Did Dark matter kill the Dinosaurs?

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  1. "Its name has always made it sound ominous – and now dark matter could have a menacing role in Earth's history. A recent explanation for the identity of the mysterious stuff leads to a scenario in which it could be to blame for the extinctions of dinosaurs, or at least send a few extra comets shooting our way."

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    Did dark matter kill the dinosaurs?
  2. There's only one possible answer to this question: Maybe.

    I'm not sure anyone even really knows what "dark matter" really is, or how it could directly impact the Earth. The idea that it caused a comet or meteor to impact the surface of the planet and cause the extinction of the dinosaurs is a neat idea. Had Earth's orbit been slightly different at that time, we could be riding dinosaurs instead of merely reading about them. ;)
  3. No.

    A transformer did.


    But getting to the actual subject, I think that that theory could very well be correct. I'm going to do some research. and just think of how much you could learn from dark matter, and that it could happen at any time to us.

    But what I think really happened was that one of those dinos were not dinos, and in fact, Starscream. So Optimis Prime killed all of them because he couldn't tell the difference, only to realize that it was all a lie.
  4. No.

    I killed the dinosuars.

    You're welcome. They were totally pricks.
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