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I'm not sure if many of you are familiar with these two webcomics, but they are both incredible in my eyes! The concepts are very interesting and have lovely fantasy elements! I thought I might give a crack at creating a stat system for a fantasy world idea that would run on something somewhat similar to this! But before I began, I wanted to see if this kind of roleplay would have any kind of pull, as to not waste my time!

The kind of roleplay setting I am thinking is definitely modern society and characters are given a power equivalent to a game character. They have a stat system and gain XP, stat points, and items through quests given by either the world or by other people that exist in the world. I also want to leave some of the world creation up to the people who are interested. Knowledge regarding The Gamer/Dice would be helpful for world-building, but by no means does it mean you cannot participate. Stat system structure and testing will all be up to me, I just want people to bounce ideas off of!

Here are the two titles for people who haven't read them! I'm hoping to have the final idea and pump out an OOC on Saturday at the latest!
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