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  1. Hello their lovelies! I am Phantom/Ren your artist! So let's say I'm not the best of drawing but I'm not the worst. The more I draw the better I get. I'm not great when it comes to drawing hands but then again who the hell is? My style is animation. I find realism hard because I'm not the best at shading. Mythical or abnormal things is what I do best. :3

    I find looking at things easer to draw with so if you can break it down with photos please do if not then go all out in details. Now here are some drawings ^•^

    If you want me to created a person based on what I think would look nice give me a bio and simple things like eye,hair and skin color.

    Eyes: (style & color)

    Nose: (wide thin pointy etc)

    Lips: (big small plump etc)

    Head: (thin heart oval etc)

    Body type: (short tall curvy chubby u name it)

    Hair: (style and color)

    Skin color:

    Clothing: (style color so on so forth)

    Bio: (Tell me about them)
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  2. I'm basically posting on all Free Commissions here and waiting for responses ;) But I would really love it if you could hear me out and draw something I've been wanting to be drawn for a while?
  3. @Sephiria

    I fOuNd YOu SePhiriA~

    Jk, jk. Well, we know what Silver looks like in the Salem thread, but what about Ace? Wanna try? X3

    Eyes: Pale, plain gray. Slightly narrow.

    Nose: A little thin, a little small

    Lips: Small, not very plump

    Head: Heartish trianglish? Idk

    Body type: Tall, thin, posture relaxed

    Hair: A creamy or sandy brown color. Fluffy and a little bit scruffy. No particular style

    Skin color: Pale -- a little paler than his eyes

    Clothing: A plain button-up shirt (white, navy, green, or school's signature 'color' if there is one), dark jeans (blue or gray depending on what you see fit), no shoes (socks are ok if you can't do feet), a pair of rectangular white-framed glasses is optional.

    Movie Actor
    Antoine Calixte Eustius (Ace Ansel)
    European (Mostly French)
    Born in Caen, France
    Moved to Detroit, Michigan, USA at 3

    Cream-brown, fluffy and a little longer than average
    Uniformly pale gray
    Distinguishing Marks
    Abnormally small nose and mouth, faded scar on his lower back, nearly invisible freckles
    General Appearance
    He has a slender build, but does not really appear fit or even lean. He has skin lighter than his eyes, which makes his sandy hair look darker than it is. He usually wears glasses with white frames when in class, though it is more for looks than for actual use. His face is slightly angular, yet at the same time it is very youthful. His outfits usually consist of solid-color button-up shirts and dark jeans, although this tends to vary to accommodate hot, cold, or precipitating weather. Whenever possible, he will go barefoot.

    Wants to outdo his classmates, get noticed, become a big name (money is less important)
    Likes dining, playing the ocarina, reading, fiddling with spare parts, lazing about

    Good at playing the ocarina, cooking, acting (except as stated below)

    Inabilities: acting in a cheerful, ditsy, or macho way, swimming, spelling

    Afraid of most rodents, people 5'0 and under, blood (only real blood)

    He seems to be 'cool' or 'sophisticated'. He is quiet and has an elegant posture. In reality he is very lazy unless it comes to acting -- his sole passion. On other topics he will only react coldly, harshly, or sarcastically. He likes to be different just to bug people. He either doesn't care about you, dislikes you or, if you are persistent enough, he grows mildly attached to you.

    Six things majorly affected him:
    Fell down two flights of metal stairs and sliced open his back.
    Moved to America.
    Grew interested in acting thanks to 80s movies.
    Praised for acting talent in school.
    Was told he was not ready for plays.
    Got a minor place in a minor film.

    Celebrates his birthday by seeing a movie and re-enacting the whole thing by himself. Does not have friends other than a lithe little gray cat.
  4. Sure sure I'll see what I can do xD I forgot about this honestly.
  5. Nice~ :D Glad I could remind ya!
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