EXERCISE Different Perspectives #4 - Vehicles

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  1. Vehicles. They sometimes seem to have their own personality. I mean, we name them, we talk to them if they're acting up, they all seem to have their little quirks. But how do you think vehicles feel about themselves? How they look, how they perform, even how they're used. As kids lots of us played with them as if they were real. All the crazy things they could do! We see how emotional men get after seeing their first car again, brand new. We have a lot of feelings towards our vehicles, but do they have the same feelings towards us?
    Your challenge this week is to write from the perspective of a vehicle. How does it feel about its driver? About traffic? About kids in the backseat spilling Cheerios everywhere? What if something goes wrong? Does it have ambitions beyond its lot in life? Bonus points if you can avoid making them sound like a character from Disney's "Cars" or "Transformers". Remember, this is a DIFFERENT perspective!