Did he just say that?

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  1. I came upon the idea that everyone has that verbal button.
    That one phrase, if uttered, will instantly cause an uproar.


    What is that for you? What is the story behind it? Why does it bother you?
  2. It's usually "Well. I took classes in __ and you didn't." or "What do you know, you didn't even graduate."


    "I don't mean to offend you, but..."

    Because 99% of the time they are about to say something offensive or rude and trying to excuse you. ._.;
  3. When someone comes to apologize to you, and it starts off okay then the 'but' gets thrown in there.
    Do not come to me all passive then throw in the 'but'.
    The argument ended; it's back on now.
  4. "I can explain." [Iliana Reaction: Fuck you, cheating bastard."]

    "You have no idea!" [Iliana Reaction: Fuck you. I have been through some shit too.]

    "It's not you, It's me." [Iliana Reaction: Once again, fuck you.]
  5. Calling me "Tex" - in Ohio of 2009, I was an oddity, but normally people expected with that name, I'd be... well... Texan. Always pissed me off when people tried to talk to me about my state- YEAH, I KNOW, I'VE LIVED THERE ALL MY LIFE. Shit, people looking in from other states, being all "better than you." Hell, I'd move if I could. I was only called this name twice- both times by one of my roommates at the time- You don't want to know what I did in return.

    Saying I curse too much- Oddly enough, when I'm in a good mood, I drop a hell of a lot more bad words- when I'm quiet and being polite, you should run. It means I'm pissed off and likely to go apeshit.

    Calling me crazy-... Alright, let's move on

    Any-bigoted-thing= Stay away from me if you're a bigot- shit pisses me off and seriously drives me nuts.
  6. MY crazy button is this.

    "We never talk Falief! Like, Ever!"

    Crazy button is pressed, especially when not even five minutes later...

    "You text me WAY to much Falief, I need some space!"

    THAT was an actual conversation, and it's the only thing that ever had me blow up at a woman. XD
  7. "You know nothing of what I have been through..." or anything along those lines.

    I don't tell everyone about my life. Why? I don't want pity or some kind of special treatment. Stop trying to use your sob story as a fucking excuse. You have no idea what ANYONE has been through but don't go thinking you're some special snowflake because other people bear their experiences with some dignity. This statement automatically means "BOO HOO, I THINK MY LIFE SUCKS MORE THAN EVERYONE ELSE'S LIFE. SO TREAT ME SPECIAL"

    "Now, I don't mean to sound rude but..."

    Basically the same as the "no offense" mentioned earlier by Diana.

    "Well that's your problem! If I'd been in your situation, I would have..."

    No, no, you would not. If you'd been in the same place as that five foot tall, sixty-year-old woman whose store got robbed who just let them do it, you would not have punched them in the face and stopped them from taking the money. Be realistic instead of trying to tell people how much more badass you are. All anyone sees is the ass.
  8. ok so me and my friend where watching a romantic movie and well i dont usually watch that kind ((horror queen)) and she started to talk about twilight which dont get me wrong is not a bad movie but its not the only freaking romance

    Them: Oh i think this romance is just like twilight
    Me: yes a pedophile stalker who is sparkling gets a teen prego what a wonderfull love story...can i go back to watching my movie

    this is my only peeve i can remember the only ones i have only seem to get me mad on the inside where i picture them being killed by something fun like chucky from childs play or maybe pinhead
  9. "-- Well sorry, but you shouldn't have [a previous action of mine]!"

    Usually I do super dumb things, so typically I let little offenses go. But when I call someone's foul after they do something to really hurt me, they often use this excuse. I want to dragon-kick their face and say, "well sorry, but you shouldn't have made a dumb excuse for why it's MY fault you hurt me, Dooouche Baaag."

    "Teehee, [name]-chan is so cute! Everyone says so!"

    Referring to themselves as the center of the "cute" universe in real life conversations.

    "I really don't mean to sound rude or offense, BUT--"

    No. Stop. Just stop. I'm going to punch you in the face with my foot and then choke you with a sandwich.