EXERCISE Different Perspectives: Creepy Happy Birthday

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  1. Write a scene in which the tune of "Happy Birthday" is all that is heard, creating a creepy or eerie mood WITHOUT the scene being that of a birthday celebration. No birthday cakes, balloons, candles, or streamers allowed!
  2. Among the ramshackle cathedral after dark a sound can be heard, in which I went to check out. Getting there, I noticed the time was around midnight from my watch. As I meander up to the great old doors which were ajar, I swear I was seeing shifting shadows out the corner of my eyes. Turning to look, the organ inside began to make a noise, which frightened me. Scared, I cautiously tip toe my way inside the open gateway before me, only to hear a tune in the distance. My fear was almost as strong as my curiosity as I pay no heed to my conscious and follow the sound ever so slowly. upon going through the areas inside, movement in the dark can be seen everywhere, but the only noise is coming from the instrument ahead.

    Moonlight falls from the stained glass windows, and the organ could be barely visible now. An old man, maybe in his thirties is there playing on the thing. As I hurriedly approached, he stopped and slowly turned around to leave out a ghostly sound, "Come here."

    Oh god, I fell over on the floor upon seeing his ghoulish features, those teeth, eyes, and ears looked very unnatural! My heart was beating rapidly as I lay there staring at this thing for a good two seconds before it seemingly dissipates as the moonlight fades away. Unable to bear the thought of the sight I just witnessed, I ran without a second thought after I got up. I never told anybody about this before now as I wanted to forget it. I even went to therapy for a few years because of it. The only problem is, were his features any more human, he would look just like me!

    (I personally did not do this, I said "I" by meaning the character in the story, not me. Let me know if I made any mistakes or if it is uninteresting.)