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How is this idea?

  1. Horrid.

  2. It could use some work.

  3. Good, but not my thing, sorry.

  4. The idea interests me, but I don't think I'll join.

  5. Great!

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  1. You and six others received this email recently:

    From: (no address)
    To: (your address)
    Subject: I need your help

    Hi there. Do you remember me?

    No, I doubt you would. That facility surely wouldn't leave your memories intact. For all I know, they've given you new lives, new identities. Regardless, I'm certain I have the right person.

    Now then, as you can see in the subject line, I need your help. I am being pursued by the very people who captured the rest of you. I would try to help you all escape from the inside, but I find it unlikely that I will withstand the procedure any more than you could. So from the outside, I will do what I can to free you.

    Okay, you might be thinking that you have no clue who I am and I am incorrect in my assumptions. Well, I have one question: do you get the sense that something is following you? A feeling so unyielding that you must perceive it as truth, even if you can't prove it? If so, two things.

    First off, you are being watched, but not by a malevolent being. If anything, the entity will undoubtedly be of help to you. Second, you have to be one of the people I'm looking for. Those entities are actually the reason you've been taken in the first place; you've been labeled as a "spectral magnet" and are being studied in nearly every waking moment. They waited a long time, studying your diet and genetics (among other things), but eventually concluded that neither of these things contributed to the issue. Then they stole you away and took your memories, the things most likely to convince you to escape.

    If you do plan to help me, go to the fence just outside of the forest during your outdoors hour tomorrow. I'll have a note on the inside of the fence with your picture on it. Even if they have changed your name, they'll probably leave your face alone. If not, then whoever does go, please find some way of disposing of the remaining letters. Actually, now that I think about it, you should go as a group so they don't wonder about "that one straggler" by the fence. So if you see someone else start walking to the fence, start walking by them.

    Finally, I have one last request. Don't show this to your instructors. It took me far too long to encode this message in such a way that it would get past their filters without being noticed, and I'd rather not have my hard work defeated by some uncooperative you-know-what. Thank you, and goodbye for now.

    Your friend from the outside

    The message ends there. What happens next?

    Well, it's up to you now, isn't it? Do you dispose of the email and push it out of the mind? Do you read it over and over, memorizing the contents? Do you circumvent the sender and show off the email? Or do you do something else? Let's find out.


    Okay, so most of the plot is written above. All regular Iwaku rules apply. For writing level, as long as you're at Beginning or higher, I'm happy with it. There will be the occasional d20 roll for certain occasions (seeing whether or not a door is locked, staying quiet during a game of hide and seek, winning a coin flip, etc.), but combat is likely to be light. I would like for the characters to be in the same age group, perhaps teens (13-19). If romance is started, please keep it light. That's all I have for now in terms of rules, so please say what you will below.
  2. ounds interesting... you catched me
  3. Good to know. I plan to start the OOC when at least two more people show interest.
  4. I think I would be in, you good me hooked enough with your premise and the group is set to be small enough for me to be comfortable with.
  5. Im intreagued, but if I were to, you'd have to be okay with lower posting from me (student)
  6. Wow, that was quick. Okay, I'll start working on the thread, then.

    @Shlavekt I understand. Just try your hardest and I'll be happy with it.
  7. I will, I usually am able to post most of the time i'm at school, but there are some days where it's not possible. Oh, and just to let you know so you can factor it in, I do live within the Berlin time zone, so times will be different.
  8. no problem, dude, i'm from south americ so i ain't no english natural speacker and i have a different hour.
  9. I'm cool with it, too as while I think I got my Canadian-style Frenchness under control, there ARE times when I draw a blank or slips. Yay for linguistic diversity!
  10. lol, I'm just living in Germany, I actually am from America.
  11. sorry, but I need to say this one time (my mom grew up back and forth from Canada and Montana, so we joke a bit about it) but how are those Canadian's Eh?
  12. It may sound strange, but I never heard anyone say 'eh' at the end of their sentences in real life. Must be a thing in more western provinces... (I would actually like to know from which region the stereotype came from one day... huh...)
  13. lol I didn't think it was actually used, just a huge sterotype. But if it is used, it sounds right that it would be more western,
  14. All right, the OOC has been created, though I might edit it if necessary. (And we finally have a title.)

  15. Ooohh, I love the plot. ^^ Is there still room for more interests or are you no longer accepting people?
  16. There's definitely room. Don't worry.
  17. you didn't said what you thought about mine *cries*
  18. Awesome ~ I have a few questions before I get started on my CS. What's an entity in this RP? The way you explained it is pretty vague (or maybe it's just me and I didn't get it the first time), which confuses me a bit so if it's not too much, can you elaborate more on it? >.> Just so I can fill in the CS properly.
    Also, are their memories wiped from them completely or do they still get bits of flashbacks every now and then?
  19. @Lithël Aelfwine Hm, that's odd. The alert for yours didn't show up. I'll go take a look at it now.

    @unicornx An entity can be any nonhuman that only the RP characters can notice (ghosts, demons, elementals, etc.), though your entity will be clearest to your character. And you're right; I was rather vague on the matter. Also, flashes of memories will eventually come back, but that is unlikely to be the case at the beginning of the story. So the memories are not completely gone, but they will take a long time to retrieve.