Did I Order an RPer? Yes,Yes I did.

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  1. Anywhores! Hello I'm Ren! =^.^=
    I play mainly guys unless I feel like playing a girl which is rare. I am a girl so why would I want to play one. Unless its a FxF idea then here comes the girl mode power activation.

    I only have one rule! Give me something to work with. Look I don't care how long it is as long as its not a one liner. I hate those because then I have to reply with one line because you gave me nothing to work with. Small paragraph should do fine.

    Funny thing is my writing now is an example :3

    Plots/ Idea Info:

    I don't like normal everyday things. If it can happen in real life why play it. I mean it has to have something not normal in it! I had this one idea once that was about a homeless girl meeting her idol and going on tour with him. Only he held the secret of turning into a ball joint doll by day.

    It doesn't have to be a whole story based on myth and fantasy but there has to be something related to it. Or Ninja's if you want normal I have to be a ninja.

    I RP anything from:
    AngelxDemon (I'm pick about this one)
    God/Goddess/Demigod xHuman (also picky)

    In this world, there are two major kingdoms. The humans, and the vampires. They had started out as enemies, one being a predator and the other the prey. For years, humans were seen as mere food and vampires as nothing but monsters. However, for once in the many centuries of fighting, both kingdoms seek to form a treaty. So, to show their trust, the king of the humans decides to go with his only child and heir to the vampire kingdom, hoping to warm her up to the idea of vampires being allies. However, things may not go as plan...
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  2. Well I think that humanxvampire would be interesting and since you say you like vampires... I say we go for it. :) If ya want too.
  3. Oh yes!!! *happy dance!* my random thread name worked!!!¡¡¡!!!

    Anyways. Sure thing. Now what kid of vampire story we talking here?

    I have one about a Vampire that's a mistress but everyone thinks of them as master because they never seem her. Or perhaps a vampire slave idea. Or a vampire is found by a human girl who takes care of him changing him because she's not scared.
  4. Any of those sound good to me honestly. :) You can choose and I'll roll with it.
  5. A human girl/guy (which ever) wonders the streets one night coming across a hurt vampire. He's bleeding and lack of blood can kill him. Little does this human know that he is a noble vampire lord or rather next in line to rule. When she/he takes care of him he takes a liking to her/him. Once he is healthy again he takes her/him back to his kingdom in the night before humans wake. By that day forth she becomes his personal Slave.
  6. I like that! Who would you want to play?
  7. The vampire if you don't mind.
  8. hi! I'm interested in doing a MxM RP with you :] if it helps, I'm flexible with rp types.. but my most favorite kind of rps are dark and creepy :]
  9. I would love to partake in a vampire rp with you. ^_^
  10. Dark? Creepy? *evil grin* my kind if story xD
  11. " =^.^= let's do it ^[°.°]^
  12. *returns evil grin* it's always awesome to find people with similer tastes! is there anything you'd really like to do? :]
  13. I'm not into normal xD it has to be some kind of supernatural phenomenon whether its ghost/spirits to demons. Romance is okay but straight up teen romance is a BIG no no.

    I kinda have a weird idea if you wanna play a human.
  14. I love all things angelic and demonic, as well as asylums and just plain freaky stuff :] romance is okay.. it just depends how it's done.. though I think I'd find a romance centered rp hard :]
    and sure! I'm game to be a human :] what's your idea?

  15. Its about this fat ugly girl you gets made fun if and what not because of her hard nerve wrecking life. One day she was walking home/ went for walk at night and some people take her to an ally and kill her. On the verge of death she says "Does it have to end this way? I wish my life could have been happier." With that a demon shows up. Selling her soul to him for one more life. He turns her into this drop dead gorgeous (how ever old she is) year old.

    Kinda like black Butler calling xD
  16. that sounds really interesting! :] do I get to play a guy who killed her? sorry for the dumb question :]
  17. If you want xD
  18. that'd be great! yes please :] I have..quite a few murderous characters :]
  19. Well then xD inbox me and we can maybe start.
  20. Angel X Demon is always fun-- There's the angst, the love, the pains of being whoever he or she is! <3
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