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  1. What do you know that you noone else knows? Impress me! ^_^
  2. OOH OOH

    former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien once got pied!

    The expression "Opposites attract" is incomplete; the full version is "Opposites attract, but likeness endures"

    Lots of name meanings!
    • "Natalie" means "Child of Christmas"
    • "Debbie" means bumblebee
    • "Christine" means beautiful
    • "Laura" derives from "laurel" which is a crown given to a victor in a contest
    • "Colin" means "the people's victory"
    • "Kate/Katherine" means "Pure"
    • "Isaac" means "Laughter
    • "Colleen" means "woman/lady"
    • "Glen" refers to a clearing in a forest
    • "Peter" means "rock"
    The pentagram is a very positive symbol, representing seven virtues as well as the seven elements of alchemy

    "Don't step on the cracks" originally only pertained to the area in or around a cemetery, and derives from the belief that the spirits of the departed will reach up through the earth an curse you

    There is an NPC in Pokemon X & Y who says she used to be a Black Belt, and that medical science is amazing. Since Black Belt is a male exclusive trainer class (the females are called Crush Girls), this is seen by many as the first real representation of trans people in Pokemon

    Pencils don't have lead, they have graphite. Hence your lack of lead poisoning from chewing on pencils.
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  3. My brother told me this this morning -- apparently in America, you're never more than 115 miles away from a McDonalds.
    I dunno if that includes Alaska though.

    It's both kinda depressing and sweet. Depressing, because, damn McDonalds is everywhere.
    But nice because that means I'm never more than 115 miles away from chicken nuggets~
  4. I know what I ate for dinner today.

    No-one else knows for sure what it was.
  5. -Agnotology is the study of ignorance.

    -Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of long words. Whoever came up with that one has a morbid sense of humor, I must say.
  6. I know how to read an EKG.