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  1. This is a thread for rolling dice using BBCode.

    Since the dice results change if a post is edited, NO EDITING IS ALLOWED IN THIS THREAD FOR ANY REASON.

    You are welcome to use the BBCode in your normal IC, but bear it mind that it CAN be abused.

    To roll a dice, use this code without the spaces: [ dices=X ] Y [ /dices ]

    X = the number of dice
    Y = the type of dice

    Remember to put a description before each roll so the GM is clear what the roll is for.

  2. Anya roll her eyes.
  3. Johann starting gold: [dices=6]4[dices]
  4. Johann starting gold: [dices=6]4[/dices]
  5. Ray

    There was no one on the line. "Nice ring tone. Oh yeah, I'm also a technopath." He smiled. He snapped his fingers and John's phone rang too. "It comes in handy with research. I like to know how I can help people."

    (I thought I already hit post)
  6. Jack

    I am about to follow after Pen, who seems desperate to find Helen. However as I am about to chase after her, a large pressure is applied to my head, and by some miracle I prevent myself from falling onto the stairs. My vision is blurry but I can feel my grip tightening on the rail I caught. What the hell hit me? My vision starts to redden and, as I am still clinging to the rail, I propel myself forward and kick my legs in the direction that I think I was hit in.

    (Here's Jack. Sam just caught Bearskin and is questioning her)


    I nod at the girl. "I-Itll be safe for us there. D-do you k-know anything a-about s-stitching u-up wounds?" I ask the girl nervously as I lead Demi in the direction of the kitchen, looking back to make sure the girl is following us "Over here." I call so she can tell which direction we are heading into. I don't want to get her lost in the chaos. But it seems oddly quiet now, and it frightens me half to death.
  7. Changing gears a little bit. Starting gold for a Cleric is 5d4x10.

  8. The dice rolls change from time to time, not sure why....I'll think I'll report this in the bugthread as well
  9. Testing the Dice: 2d8
  10. Rokugan - Ryoko's attack

    [dices=1]20[/dices] (+5)

  11. [dices=1]6[/dices]
  12. Cao Dian's Inititive (Real Diceroler roll)
  13. Tagreth starting gold [dices=4]4[/dices] x10