DID, MPD and Dissociative Disorders

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  1. Hi, I am Many Faces, Many Names! I go by Alter commonly and that brings me to today's main agenda!

    I want to create a support group for people with Psychosocial or Dissociative disorders, via private message of course!
    If you want someone to talk to, I want to create a place where we can all be ourselves, which one that is among the many!
    I can understand if you don't want to and even if you are just a normal role player, who just wants to know more or help a person not on this site or in real life, PM me!
    I just want to help people out of the ditch that often seems like a canyon that caves beneath your feet when you least expect it!
    So yeah...
    Alter, switching out!
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  2. I understand your concern, as I have something much akin to DID. However, I would suggest making a private group for this and possibly a thread in the counseling section :)

    One thing I would advise is to pay extra attention to the language you use when trying to help people out. DID is a very personal disorder, and saying
    makes it seem like the only people who would care about others suffering with DID are eccentric and strange, which was my initial reaction. Some people may get offended by this~ otherwise I'm very happy that you are reaching out to other people with this condition and I wish you the best of luck! It's a great idea
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  3. I do understand this, as a long term sufferer of DID myself. I did not know this site had such a section, I shall now investigate such a thing. Also, as I did indicate in my initial post, this was merely a shoutout and an idea reverb. :)
    Thanks for your information and opinion!
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  4. I'm with Heliacal; a thread inCounselling for people to discuss, share, and learn about these issues would be appropriate and probably easier to manage all around
  5. @Minibit

    Thanks :) Just have to get my stuff together and do it I guess! I am new to the site and hadn't realised there was a counseling section available! :)
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