Did you dress up today/tonight?

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Did you wear a costume this Halloween?

  1. Yes!

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  2. Yes, and I submitted it in Iwaku's Costume Contest!

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  3. No

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  4. Costumes are scary!!

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  1. I am not dressed YET, but I'll be putting on my costume in a little while. 8D
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  2. Does putting on actual clothes for once count as dressing up for Halloween?
  3. Hallowe'en "party" is tomorrow, not tonight for me. I'm just dimming the lights and pretending not to be home. Like hell I'm giving sweets out to begging kids...

    What's my costume today? Grumpy bastard.
  4. I was a vampire last night, a demon princess tonight and a very hungover student tomorrow morning.
  5. I am going to be one of those annoying parents that takes their kid trick-or-treating. No costume for me tonight. Hopefully next year. I also wouldn't mind driving a few hours up north to visit @Noxious though :D
  6. PARTY IN DALLAS WOOOHOOO! I'm so bummed you can't make it @Beatrix. :( Y'all really need to come up soon. I'm going as Batty from Fern Gully. I will post pictures.
  7. I dressed up like a night shift worker. Oh wait...
  8. Ooh! That sounds like fun! Seems like we have a lot of trips to make XD
  9. School's party was last night. I was a scarecrow. Even have a stuffed toy crow that....well.....crows XD
  10. All the costumes (Including in costume shops) were uncomfortably short/sexy. I didn't feel confident enough to pull anything off....and I had no time to make one....and I can't find a wide brimmed purple hat... or a turquoise turtleneck.
  11. Originally I wasn't....then we decided to have a 'nerd/geek' theme at work....and I came to realize I am truly a nerd/geek without trying o_o perhaps pictures later...
  12. Decided not to dress up because, well, at work and a great deal of my clients are schizo-affective or delusional or paranoid. I don't need to accidentally be triggering them by showing up knocking at their door in costume...
  13. Yes I was a homicidal maniac

    They look just like everyone else
  14. I did not dress up because I don't necessarily care to celebrate Halloween.
  15. Niiooipe. Going to comicon selweden tommorow
  16. No. I was going to, but, being an introvert and someone with chronic pain, after being out around people for most of the day, I was way too worn out and sore to even attempt it. I decided to change into my pj's, watch movies and eat chocolate instead
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  17. It was sorta hard to tell where the costume started and my average day off look ended.
  18. I did kind of the same thing, but swing shift security guard.

    The dress code for the place called for a collared shirt, tie, and blazer, so I looked decent. When I had kids coming through the lobby in costumes all hyped up for Halloween, some of them asked me what I was gonna dress up as. I told them I was already in my costume and that I was a businessman. They accepted it at face value, the saps.
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