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Do you play dice games? Would you use a Dice Game roleplay forum if we had one?

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  1. I play dice games and a forum would be awesome!

  2. I play dice games but I wouldn't use a forum.


  1. I know we have a fair amount of people around who enjoy playing dice-based tabletop RPGs. Some of you might even play over Roll20. We have a Dicebox as well as a die-roll post option and a Dice Game thread prefix.

    So question is: Do you play dice games, and if so would you use a Dice Game roleplay forum if we had one?

    Vote in the poll and post any comments here!
  2. Like D&D? I've never played anything like that before
  3. @Faithviper

    Yeah, D&D is probably the most recognizable.
  4. Over on another site, there's a tight-knit group of about 12 or so dice junkies that I'm a part of. We meet once a week in a chatroom. I'd love to get something like that started around here.
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  5. I agree that it would be nice to get a few more dice games going on here, but I've barely seen any of them so far, and I'm not convinced that having a separate forum for dice rolling would change it. I don't know how much trouble a new forum causes (in terms of creation, management and bandwidth) but I guess if it's not a big deal then... why not? If it's going to put anyone out to set it up then there are probably other projects that would be better.
  6. Creation and management wise it wouldn't be a problem at all to add the forum!

    The only issue would be if ENOUGH people were interested in using it on a regular basis. O_O Cause it'd be senseless to make it if only 5 people used the forum. We need a good percentage of members who are interested in dice style roleplays.
  7. @Disgruntled Goat

    We've actually seen evidence from adding new forums that the existence of a forum DOES promote more activity... if there are enough people to begin with. So we'll see if this gets enough interest first.
  8. I think it'd be good to add one but add a guide, please. I want to use the dice but damn it's so confusing to me to incorperate it and add it into plot and whatever >_<
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  9. @ElBell

    There would definitely be guides in the Roleplay Institute as well as probably a basic one stickied in the Dice forum.
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  10. There's also the possibility that when implementing something new, it could potentially cause others to gain interest and increase the amount of users that would possibly be interested in utilizing such a forum. I was rather intimidated by dice based RP, but after being introduced to it, I found that it was very fun and added an interesting new element to Roleplay which I had never been exposed to before.

    Good to see the option is there for members to decide if it'd be something worth the time on the site.
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  11. I've always wanted to get into dice RPGs, I tried joining a D&D group in my town, but there was a lot of drama and the players seemed mostly interested in being the strongest and getting the most loot. I'd like something more story/character centered, and I think a Dice Forum on Iwaku is exactly where I'd find it!
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  12. This is a good idea, I'm pretty sure people from other sites would come here to try to meet new people too.
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  13. I'd love to see this,but the best I have seen it is on Role20 when playing with some of my fellow Iwakuians. Though, I'd like some more incentive. What would the format be like if this were implemented?

    @Ozzie Chanter
  14. @Eternalfire61

    We would have a sticky thread linking to our Dicebox as well as to Roll20. Game Masters would post their Out of Character threads much like they would in the other forums, and it would be at their discretion whether to use a forum thread, Roll20, one of the on-site roleplay chats (usually Dicebox, since it's easiest to play in the same box as you're rolling in), or over Skype.
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  15. We also have a dice roller built in to the forum too, so people can also use that! (just in case people didn't know we have that!)
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  16. I used the dice before but never did a roleplay centered around that feature o.o I would certainly love to try but they are so intimidating >.<
  17. I'm game, as long as it isn't strictly using the d20 system.
    That system's supposed to be easier, but it's so limiiting to what you can do compared to using the mixture of 'd100's, d4s, d6s, d20s, etc in conjuction with one another.
  18. I have a few concerns I'd like to mention/point out.

    I do like the idea that the Dicebox would be linked to Roll20. I know a lot of us use it, hell that's how I got started with D&D/Pathfinder. My only concern is whether or not the forum on Iwaku would be used. Roll20 already allows character sheets to be posted onto their website/system. If your group uses Roll20 specifically and does it all in voice, I don't see much of a point in using Iwaku's forum unless that's where the DM wanted your character sheets, experience, loot, and other roleplay aspects to be on.

    Basically unless you prefer to use Iwaku's forum versus the built in forum for Roll20, I'm not sure how many people would use this feature. I admit, some of my players might find the forum tool useful, but they may not.

    But for those of you who are interested in strictly forum based table top games, I definitely see this as a good tool. I might be interested in running a game to test out how it works.
  19. @Caramon Zero

    Nope, not at all. The forum would allow any game using any kind of dice system. Dicebox lets you roll however many dice of however many sides you specify, as does the post function. Roll20- the offsite option- lets you choose between d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and I think a roll plus modifier as well.