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  1. Alright ladies and gents just floating a basic idea here to see if there's any takers. The year's 1917 and you live in the railroad town of Arroyo in the New Mexico Territory. The great War is in full swing in Europe and the coalition of Austria-Hungary, Germany, and The Ottoman Empire has been kicking ass and taking names. The allies have only stayed afloat thanks to weather, luck, and the US being the least neutral non aggressor in the world. To solve this Germany has made Mexico an offer it can't refuse and now Mexican troops armed with German technology are coming across the border.

    The thread'll start shortly before the Mexican invasion. I'm looking for 4 or 5 players.
  2. I like the concept. Though, what would our characters be doing?
  3. No idea what is this "dieselpunk" is but Google is Boos friend and Boo likes the whole -punk stuffs. But like does this involve us doing Resistance and weirdo pseudo science-y stuffs? Say yes kay? Yes!^^!!
  4. Sounds appealing.
  5. Whoops though i had a line in there explaining what y'all would be doing. The plan is fluid depending on what characters are brought to the table but the basic idea at the moment is defending the town of Arroyo against the advance.
  6. Sounds interesting. I always like alternate history things
  7. Soooooooooo.... like you know that movie suckerpunch? Where its like all war torn and gritty and then there's like a bunny mech suit and a giant machine gun weilding monster samurai? Is this RP anything like that? Cuz yes please. Boo would like a second helping of that. With sexy badads girls too. On the side. Please. Pretty pleaae. :333~~

    Right. Kay so just the reg rundown of questions too:

    Post freq, post level req, Max number RPers, can we play multi charries?
  8. Far as suckerpunch goes, no. That movie was cool but it was all style no substance, not really anything you can rp with. When i start it the updates will like be a few times a day then taper down to an update a day Like I said i'm looking for 4-5 players. Gonna limit it to one character per player.
  9. Hmmm... post speed is too much and dieselpunk isn't what Boo thought it was :/

    Dropping interest but good luck with the RP, err'body kay? ^^
  10. OOoOooOoOoo, I'm interested!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.