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  1. Would you like a simple and silly graphical text siggy or an awesome banner? All you have to do is make a request and PAY ME WITH A SIMPLE REQUEST! Ohohohoho! I will make when I am not being lazy as butts.

    For AWESOME banners: (Click HERE to see the Awesome Banner Gallery)

    All you have to do is make a request and show me your favorite colors. You don't get to choose the text on your awesome banner, I pick that by snooping. >:3

    For TEXT banners:

    - You have to post in a Challenge or Exercise. Located in the Challenges, Institute or Worldbuilding sections. Post a link to the challenge/exercise you did. And no, OLD ones don't count.

    - Show me your favorite colors!

    - Show me fonts you love!

    - Tell me what TEXT you want on your siggy.

    And example:

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  2. oh! me me me me me!
  3. You have to make the request, silly! I'm not psychic! XD
  4. sure you are! ;) Diana already knows what colors I love! Esthalia's Valentine is a perfect example! <3 And I don't mind what fonts you use!
  5. Would a noob be so lucky as to receive an awesome banner if I, Errr I mean he.... were to say his favourite colour was yellow, Dark yellow to be more specific. (Ambu, Conrad Gold, New yellow, Sex on the floor, Vitamin C, magenta velvit.)

    This other girl 'Esthalia' used one of your quotes ! I think I have seen your posts setting rules and guidelines for the forums.
    Are you one of the head honchos? :3
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    [​IMG] and [MENTION=5170]HoldMeCloser[/MENTION]

    >:] And why yes, I am Administrator #2. Nice to meeeeeet yooou.
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  7. Oh, Well then I love this website keep it up !
    Thanks so much for making this, even if it does highlight a shameful moment in my intellectual career... :')
  8. Own your silly moments, my dearest sweet for they make you adorable and huggable! <3
  9. I am reading this, and watching the scene from two towers because its awesome and my reference reminded me. "The Forth Eorlingas" Playing whilst i read this, Motivational levels at maximum.

    Thanks for all your help ! I feel like I have met royalty. *Bows head*
  10. Are you still doing banners, I would love one in baby blue....please :D :O?
    You come highly recommended from my pal (see above)
  11. I posted in your princess... thing?
    I like Stonhenge and things like that.
    And red! My favorite color is red!
  12. If you're still doing them, could I also get one, please ? I like silvery colors :D
  13. I'd like an awesome banner please! I like blues purples and greens :angel:
  14. I really, really want an awesome signature. My favorite colors are dark blue and white
  15. Pfft, I'm so jumping on the bandwagon without knowing if it's out of gas or not.
    An awesome banner would be, well, awesome. I'm a huge fan of red or green (but not red and green). Red & grey is an awesome combo, as is green & blue, but to be perfectly frank there aren't any colors I dislike... except ugly burnt orange.
  16. May I have a orange and purple one please :3
  17. Hallo! 8D Just letting everyone know I haven't forgotten about the requests and I'll be doing them soon! Possibly today if I can tear myself away from my game!
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  18. YAY I DID IT!

    [​IMG] [MENTION=1969]Angel[/MENTION]

    [​IMG] [MENTION=5171]TiedInBone[/MENTION]

    [​IMG] [MENTION=5184]Silent4everBeatless[/MENTION]

    [​IMG] [MENTION=3175]E-Claire[/MENTION]

    [​IMG] [MENTION=1285]OverCast[/MENTION]

    [​IMG] [MENTION=22]Kitti[/MENTION]

    [​IMG] [MENTION=1628]EquinoxSol[/MENTION]

    [​IMG] [MENTION=4947]Lady Sabine[/MENTION]
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  19. OMG I love it, thanks Diana <3
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