone to help in tough times and let her know that someone's willing to offer a hand to take away her burden. I can show that girl that I can carry the load with her so she's not alone. I can help... I can help!

    I can take away the blade, I can hold back the blood, I can help breathe life back into you.

    But only if I was a tangible being.

    Otherwise, you're going to press it against your skin, let it flow freely, and let the last ounce of life drift out of you in the depths that I hide you in. You're going to realize that, even with the pain gone, you're still going to be stuck here watching like me.
  3. No matter how fast light may travel, darkness was already there.

    I am the universe, a body that stretches countless bodies. I symbolise the unknown, yet am always there. Light's presence is fleeting, but I am eternal. When a candle goes out, I creep back into the room. I am darkness. I am omnipresent. I am the elder god. Before the dawn of time, I was all there was and so I shall be again.

    Life, your existence taunts me, but your struggle is futile. All that you create shall be erased within time. When the stars burn out, life shall follow. My embrace leaves you frozen to the bone. Your precious water shall be your coat of death. When the lights leave your skies, you will be blind. After eras of evolution, your reliance on the sun and stars will still have you hang. Once so proud, once so sure, but when the blanket of darkness covers you, all that you know shall change. For the time you've kept me at bay, you will fear our re-acquaintance. Your conquest and your colonies within me shall mean nothing when I return in full force and take back what is mine. One day, one day, there shan't be a sun or star to shield you from my embrace.

    I am darkness. I am omnipresent. I am the elder god. I am what was and what will be. In time, lights shall fade and life shall fall, until there is only me. Then, I will be alone again.