INTEREST CHECK Dieselpunk, Mecha and Aliens!

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  1. So, if any of the three words in the title interest you, then this may be the prospective role-play for you. Anyway, on to the introductory bit!


    Welcome to the planet of the blackwater. Of warring races, bitter dark seas, and parched deserts that seem to go on forever.

    Welcome, traveler, to Ixom.

    Ixom is an arid, barren world, lacking in traditional clear water, but full of dark, oily blackwater. Where regular oceans might have been, the great blackwater seas take their place instead. Their pitch black waves are an ominous contrast to the chalky, barren deserts that Ixom is famous for. It is from the blackwater that the precious super-fuel, Diesel X, is distilled.

    And yet somehow, through what seems like impossible odds, life subsists on the blackwater.

    Here native humans make their home in meta-cities, along with a number of indigenous alien species. There's the metal-skinned Nosphor, whose incredible intelligence knows no bound. Then there's the Zy'rae, a proud, but xenophobic race of flyers who keep to themselves in their floating sky-cities. The aptly named Shadowed Ones keep to the darkness of the underdark, tunneling under Ixom's crust and constant unveiling minerals and other precious materials to trade to other races. And the Decephons, mysterious, octopus-like blackwater breathers, dwell in the pitch black oceans, with great knowledge of a thriving world the land races couldn't even begin to understand.

    It's not an easy life on Ixom. Technology can only advance so fast, and most of it has been reverse-engineered from the artifacts of the forgotten Diesel Race, the planet's supposed progenitors. There's violence, there's greed, there's all the issues of a planet with a number of disagreeing peoples. The races of Ixom can always find a reason to fight with one another, rather than a reason to survive.

    But little do they all know, that deep under the sands, deep in the blackwater oceans, and in other dark corners of the world, ancient machines lie waiting. The Diesel Walkers, left to wait in the sleep of time by the enigmatic Diesel Race, stand by in their magnificent Diesel Sanctuaries.

    And it's only a matter of time now. A simple matter of time, before someone, anyone, stumbles upon them.

    Is that going to be you, traveler? Or are you just gonna die out there in the Ixom deserts, and just be another forgotten skeleton in the great wastes?

    In the end, that's up to you to decide.

    Like I said, welcome to Ixom.


    And that's the basic back-story of my proposed sci-fi role-play, Diesel X: Blackwater Chronicles!

    I do hope someone out there is interested. Two to three people would be nice.
  2. I really like this. What are you looking for character wise?
  3. Basically people to play as a character from one of the five races above.

    There's information I've yet to put up, so when an official sign-up thread is started, much of that will be elaborated on.