Didn't read it any where so might as well ask.

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  1. Since I'm new and ignored for the most part when creating large or elaborate RP worlds I was hoping to find a way to add a banner to the list of ones that pop up that I tend to click and read. Yet I don't know how to get on that list so I thought I would just ask here!

    "How can some one get a banner of their RP posted on the site?"


    Is the quick sample of the one I wanted to get posted.


    And here is the link to the forum...

    Now I just need to figure out who I need to suck up to >_>
  2. Go to the tab called Roleplay 101 and the drop down menu will have a link called "Roleplay Ad Submissions"
  3. It isn't sucking up to anyone.
    You see the green tool bar at the top? Click the button that says Roleplay 101.
    There will be a drop menu. One of the options is roleplay ad submission. Click that.