Did you/do you understand the "JUMP IN" prefix in the roleplay IC area?

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  1. This is just a quick opinions and thoughts poll!

    In the "In Character" forums (fantasy, modern, etc) we have a prefixed call "JUMP IN". This prefix is supposed to be for all roleplays that DON'T require any sort of bios or approval. They might not even have an OOC. They basically mean "jump in and play" roleplays.

    When you first saw the "JUMP IN" prefix, did you understand what it meant compared to our other Prefixes? (Like SEE OOC and PRIVATE) Did you have to look up information about it to know what it meant? Or were still confused about it up until just now?

    If "JUMP IN" -is- a confusing phrase... What would you suggest for a prefix that would make more sense and be more clear?

    I'd especially like the thoughts of our newbies, who saw the prefixes for the first time!
  2. "Jump In" is pretty self explainatory, isn't it...? o.O;
  3. "Open" might be more pointed, or put a legend in the IC areas explaining what each means.
  4. "Open" wouldn't be as clear to me. Is it open to new players? Is it a new game that just 'opened'. I've been on boards a long time though, but "Jump In" made sense to me.
  5. Yea, Jump-in sounds like the best way to say it. It has always been very clear to me what it meant.
  6. Makes/Made sense to me, especially when contrasted with "See OOC" and "Private". Given those two very clear things, the only logical thing I could think of for a third one to mean would be what you have described. Even if it was something vague and mildly confusing like "You're Accepted", but "Jump in" isn't either of those.

    I just haven't really used it...
  7. I didn't have a problem with it... makes perfect sense to me. Private, See OOC and Jump In - the three classes of RP. Short, sweet and to the point. I like them!
  8. Just re-name it to "Gaian"...then I think anyone will understand it.
  9. Clear as day.

  10. From someone who used to RP at Gaia:
    Wrong wrong wrong wrong...

    (Then again, I stuck to RPing guilds which are themselves like miniature forums)
  11. That's meeeeeeeeean.


    The term is fine, and I think it works well!
  12. From someone who "used" to RP there. XD

    Yup I know it is mean but I stick by what I said lol.
  13. Roleplaying Guilds in Gaia have a lot more structure than the usual rps running around on the boards. xD So not, discrediting Oniichan or anything, but some Gaia roleplays aren't as bad we think 8D

    && back on topic, Dananachan, I think JUMP IN is perfect. It makes perfect sense ^^
  14. Jump in is fine. Don't know how it'd confuse anyone or anything.
  15. Never had a doubt in my mind that "Jump In' meant exactly what it means.